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Nown for writing books that encourage leaders In this book she has compiled interviews with various prophetic and apostolic leaders who will catapult you into a greater measure of anointing and teach you not only how to access the anointing you need but how to walk in it in such a way that you increase in faith and love and power Several leaders offer their mentoring wisdom to help you access and increase in the anointing including Randy Clark on the price to pay for the anointing Bill Johnson on accessing the Holy Spirit David Hogan on claiming the anointing for miracles Mahesh Chavda on the anointing for strategic warfa.

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Re Leif Hetland on the anointing for nations Graham Cooke on the true prophet anointing Heidi Baker on the anointing of love John Paul Jackson and Paul Keith Davis on the anointing for sacred destiny of leaders and Myles Weiss on the anointing to reconcile nations The Access to the Throne series includes CLAIM YOUR HEALING Dare to believe that God will heal you Several contributors who have well known healing ministries reveal the compassionate love of God who is reaching out to you If you need healing or know someone who does this is the most faith building book on the market today CLAIM YOUR DESTINY is also coming soon..

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If you crave the wisdom of mentors – this book is for you If you long for the anointing oil of heaven to cascade to you and through you this book is for you The new enhanced version of this book now include links to short and powerful videos that will increase your knowledge and anointing A Spiritual Gifts assessment is also included Get ready to get launched into your sacred destiny Claim your ePUB #10003 You have a sacred destiny that reuires an even greater measure of the anointing of the Holy Spirit How do you access the anointing for healing for miracles and even for the salvation of nations Author Julia Loren is k.

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    Good selection of various articles Loved the testThe book presented various articles and individuals that I have not heard of before I enjoyed the insights and experiences of the writers Also likes the links to videos that helped expand the experience The test for determining our individual spiritual gifts was intriguing and the c

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    Lots of good insightThis is a good book Lots of great Christian leaders speak to what they believe it means to walk in the anointing that we

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    Easy to read expand my understanding spiritually

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