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    The Gates of Rutherford is a historical fiction look at life during World War I It is a companion book to Rutherford Hall This book reminds me a lot of shows like Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey In The Gates of Rutherford there is still a huge cast and much of it centers on a new marriage where the couple wasn't really sure what they want out of it World War I is raging in the lives of the people in the book are caught up in itEnsemble casts work well for television and movies They don't always work so well for books While I enjoyed the setting of this book and the time period I found it very hard to follow along with the stories in the book There are a lot of characters and I felt like I never could get very close to themThere are some but some stories that I was very into such as the one about the German prisoner but there were other stories where I felt like I didn't we get to know the characters very well and therefore wasn't as interested This book is not all that long either so there isn't really a lot of detail about each of the characters in many ways this book feels like a slice of life about people who are dealing with World War I in Europe You get a taste of the characters but I found myself wanting That being said there storylines are still very interesting and kept me reading Overall this book was a mixed bag for me

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    If you like Downton Abbey then you will enjoy this book Reminiscent of a past era the book follows the lives and loves of the Cavendish family and their retainersThe year is 1917 the world is in the thrall of WWI and the Cavendish family are not exempt from its influence From their daughter Charlotte to Louisa to losing all their efficient workers the Cavendish family has to change their style of work and living though some of them are not willing to do so and actually do not do so William is still distant still not aware of what is happening in the personal lives of his staff and is certainly not interested His wife Octavia lives openly with an American in London having been refused a divorce William believes in the false hope that she will return eventually and so he must be stoic and just go on Charlotte marries for the sake of marrying and realises immediately what a bad move it was and Louisa has fallen in love with a stable boy extremely unsuitable totally unacceptable Harry the son and heir is flying for the RAF but he too has his share of issuesThe era is such a good one it signified the breakdown of the old social order and gave way to a new so that everyone was confronted with the change immediately You accepted it and modified your life or you stubbornly clung on to the past which was the wont of the aristocracy How they lived and how they expected to continue to live is told in this story very well It may irritate some readers the attitude of the gentry and their total lack of any kind of feelings towards the people who made their life so comfortable but this is history and we cannot change thatThe saga of the Cavendish family along with the romance of Louisa and Charlotte and the sadness engendered by WWI for the whole country is very descriptively told

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    The first book in the series is fabulous I gave it five stars The second book is mediocre I gave it three stars But this final novel falls flat It is boring and disjointed Cooke expends far too much wasted energy on long stretches of what amounts to literary ennui Cooke also leaves readers with an extremely unsatisfying denouement As she moves this third in the series into modern times her storylines become artificial and forced Characters become shallow parodies of themselves The depth subtlety and richness with which Cooke textured the first novel is sadly missing from this one

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    This is the first book and first introduction I have had to the Cavendish family Yet this did not deter me from having a pleasant time reading this book While I did find the family to be a bit dysfunctional I still felt their strong sense of family bond and pride Although I was going along just fine reading this book from start to finish I felt that the first half was alright but the second half of the story was the better half and when the story picked up and moved along faster and smoother I tended to gravitate towards Charlotte and her free spirit I was so glad when she broke free and branched out on her own The ending of this story was a good one and it left a smile on my face Discussion uestionsWhy do you think Octavia advocates for sensible marriages for her daughters when it's not what she wants for herself?I think that the reason that Octavia advocated for her daughters to have sensible marriages is because of her sense of duty and pride Even though Octavia was separated from her husband she still played the role in a way of committed wife Do you think Louisa and Charlotte would have had the courage to be with the ones they truly love if Octavia had not set the example?To be honest I am not sure if either woman would have really had the courage to venture out too much to find true love if they had not seen their mother find love and not be afraid to go after what she wants

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    35 stars This is the concluding book of the trilogy Charlotte features prominently in this book with a marriage to a blind soldier that goes terribly awry Octavia has moved forward with her life towards happiness and Louisa is deeply worried about Jack Although he is in the veterinary corps he is still at risk and the emotional damage of his role may destroy him The author portrays the horrors of war but also shows some of the human side including the perspective of a German prisoner of war in England The book ends with the resolution of the war and the return of the survivors including a touching tribute to the horses that went to war

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    Last book in the trilogy War still rages on the continent in 1917 and Charlotte marries Preston the blind soldier whom she has nursed back to health All is not what it seems in this marriage and Charlotte is very unhappy Charlotte's brother is in the Royal Flying Corps and is in Europe Charlotte's mother has fallen in love with an american who went away but now has come back into her life All in all the family is in turmoil Charlotte confides in her friend that she has been physically abused in her marriage and has now left her husband Family members are lost in the war but life must go on but at what cost?

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    Too many characters too much inner turmoil to really sink in and enjoy this book It was so hard to connect with the characters and the plot was thin at best I just didn’t like the folks in this book either Self centered erratic prone to hysteria for no good reasonPerhaps I should have read the other books in this series first? Too bad if that’s the case not a stand alone novel at all

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    Too many characters so none were fleshed out enough to care about

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    World War 1 definitely changed the English aristocracyI really liked this series Easy read but the story keeps you engaged

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    Loved it

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The Gates of Rutherford

Rford Park It is April 1917; she is nineteen years old And everywhere there is change The war still rages on the Continent where her brother fights for the Royal Flying Corps Her parents’ marriage is in jeopardy with her mother falling for a charming American in LondonBut not all is grim Charlotte is marrying Preston the blinded soldier whom she nursed back to health Her parents couldn’t be Last book in the trilogy War still rages on the continent in 1917 and Charlotte

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Return to the statley environs of Rutherford Park and the embattled Cavendish family from the author of The Wild Dark Flowers The rain fell softly on the day that she was to be marriedSometimes the longing for the old untouched days at Rutherford would return to her; the innocence of it all the feeling that England would never changeCharlotte Cavendish has been dreaming of her old home at Ruthe The first book in the series is fabulous I gave it five stars The second book i

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Happier about this The young man hails from a well established and wealthy family in Kent and he’s solid and respectable They hope he’s the one to tame their notoriously headstrong daughterBut as time passes Charlotte slowly comes to the realization that she is not truly happy And for a reason she is only just beginning to understand A reason she dare not reveal to the family or the world? World War 1 definitely changed the English aristocracyI really liked this serie

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