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This anthology brings together the personal stories of patients physicians policy makers and others whose writings humanize discussions and deliberations about health policyDrawn from the popular Narrative Matters column in the journal Health Affairs the essays epitomize the poli

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Narrative Matters The Power of the Personal Essay in Health Policy

Cy narrative a new genre of writing that explores health policy through the expression of personal experiences Forty six articles focus on such topics as the hard financial realities of medical insurance AIDS assisted suicide marketing drugs genetic engineering organ transplants

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And ethnic and racial disparities in the health care system The narratives raise ethical and moral issues that are being studied in many of our nation's medical schoolsThis compelling collection provides important insight into the human dimensions of health care and health policy

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    This book rocks Is it about socialized medicine? a guy seated next to me on a plane asked Socialized social society It's about what we can do as a society to make people healthier We've only got so many dollars to spend on health How do we use them? What does it take to create a healthy society? A good health system? What are the shortfalls of our current system? What can we learn from the experiences of doctors patients and policy makers about what's wrong and how to fix it? This is a compilation of primarily first person narratives from the Narrative Matters column in the policy journal Health Affairs Policy narratives use people's stories to make policy points whether it's Colorado's Governor Lamb discussing his public feud with the head of a university transplant program over the choice between using public dollars to fund a world class transplant program in Denver or providing basic coverage for everyone in the state or a New Mexico physician reflecting on the speeding laws alcohol use and distribution of doctors in his state that led him to unsuccessfully attempt to resuscitate a boy whose mother and brother were already killed in a headon collision with two now dead speeding drunk teenagers while the father looked on screaming WAKE UPWe need to wake up as a society and address the factors that lead to bad health This book does a great job of pointing out the systemic changes as told through individual stories that need to take place to make a healthier society Socialized medicine? No But what we can do as a society to make us healtheirGood to read one story at a time for anyone vaguely interested in health

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    This is a very nice collection of narrative medicine memoirs meant to push towards greater public awareness of healthcare issues in the US

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