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?s terms But despite the pleasure he takes in Abby’s willing spirit the Nathaniel hidden behind the rules remains cold and distantAs Abby falls deeper into his tantalizing world of power and passion she fears that Nathaniel’s heart may be beyond her reach and that her own might be beyond savi Your safe word is turpentineSay it and this ends immediately You take the collar off drive away

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And skilled dominant who is looking for a new submissive Yearning to experience a world of pleasure beyond her simple life as a librarian Abby offers herself to Nathaniel to fulfill her most hidden desiresAfter only one weekend with the Master Abby knows she needs and fully submits to Nathaniel? “A cream colored rose with a touch of pink is serious business“The red rose whispers of pas

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Book One of the Submissive TrilogyMore than 8 Million Reads OnlineThe first in Tara Sue Me’s seductive and scandalous series that has enthralled millionsAbby King has a secret fantasyNew York knows Nathaniel West as the brilliant and handsome CEO of West Industries but Abby knows he’s a sexy Another fan fictionFifty book you ask?Yesit is exactly that Well not exactly Apparently this is

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    5 Stellar fantastical panty melting stars Tara Sue Me love the play on tiramisu where have you been the past years of my erotica reading life One uestion people? Why isn't this book all over my Goodreads feeds? I mean anyone who's read and loved anything remotely similar to FSoG you shall LOVE this I bank my GR reputation on it I HATE bringing up FSoG in a review but this book has a particular link I shall explain in the end No sidetracking yetMeet Nathaniel West successful CEO of an International securities corporation bone marrow donor uber handsome and very Dominant Introducing Abigail King New York City librarian and very sexually unsatisfiedan undiagnosed submissive Abby has had Nathaniel West on her radar ever since the kind hearted banker saved her mother from losing her home due to credit card debt When a mutual friend alerts her to fact the Nathaniel is in search of a new submissive she's uick to apply His needs are very spelled out on paper a Friday thru Sunday weekly commitment to all he desires Where can she sign up?Nathaniel in his uest for a new submissive comes across Abigail's application He doesn't train new subs He prefers them experienced in the lifestyle however he sets up a meeting with her in his office When she arrives she's a natural Head bowed respectful Okay he'll try for ONE weekend He can't resistThe book is entirely written in Abby's POV She is intrigued by his Dominance and is uick to realize this is what has been missing in her love life She's never been sexually satisfied She needs this dominance Master West fits the bill perfectlyThe book delivers sexual hotness in spades I cannot stress this enough It's the angsty fidgety build up in the scenes that gets your heart racing and pages turning I seriously read this in less than a day Oops sorry to digress Nathaniel isn't all perfect Dom He's got very strict guidelines for his sub which include NO kissing She doesn't sleep in his bed but instead either in the spare bedroom or on a pallet beside his bedso she's readily available for his needs throughout the night Jerky right? Nope you'll still SWOON for this man Abigail is unlike any other sub he's ever had He struggles to keep his feelings at bay Abby is falling hardhow can she not? The book has a perfect blend of heat anticipation drama and a tad angst We are given some answers to who Nathaniel is and why he's so guarded with his feelings for Abby but not entirely That is saved for book two The Dominant which is essentially the same timeline but all his POV I need his POVBeyond the bedroom the two share a love of literature and poems They play games of name the poet which is beautiful and endearing I fell in love with that man The man who selflessly donates his bone marrow to a stranger a young boy A man that rescues a Golden Retriever with serious emotional issues A man that has know loss in his life but continues to give back and not wallow in self pity or hatred Abby is a strong heroine hallelujah that realizes he is what she needs but doesn't hesitate to stand up for herself versus being a love struck puppy What a breath of fresh air that is No weakness some drama and angst but otherwise mature adults consenting to a lifestyle they need It's a part of who they areBravo Loved itNow as for the FSoG comment This book has been readily documented to be fan fiction to Twilight When I was reading reviews I had no clue what fan fiction really was Urban dictionary states Fanfiction is when someone takes either the story or characters or both of a certain piece of work whether it be a novel tv show movie etc and create their own story based on it The Twilight similarity I see it a bit but obviously no PNR and lots of erotica and BDSM What's important to state however is that this book was originally published in January 2009 way prior to the release of FSoG Both authors admit to fan fiction to Twilight I'm pretty sure about the FSoG taking ideas from this Did I see it a lot in this book heck yes Contract billionaire inexperienced girl middle of the night pianist I fuckHARD WHO CARES PEOPLE Who really cares which came first this didoops However this book is JUST AS GOOD as FSoG and I'm saddened for the similarities in plotdetails raises an eyebrow and this author hasn't gotten NEAR the attention she deservesor revenue Here's an interesting interview with the author regarding the fan fiction with FSoGhttpwwwusatodaycomstoryhappyev Oh and one last thing

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    Another fan fictionFifty book you ask?Yesit is exactly that Well not exactly Apparently this is the book that EL James got some of her ideas fromthat and Twilight And while I didn't really get a lot of Twilight from this book you can definitely see the things that EL James picked out of it As far as it being a fan fiction the only clue I had was the lack of the character's physical descriptions That being said I really enjoyed the heck of it I'm not sure what's happened but this story line has not gotten old for me Each story seems to have enough differences to keep me entertainedand entertained I wasFor me this story seemed to deal with the BDSM side of things Right from the start Abigail Abby is going in for an interview with Nathaniel to be his submissive She has had a thing for him since he had a hand in helping save her Mother's house The problem is that she has no experience being a sub and Nathaniel doesn't train submissives but he decides to make an exception in her case There's a contract to sign medical forms to fill out exercise programs to follow as well as eating and sleeping reuirements and BAM come Friday at 6 pm it's time for the festivities Nathaniel has a couple of ruleshe doesn't do kissing and his subs do not spend the night in his bed That really didn't bother me too much except he had Abby sleep on a pallet on his bedroom floor sometimes and I didn't really care for that I wish I could say she didn't either but while she wasn't happy about it she was happy to fulfill her submissive rolewhatever Mr West wanted I don't know a whole lot about BDSM but it seemed like this was very light There was only one instance where I felt things went a bit far Abby was easy to like Even though she's a librarian she's not shy or hesitant and she knows what she wants and that's Nathaniel anyway she can get him Nathaniel on the other hand is a bit cold You can tell there is something going on there and slowly things start to add up from the little pieces of information we get from his friends It's a great little twist The cast of characters are really enjoyable and they are the ones that help shed some light for Abby and maybe give her a bit too much of a push into thinking this arrangement could actually be a relationship Nathaniel's dog Apollo also plays a big part and you can't help but love him One of the main differences of this story is Abby and Nathaniel's love of books especially poetry I love the little game they play with trying to figure out who said what But my most favorite thing was when Nathaniel visited Abby at her work and left her a rosea cream colored rose with rose tipped petals Her coworker explained what the rose meant from a poem “The red rose whispers of passion And the white rose breathes of love; O the red rose is a falcon And the white rose is a dove But I send you a cream white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For the love that is purest and sweetestHas a kiss of desire on the lips” There's some pretty steamy scenes some are pretty straight up BDSM but others are a bit daring and romantic There's one at the Super Bowl and at the piano that are muy caliente There definitely is drama and we get a good amount of it For every little crack that Abby puts in Nathaniel's tough facade Nathaniel builds it back up brick by brick It's extremely frustrating The ending sets things up nicely for the next book called The Dominant which sounds like it will be from Nathaniel's POV or at least part of it I am sooo looking forward to that Favorite uotes♥ “Thank you for escorting me on my tour of the Rare Books Collection”♥ “You think it’s different for me?”♥ You're still mine Even with this off♥ “Now that” he said against my neck “was an amazing half time show”♥ “Turpentine” ♥ You were the goddess I longed to worship My unobtainable dream The relationship I could never hope to have”

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    ★★★★12 The Submissive book 1 of 3 Debut by Tara Sue Me Librarian Abigail King’s journey of self discovery when becoming the Submissive to the enigmatic Nathaniel West “If you choose to wear this you’ll be marked as mine Mine to do with as I wish You will obey me and never uestion what I tell you to do” The Submissive Trilogy is the story of Nathaniel West successful businessman and Dom extraordinaire and the BDSM relationship he embarks on with librarian Abigal King Books in this trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 The Submissive Abby’s POVBook 2 The Dominant Nate’s POVBook 3 The Training The Submissive book 1 opens up with Abigail King Abby arriving at West Industries for a meeting with its CEO Nathaniel West Though she has no prior experience she is hoping to be offered the opportunity to be Nate’s SubmissiveAnd so their story begins very much a strict Dom Sub relationship with a schedule rules guidelines BDSM and mind blowing sex Though their attraction and connection appears intense Nate is set on sticking to the rules What is holding him back? Why is he so closed off? As their story progresses we discover about their pasts; events that shaped them and even altered the course of their lives And most importantly we will better understand how their meeting came about and why Not everything is as it seems I will say not “Even your orgasms are mine” This is Abigail King Abby’s journey of self discovery Five words to describe Abby Sweet smart timid loyal and determined Nathaniel West Nate aka Master remained an enigma throughout this story but no worries as book 2 will be same events from his POV And I am looking forward to Nate and his combination of ruthless businessman non committal playboy experienced Dom plus sexy kinky lover Six words to describe Nate Captivating enigmatic focused commanding troubled and closed offThere is no cliff hanger Instead next there is book 2 The Dominant from Nate’s POV Excellent plot Captivating sexy and memorable hero Sizzling sex scenes If you enjoy reading about light BDSM this story is for you Thanks Ms Tara Sue Me “I’ve never been so jealous of water before” His fingers slid over my skin “How it can touch you everywhere— all at once” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 35 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 45 starsStorytelling skills rating 45 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 45 starsOverall rating 45 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes GIF approved by GR 10 2013

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    I think I've read better erotica novels than this I couldn’t bring my self to finish it DNF 40% it’s hot but didn’t work for me it was one of those ''It's not you it's me'‘ cases I’m sorry Tara Sue me but i’m going to use my safe word « LeviOsa »

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    I think everyone paying attention lately has some strong feelings about the spate of fanfiction largely Twilight derived getting massive publishing deals My initial feeling of distaste has evolved into a kind of reluctant acceptance Fifty Shades of Grey has changed the nature of publishing for better or for worse and if it's going to happen regardless I'd like to see it happen to good people with actual talentWhich is why it pains me to write this reviewI read The Submissive when it was still posting as a work in progress on fanfictionnet and I loved it It was the first BDSM story I'd ever encountered and coupled with the dynamics between Edward and Bella and the wait between chapters I was entrancedBut reading fanfiction is a very different experience than reading a novel The foundation is already set for the reader; we know the essence of the characters already and have certain expectations where they are concerned I don't know how much editing was done for this published version but I do know it was not enough to bridge the gap between fanfiction and an original work There was very little character development In fact not once were Abby King's physical characteristics even described Not even the color of her hair The relationship between Nathaniel and Abby without the benefit of already knowing they're meant to be together as with Edward and Bella felt too fast and ultimately flat My reaction to the first blow job scene was Whoa Girl you don't even KNOW HIM Which I assure you was very different from my reaction to its original versionAnd in the end the story of how Nathaniel and Abby came to be together was head scratching at best And weird view spoilerNathaniel basically stalked her without ever once approaching her and then kept tabs on her for years afterward Abby developed a sexual obsession with the man who randomly saves her mother's house from foreclosure hide spoiler

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    “A cream colored rose with a touch of pink is serious business“The red rose whispers of passionAnd the white rose breathes of love;O the red rose is a falconAnd the white rose is a doveBut I send you a cream white rosebudWith a flush on its petal tips;For the love that is purest and sweetestHas a kiss of desire on the lips” The Submissive Is a book about a girl Abigail King becoming a submissive to a Dom Nathaniel WestIt starts off which her meeting him to discuss if she's a suitable sub for himI really liked this book a lot It had a nice pace nothing dragged at all everything was nice and fell into placeFSoG is apparently a fiction of Twilight and The Submissive But The Submissive is so different from FSoG In this the guy's past isn't very dark dark the girl isn't bella types He isn't super controlling It isn't like a prono which has sex happening is each chapter 24x7 Its like a Romantic Erotica which the perfect amount of Erotica and the perfect amount of RomanceI liked all the characters all nice and perfect no forcefully added drama and bullshitI have no idea what is people's problem with fan fictions being published into books; A fanfiction doesn't have to be like the book's copy of the story or plot It can also be a book written by referring to characters from the original book like their names or background or like something smallLike this book 'The Submissive' is a Twifiction But only the names were apparently used not anyone's background not the story not the plot not the vampire bit So its okay to publish thisBut FsoG is a fanfiction of THIS and Twilight So then that copied names from Twilight and story from The Submissive “Love me Nathaniel” I said holding my arms open to him “I always have Abby” he said as he gently gathered me to him “I always have”Their romance was so swoon I liked both their characters very much Simple sweet and hot “I brought breakfast” he saidOkay scratch that Waking up to Nathaniel’s kisses and having him bring me breakfast in bed was my new favorite way to start the day “What did you bring?” I asked thinking about sitting up“Me” He kissed one cheek “Me” He kissed the other “And a side dish of me” He placed a soft kiss on my lipsMr West is HOT HOT HOT Very charming playful loving and just simply sexy45 Stars I really liked this book being a fiction or whatever It had its own charm to itFirst read 29th Nov 2012

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    Where to begin?It's probably pointless to point out that this was written BEFORE 50 Shades and thus people should stop whining about the similarities and think for a moment This author didn't rip off your precious 50 shades Sorry couldn't help myself it's getting on my nerves big time and I'm trying hard not to turn this into a rant against 50 shades Instead I want to focus on something else first why does everyone whine about fan fiction authors being published? Is someone forcing you to buy their books? Is someone forcing you to read them?No And no So whatthehell? These authors also worked to write their story and while I don't agree with the Take it offline switch names and publish it method I don't mind people publishing their work Apparently there's a market for it or else they wouldn't be publishedI won't argue that fan fiction and novels are two entirely different things but why oh why blame the author for something other people obviously want to read?I also dislike bad editing but badmouthing someonelse's work just because you don't like that it was written as fanfcition and only for that reason?Yeah I don't get it Sorry for the rant guysOn to the book I like the story I know that it wasn't edited very much or at least it read that way to me This was probably a case of the name switching routineIt doesn't matter though the book kept me engaged and there weren't too many Twilight traits that kept the OH BELLA AND EDWARD signs flashing in my mindI've read a few reviews where people described this book as cold and clinical and I agree BUT it was that way for a reason and so it didn't bother me at all The BDSM part of it was standard and nothing hardcore and probably won't freak out the majority of erotica readersThis definitely wasn't one of the best books I read but it kept my attention and I read it in a span of hours And I plan on reading book 2 and 3 because I already liked them better as fan fiction than the first installment

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    Your safe word is turpentineSay it and this ends immediately You take the collar off drive away and never returnThe Submissive by Tara Sue Me already has a very special place in my heart I read this trilogy back when it was online and we had to wait chapter by agonizing chapter to find out what happens nextI can't begin to express how excited and happy I am that Tara decided to publish her original work It will be treasure among my favorites for lifeI have a confession The Submissive is the very first erotica subdom story that I've ever readI was a bit nervous to read something so naughty and even dirty Back then I never could wrap my mind around control when it comes to sex but this story started to get a lot of buzz out in fandom and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about Well hell Tara shocked and rocked me with the way she handled these characters and the scenes they played In a nutshell? It was freaken hot I mean off the charts melt me into a pile of goo hawt In real life? Not so much But in my reads? Gimme gimme I may not be a huge fan of the erotic world but Tara lite a spark somewhere inside me and I've learned to have an open mind and appreciate it for what it is Sexy thrilling and deliciously appealing unadulterated entertainmentThe story line is basically self explanatory He's a Dom and she has the desire to Submit But there is a twist Turpentine is all I'm going to say I don't want to say to much since I thought this particular move was desperately sweet on Nathaniel part and I want readers to discover it on their own This just goes to prove that even the most controlled beings are still human enough to have fears and insecurities even so then the Subs they are dominating I have way to many favorite moments Way to many smiles and sighs when ever Nathaniel would give Abby something new and exciting to discover in this lifestyle and I simply died a little the way he took care of her afterwards With most erotic stories we usually just jump into a played scene without any explanation which is fine if you want to read porn without plot But I thought that Tara handled this with a perfect balance of care and education which is an aspect that I found refreshing and is much obliged Abigail King has a deep dark fantasy She want to be controlled by a man but not any man She wants to be controlled by Nathaniel West Once upon a time he showed kindness to Abby's mother and she's never forgotten When she found out that Nathaniel is in a certain distinguished lifestyle she wanted nothing then to turn her fantasy to reality Abby's the kind of character you can't help but admire She is so brave and courageous Even though she's shinny and new to this world she's not embarrassed or ashamed of what she wants and goes into it with everything she has That takes a lot of guts I also loved that playful and feisty side that comes out later in the story It's adorable and infectious and brings out the best in her and NathanielNathaniel West is so much then he lets anyone see Something you wont truly understand till you get to his story The Dom but I'm getting ahead of myself Nathaniel is the kind of Dom where he takes control and uses it like an art form He isn't a cruel master but he is firm His may have intimacy issues but he's always been clear about his sexual preferences He's a Dominant and Abby is his Submissive This man makes me go all jello in the knees The way he radiates power and control charm and charisma passion and compassion is beyond sexy as hell He owns every moment He's precise and sinfully calculating when bringing just the right amount of pressure and pleasure to each scene But don't let him fool you Underneath all that focused discipline stands a man who feels to much and thinks to much and loves to much and is scared and guarded and vulnerable and it's absolutely beautiful to witnessTogether Abby and Nathaniel challenge the sht of each other There just isn't another way to say it They push and pull and demand and command and when it's all said and done they just may come out of this with then they ever thought possible The Submissive is the first book in a planned trilogy The Dominant is The Sub in Nathaniel's pov and personally I loved it just a little bit then this book since we learn certain events and understand him The Training is the seuel to both The Sub and The Dom and the final conclusionExisting fans of this much devoured read will want to get their hands on this for their must have collection while any fans who like erotica with a lot of scorching heat but has even heart will want to give this one a tryCongrats Tara This was beautifully doneA little warning note The chastisement sceneNow I don't normally do this but I feel like I should give a small warning for this particular scene only because when I first initially read it I was shocked disturbed and had to walk away Mind you I was nothing like the avid reader I am today and obviously I can take But still a first time reader may look at this scene and think it's unfair barbaric and even abusive but it really isn't that bad my friends Keep in mind that Abby is new to this lifestyle and even though she takes her submissive life seriously she has to take the good with the bad and that includes certain rules that are applied and what happens when those rules are brokenHer reaction or overreaction depending on how you see it is what set off an intense shock vibe that some may be bothered with It is in fact an upsetting scene But truly it's not as bad as it looks I almost wish The Dominant Nathaniel's pov was already out so readers can compare notes Now just to be clear this isn't me telling you how to think or feel this is just me putting in my two centsI'd hate to see this book being bashed based on a single moment that in the grand scheme of things means very little to the story line and the relationship and connection between Abby and NathanielJust saying peeps;

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    This book came to my attention when I noticed one of my Goodreads friend reading it I decided to check it out and I have to say that I am sure glad that I did Yes it has a lot of similarities to Fifty Shades but it had its own uniueness that makes this story stand out and rise above the other book I should also mention that this book originally came out before the Fifty Shades' trilogy even existedWe have a librarian by the name of Abigail King who has been made aware that a man that she has been extremely attracted to is looking for a new submissive Nathaniel West is a CEO of a security company and also a Dom who prefers his Submissives to be experienced as he doesn't care to waste his time training them When Abigail's application shows up on his desk he decides he wants her and only her regardless of her lack of experienceThese two come to an agreement of Fridays to Sundays Nathaniel is in total control of Abigail and if at any time she wants out of the arrangement all she has to say is her safe word Of course as in most romance novels; nothing goes according to plan and on top of having explosive sex they develop feelings for one another Even though Abby thinks she is chopping down Nathaniel's wall all it takes is one incident to have him throw it all the way back up Will she be able to break through or will she have to walk away?I found this to be an all around entertaining book It had not only steamy sex; but sex in some very intriguing places Super bowl anyone? What I thoroughly enjoyed was the game this couple played with reciting poetry and guessing who wrote the verse It just added that extra something to the story in my opinion There were a few times where I was a little bored in spots; but not often The ending is a to be continued ending which of course I didn't care forand I know that this is a trilogy Surprisingly enough the second book isn't the continuation of this book; but the story of The Submissive in Nathaniel's POVThe second book is called The Dominant and even though I do look forward to reading Nathaniel's POV I am going to wait until The Training becomes available to read I do recommend this story and I found it in a lot of ways to be some what enjoyable than the Fifty Shades trilogy

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    The Submissive A Not So Walk on the Wild Side In olden days a glimpse of stockingWas looked on as something shockingBut now God knowsAnything goesGood authors too who once knew better wordsNow only use four letter wordsWriting proseAnything goesIf driving fast cars you likeIf low bars you likeIf old hymns you likeIf bare limbs you likeIf Mae West you likeOr me undressed you likeWhy nobody will opposeWhen evry night the set thats smart is in Truding at nudist parties inStudiosAnything goesCole Porter 1934 “I will have you do things you never thought possible but I can also bring you a pleasure you never imagined”― Tara Sue Me The Submissive What? You ask if I read this? Well yeah I read it It was a long Independence Day weekend I took a Sabbatical from my usual walk on the Southern Literary Trail and decided to take a walk on the wild side Besides after all this was written by a lady in a small town somewhere in the Southeastern United States And she looks like this Tara Sue MeWell that's not her real name Yes it sounds like an Italian dessert She said that's exactly how she came up with her pen name too Thinking of Tiramisu And I don't know what small town in which southeastern state However I imagine that there are a number of ladies in that small town who know exactly who she is and they have rushed out and bought this book and the numerous volumes that have followed I believe she's up to six nowI wonder if she has read Mark Twain And if she agrees with him Write what you know It conjures up innumerable images having read this book ahem This particular title is the first of three about Abigail King a 30s something librarian who's crushing on Nathaniel West well known CEO and man about New York City Abby is a bit tired of the vanilla sex scene Been there done it Bored with it She knows that West is a dominant and he's looking for a new submissive She applies for the position And she gets it And she loves itThere are complications Of course there are complications Submissive meets Dominant Submissive falls in love with Dominant Conflict Can this Scene be saved? Can love conuer the will to dominate? How about a little switch?Are any of you wondering what the heck I'm talking about? Do I need to explain? Oh heck I'm writing a review here Give me a break You don't like it? So SUE ME Oh that's bad So badSigh Where was I? Well it's confession time I find myself doing that a lot lately Almost twenty years ago I was in a number of writing groups I would get off wait poor choice of words When I would finish a long day in the court room I would relax by writing Short stories A writing friend told me about a group called the Erotica Readers Association I laughed it off Then I got to thinking about it At the time I was trying a lot of sexual assault cases What an interesting way to get some inside the mind thinking being in a forum like that So I joined Believe me There is definitely a lot of truth to the saying Different strokes for different folksI began writing stories romances historical fiction all with a bit of heat Call them romantica They weren't bad Actually a number of my stories were voted most publishable I never attempted to do that No time No editor No agent So it goes There were two distinct camps in the group The vanilla crew and the anything goes crew living the life If the less adventurous camp was vanilla the other camp was tutti frutti Here were the Doms and the Subs The ones into SM The ones into BD Although current popular fiction such as Fifty Shades of Grey and The Submissive commonly group all the subgroups together as BDSM there are distinct fetishist pursuitsTara Sue Me has done her research There's a little bit of everything going on in Abigail's and Nathaniel's relationship He is the classic dominant demanding control and possession of Abigail It reuires Abigail to submit to whatever Nathaniel reuires without uestion It is a consensual relationship Nathaniel demands that Abigail pleasure him in whatever fashion he demands In return he will pleasure her or withhold it as he sees fit He will also chastise her if she does not obey him He will whip her She will accept it There is a way out if Abigail chooses to leave All she must do is speak her safe wordUntil then Abigail belongs to Nathaniel To show that she belongs to him Nathaniel presents her with a collar Not a leather collar or a metal collar Nathaniel West is a very wealthy man Abigail's collar is made of diamonds bound in pure platinum “If you choose to wear this you’ll be marked as mine Mine to do with as I wish You will obey me and never uestion what I tell you to do” There is bondage There is discipline There is domination Nathaniel carries out carefully crafted scenes of sexual acts reuiring and levels of submission from Abigail demanding greater levels of trust Nathaniel is a master at using a riding crop administering the perfect degree of pain that is excruciatingly pleasurable Abigail finds herself experiencing levels of pleasure she has not known were possibleBut he also whips for punishment Brutally He has a whipping bench for that purpose A warm up whipping is necessary because Abigail could not stand the true chastisement whipping without it Twenty lashes with a leather strap because she got seven hours of sleep one night instead of eight Ouch A Whipping Block; this one was at Dachau Yet Nathaniel the bad boy has a secret in his past a vulnerability Is there some underlying inadeuacy in him that demands he completely control others to minimize his own demons?Sue Me even incorporates elements of topping from below where the submissive actually becomes the dominant of the pair in a sexual scenario This scene in the life is known as a switch The author handles it uite uite well It's convincing It might make you suirm a little in your chairBut there are some woeful incongruities in this novel For all her worldliness in her experiences in the Vanilla sex world Abigail has never been kissed down there Poor Abby All those experiences and she's never found a man who appreciated the scent of a woman? That's a damned shameYet Abby can swallow the euivalent of a length of fire hose under pressure instinctively relaxing the muscles of her throat She breathes through her nose without difficultyOf course Tara Sue Me creates Nathaniel as a man hung like a stallion Rather stereotypical He is instantly ready to stand and deliver And when Nathaniel tells Abigail he will have her five times in a night he does and she is happily amazed Actually she's gaga for this guy The perfect gentleman Nathaniel releases just after Abigail shudders through her orgasm Even better are all the times they arrive at la petite mort together The Little DeathEverything is just fine until she falls in love with him Will things work out or not? Well it's no spoiler to repeat it is the first volume of a trilogy ahemIs this true BDSM? Let's call it BDSM Lite It is a romance kicked up a notch BAM Ala Emeril Lagasse Tara Sue Me knows how to sprinkle a little essence into the recipeWhat did I think? It's okay Tara Sue Me is no Anais Nin Few are Will I read the remaining volumes? It's a toss up Then again I've got a thing about smart sharp women; especially librarians and booksellers Well yes I'm rather mature I'm not dead

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