Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken? Unusual Chickens #2 review Ò 9

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Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken? Unusual Chickens #2

With her family which is great but will Lupe like chickens too? And on top of it all Sophie's first day at her new school is rapidly approachingIn this wildly funny and uirky novel told in letters and lists and uizzes Sophie learns that even an exceptional poultry farmer can use some help E ARC from Edelweiss PlusI adored the first one in this series but it hasn't circulated as well as I hoped Perhaps it is a bit on the elementary side This was fun too but I think I'll pass

review Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken? Unusual Chickens #2

New magical chickens for her flock and some unusual eggs to be incubated and hatched what will their superpowers be? plus an impending inspection from the Unusual Poultry Committee who even knew this existed? has Sophie feeling pretty stressed out Her older cousin Lupe is coming to stay Are there going to be of this series? I love how the book has a good balance of humor and emotion It is enough to cry at some parts but always a good laugh next to it This book always will be one of my favorites in humor

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This laugh out loud seuel to Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer has EVEN MORE MAGIC CHICKENSTwelve year old Sophie Brown is finally settling into her new home and her new role as keeper of some highly unusual chickens chickens with secret superpowersBut the arrival of two There are new characters and new chickens and new adventures for Sophie and her friends and family Plus there's a tease of even new chickens and adventures to come I love this series and I love recommending it to young readers because we all need a little unexpected magic in our lives

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Kelly Jones is a Ready to Epub Ý former librarian and bookseller and has worked with writers of all ages She lives near Seattle Washington with her partner and their chickens who've shown no signs of magic yet.

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