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All is lost Evil will soon consume the D'Haran Empire Richard Rahl lies on his funeral bier It is the end of everythingExcept what isn't lost is Kahlan Amn “Blade be true this day” When you finish a journey your heart Deep Cover the D'Haran Empire Richard Rahl lies on his funeral bier It is Liars Bench the end of everythingExcept what isn't lost is Kahlan Amn “Blade be The Uninvited Corpse (Food Blogger Mysteries true Reconstructing the Dreamland this day” When you finish a journey your heart

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World foreverTerry Goodkind's Warheart is the direct seuel to and the conclusion of the story begun in The Omen Machine The Third Kingdom and Severed Soul After almost 20 years of weaving the masterful tapestry that is Ric Little Reds Riding Hood the direct seuel The Return of a Gangsters Girl to and Hard Pass (Forbidden Plays, the conclusion of Cut and Run the story begun in The Omen Machine The Third Kingdom and Severed Soul After almost 20 years of weaving Beautiful Bandit (Lone Star Legends, the masterful Daddy Rapes His Little Daughter During School 2 Story Bundle tapestry Tetris that is Ric

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Ell Following an inner prompting beyond all reason the last Confessor will wager everything on a final desperate gambit and in so doing she will change the Not only is this a great book it’s a satisfying ending for the se Liars Bench the last Confessor will wager everything on a final desperate gambit and in so doing she will change The Uninvited Corpse (Food Blogger Mysteries the Not only is Reconstructing the Dreamland this a great book it’s a satisfying ending for More Where The Ghosts Are the se

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    An Opinionated Look AtTerry Goodkind's WarheartBy Eric AllenThis review contains spoilers both for Warheart and for Severed Souls There's a bit too much to spoiler tag this time aroundIt's no secret that I thought pretty much every book that Terry Goodkind has published since Confessor was crap I superficially enjoyed The First Confessor even though it is probably the absolute worst written book I have ever read that was actually published by an established author with than ten published works under his belt and at the time that I read it I felt that The Third Kingdom was decent That opinion has not aged well as I think back upon that book with and disgust and loathing as time goes by But as a whole pretty much every book Goodkind has published since The Sword of Truth proper ended has been garbage Gone are the entertaining distinctive and for the most part well written characters Gone is the well crafted and often witty banter between them Gone is the good writing the good storytelling and pretty much any hint that Goodkind has any clue what he's been doing as an author I mean look at Wizard's First Rule the parts of the story that are meant to be scary are genuinely scary then look at Severed Souls where Goodkind flat out says they're scary and doesn't do anything other than that to build it up So the point being I went into this book with such a case of lowered expectations that when it turned out to be merely mediocre rather than terrible it seemed as though light was shining out of the heavens Ode to Joy being sung by an angelic choir led by Beethoven himself and little naked cherubs were flying around me Now that statement comes with a disclaimer When I say this book is decent in this review you can translate it to mean This book is decent but only when you compare it to The Law of Nines The Omen Machine The First Confessor The Third Kingdom and Severed Souls It's still not a great book but it's a better book than any Goodkind has published in a good decade or so It seemed like he was actually trying with this one which is than I can say for a lot of the crap he's published recently Anyway on with the reviewRichard is dead and Kahlan wants him back so she goes to see the Witch Woman Red to find out how it might be possible Now before I continue I need to bring up one thing One of the biggest problems with everything from The Omen Machine onward for me has been that I simply didn't care about what was happening These weren't the characters I knew and loved They were different somehow and so I wasn't really invested in what was happening to them It didn't help that the things that WERE happening to them were either stupid badly thought out and written or just plain made no sense But here right from the beginning I had a stake in what was happening in the story I don't want Richard to be dead He was an awesome hero before Goodkind turned him into an angry hypocritical douchebag So I both wanted Richard back and I wanted to see how it was going to be accomplished Meaning already right from the very first page I was already emotionally invested in what was happening than in any of the previous three booksNicci has to draw on her past as a Sister of the Dark and enter the underworld to find Richard's soul and bring it back to his body but once his soul is freed of the demons holding it captive a life must be sacrificed to show him the way back And this is where the book started going steeply downhill Cara shows up out of nowhere with weapons that kill zombies No explanation of where she's been what she's been doing how she knew to come what she needed to do or how she got a weapon that works on the zombies Oh no she just shows up and dies on Richard's corpse so that he can come back to life And while her death was treated with somewhat reverence than Zedd's the character and the fans deserved better than that Seriously Richard shows emotion over Cara's death than he ever did over Zedd's WTFWith Richard back in the world of the living it is found that the touch of death inside of him is still there and it will still kill him unless he can have it removed at the people's palace except that it's still too far away to make it in time So Richard goes into Hannis Arc's personal scrolls of prophecy to figure out what he's been doing how and why And in doing so he finds what the Omen Machine actually is how it connects to prophecy the worlds of life and death and the magic of Orden And in a nutshell it's incredibly stupid and pretty obvious that Goodkind had no idea how it was all going to connect until he got to this part and just pulled it out of his ass on the spot no matter whether it makes sense or not And worse the way he ties it all together cheapens the first eleven books of the series and everything that happens in themSamantha shows up to murder Richard as justice for her mother's murder and Goodkind really doesn't seem to realize how completely and utterly hypocritical Richard sounds when he's trying to talk Samantha out of it He strangled her mother in a fit of rage right in front of her and then justifies it as she was bad here's the proof after the fact and then tells Samantha that she has no right to do anything out of anger because she is wrong and he is right Well she murdered someone in a fit of rage exactly as he did so what's the difference? They both had good reasons Goodkind tries to make it out to be Richard is the hero and he has right on his side but it comes off as Richard being a MASSIVE hypocrite It really doesn't matter that he does have right on his side he still murdered someone in a fit of rage and then went on to tell her that she had no right to do exactly what he did in retribution No I'm not advocating murder as a solution for murder but Richard calling someone down for doing something that he himself did right in front of her seconds earlier is just so unheroic The fact of the matter is that Samantha is right Richard executed her mother without a trial he strangled her to death in a fit of rage right in front of her That was murder whatever he wants to call it Our hero is a murderer He didn't do it for justice like he claims after the fact he did it for enraged vengeance So not only is he a murderer and a hypocrite he's also a liar She is right to demand justice for it and in this world Goodkind has built the just punishment for murder is death as we have been shown countless times before So yeah by the previous worldbuilding that Goodkind has done Samantha is completely and wholly in the right here Just because he's the hero of the story doesn't mean he gets to get off with murdering someone with absolutely zero real conseuences in the end Sorry Goodkind but YOU FAIL AT LOGIC AND YOU FAIL EVEN MORE AT MORALITY Could this situation not be resolved in a less stupid and hypocritical manner? I mean Richard never even bothers to apologize for freaking strangling Samantha's mother to death right in front of her? Why? Because he's the hero of the story so everything he does is right No Goodkind I'm sorry but again that's not how reality worksSo that problem dealt with for the time being and the idiotic discoveries about the Omen Machine made Richard heads on his way back to the People's Palace because when Richard needs to get somewhere fast or die you can damn well better believe that Goodkind is going to Deus Ex Machina the ever living fuck outta it So they head back to Samantha's village to find a second Slyph that takes them to a place where all of the souls of the zombies have conveniently been stored for later use But not before Samantha shows up and kills herself rather hilariously Her death is actually kind of funny And I know I'm a horrible person for saying that but I actually laughed out loud when it happened He built up this confrontation between her and Richard like crazy and THIS is how he ends it? And then Goodkind did this thing that I like to call Foreshadowing After the Fact to make it seem like he'd been building up to it when he actually wasn't This is where after an event has happened an author will point to a completely random and utterly unrelated event somewhere in the past and say SEE Did you see what I did there??? Aren't I clever?? Look Look See how clever I am Yeah sorry Goodkind Foreshadowing After the Fact just makes you look like an asshole and an incompetent storytellerSo numerous Slyph travels take place making the touch of death in Richard stronger and stronger until everyone is back at the People's Palace at last only to find that it's surrounded by an army of zombies And then Richard does something that I absolutely hate and that is so completely and utterly out of character for him that I actually threw the book on the ground in disgust Richard the Seeker of TRUTH bearer of the Sword of TRUTH a man who has generally shown himself to be honest trustworthy and a decent human being as his last act that we will see him commit in his role as the Seeker of TRUTH I hope lies to his wife and runs off back through the Slyph to get his sword and gather up all the lost souls Okay two things One If he knew that he was going to do this since he came back to life why didn't he explain it to Kahlan and Nicci so that they would know what he was going to do and why it was important He has shown time and time again that he's able to convince people to see his point of view and bring them over to his side with words alone And he had numerous occasions during times of travel to lay it all out for them So why did he keep it a secret and lie like crazy for the entire freaking book when he knew exactly how to win in the end from the beginning and simply saying so would have removed both the need to lie and the extreme worry that those who cared about him had to go through watching him as they saw it dying right before their eyes And two this is the hero of the story a story called THE SWORD OF MOTHER FUCKING TRUTH And he wins by lying to everyone he cares about through the entire book? No Bad Bad Goodkind No treat for youI would have thought that Richard's defeat of Sulechan was pretty well done if not for the fact that it was stained by Richard's lies And then Hannis Arc dies in a manner just as pointless as his entire freaking character He has got to be the least present least threatening villain I have ever seen in a work of fiction I'm still trying to figure out why he's even included in the story at all The man is so irrelevant that you can remove every mention of his character and none of the story would really need to change all that much to make up for it After Darken Rahl and Emperor Jagang we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this guy He's laughable than anything else when he actually does bother to appear in the story Talk about a case of Tell don't show We have been shown absolutely NOTHING about why this guy is the villain On the other hand Goodkind is CONSTANTLY telling us how bad and evil he is and how he must be stopped Sorry Terry but if you want me to know how evil he is you've got to show him doing something evil or even the slightest bit threatening I mean Darken Rahl and Emperor Jagang worked as terrifying villains because you took the time to show me how evil they are by having them actually playing a part in the story doing things that are evil Things that I can read about Things that the characters can see and experience Where was all of that with Hannis Arc? Nowhere to be found Goodkind just tells us to take his word for it that the guy is bad news and that's pretty much it Do you see why I call the guy weak irrelevant and non threatening? It's because I as the reader have never been shown WHY I should think on him in any other lightSo with the villains taken care of there's still that pesky army of zombies to deal with So you remember where that Deus Ex Machina Slyph dropped them? You know the place with all the disembodied souls that used to belong to the zombies? Yeah Richard grabbed all of those while getting his sword and apparently all you need in order to end the Zombie Apocalypse is a bunch of disembodied souls that can take up residence in their bodies and turn them back into humans And yes that is exactly as lame as it sounds The book then wraps up with a full twenty pages of Richard explaining the ending to us Look perspective writers If at the end of your book the resolution to your climax needs twenty pages of further exposition after the fact to even make sense you're kind of doing it wrong Just take my word for it and find a better way of resolving things that makes sense while it's happening not after you go into excruciating detail explaining it to us afterward And they all live happily ever after and I hope to God that Goodkind moves on to SOMETHING ELSE because it's pretty clear he's burnt out on the Sword of Truth and these characters New characters new world new story I'd be interested to see what he could make of those things but I don't think I'll come back for Sword of Truth if he decides to continue after this one He's ruined it enough for meThe Good? The recaps that made the last few books almost UNBEARABLE to read through are kept to a bare minimum only explaining briefly key events in the previous book And the dialog while still repetitious is not repetitious to the point that you find yourself considering suicide All in all this book is considerably better written than the previous four or five that Goodkind has published Is it as well written as his earlier work? Unfortunately no But it's a definite step above the crap he's been churning out lately Although I will admit that if I had to read the phrase homogeneous soup of the eternal now one freaking time I was going to punch a proverbial basket full of kittensThrough most of the book Richard and Kahlan seem a bit like themselves instead of lobotomized automatons spewing repetative and soulless dialog whenever Goodkind needs someone to exposit though they do still seem like shadow puppets of their former selves Until of course you find out what a lying douche Richard has been through the entire book that is And I was actually invested in the plot and the characters from the beginning of the book I shouldn't have to count that as part of the good because it's something that should generally be a given in a work of fiction But the fact of the matter is that it hasn't been for a long long time with this series I keep reading in hopes that Goodkind will recapture some of the magic and adventure from his earlier career only to find the story sinking deeper and deeper into awful and bland mediocrityThe bad? This story really doesn't have much need to exist now that it's over It was sold as the continuing adventures of Richard and Kahlan but their story was over and it had a pretty good ending to it It just sort of seems like Goodkind wanted to write but didn't want to go through the effort of coming up with a new world new characters or even work up the will to write it out very well The entire five book story I'm counting The First Confessor as part of it because it really sort of is is lazy badly written and didn't really have much reason to be toldThe Ugly? I pretty much already ranted about everything I wanted to during the synopsis part of the review I'd just like to reiterate how extremely let down I was by Goodkind's choices with Richard's character in this book To have him end the story he started out all those books ago as THE SEEKER OF TRUTH by lying and hypocritically trying to pass off his brutal murder of a woman as the only right and just thing he could have done in the situation was just so what was the opposite of fitting again? Oh yeah WRONG It was wholly and completely WRONG Goodkind CLEARLY doesn't understand his own character and what makes a character heroic It left me feeling absolutely disgusted with him I blew up about Zedd's death in the previous book because of how disrespectful it was to the fans and to the character This What Goodkind did to Richard in this book This is a thousand times worse And it is for this reason that I'm giving this book 2 stars instead of 3 Because Goodkind absolutely irrevocably utterly and completely destroyed Richard as a character for me in this book That was unforgivable and the reason that I refuse to read a single other book in this series if Goodkind decides to write I'm done That was it There is no recovering or going back from that There's no getting better patching it up or making it go away Richard as a character is now completely broken and cannot ever be fixed I'll stick to the original eleven Sword of Truth books thanks And yes I will eventually get reviews of all of them out I haven't forgotten about themOh yes and one thing The sheer number of abandoned and forgotten plotlines introduced in The Omen Machine that were never even addressed much less resolved makes my head hurt The sudden obsession with prophecy that all the people of the world seemed to have? Ludwig Drier turning Richard's own nobility against him by making them believe he serves the Keeper? Unrest in the Empire? What happened to all of that? I mean they were completely stupid plotlines to begin with but we're not even going to address these things at all after they were introduced in the beginning of this story arch? Really? Did Goodkind just forget about them? Or did he just decide that following through with them was too much effort so he didn't bother? I mean not following through sort of invalidates the majority of what happened in The Omen Machine as unimportant and unworthy of mention Did even the author think that book was so absolutely wretched that he tried to minimize mentioning things that went on during it? It's like he just doesn't care at all anyIn conclusion though this book is a huge step up from the mindless repetitive schlock that Goodkind has been churning out for the last decade it does contain the ultimate betrayal of everything that Richard's character has stood for up to this point in it So you can take that as you will On the one hand it's a better story and better written than the last few books on the other Richard is completely broken now and can never be fixed It's an end to the story even though we already had a perfectly good ending in Confessor So if you've made it this far you might as well finish If you're thinking of picking these books up now that the last one has come out Don't Please Don't Remember the good times that you had with Goodkind's earlier work don't put yourself through this travesty of literary vomit he's dragged us fans through over the last few years It may be too late for me but you can still save yourself the horror of seeing something you love be systematically and completely ruined by its creator Check out my other reviews

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    “Blade be true this day” When you finish a journey your heart is usually torn You are content for the experience the memories you stored that you may recall whenever you feel nostalgic for everything you gained and the ways it changed you but you are also overcome with sadness a bittersweet melancholy that soaks your pores and settles in your bones That's exactly how I felt after finishing Warheart “Time to dance with death” Warheart is the conclusion of the Sword of Truth series and the adventures of Lord Rahl and Mother Confessor After the tragic events of Severed Souls the world is hanging by a thread Emperor Sulachan and his ally Hannis Arc march towards the People's Palace with their army of the walking dead the horrible half people that devour flesh seeking a soul for themselves intending and thus far succeeding to break the Grace the division between the world of the living and the world of the dead resulting to the unraveling of existence The only person that can stop them the person whose arrival was in the making for 3000 years is the bringer of death The pebble in the pond The Seeker of Truth Richard Rahl Only he can end prophecy and save what is left of mankind But Richard is trapped in the Underworld held captive by the darkest of demons and Kahlan and Nicci set on a desperate race to bring him back before it is too late But maybe it is “Master Rahl guide us” One thing that I rarely confess is that Sword of Truth is my ultimate favorite series The series I devoured six years ago after I accidentally stumbled on the TV series based thereon and instantly enthralled me with its noble heroes in their uest to save the world from aspirant oppressors But while Warheart was published on 2015 I only started it three days ago The main reason was that I was afraid that the finale wouldn't live up to the hype I had built inside my head to the shrine dedicated to Terry Goodkind and his otherwordly ability to make me feel at home amongst his heroes And in all honesty Warheart had its flaws Unnecessary repetitions of the same phrases and notions strained dialogues and occassional confusion over the basic concepts of the book they disheartened me and made me see the points of the numerous haters of this series But it is Sword of Truth Loving it is now a part of who I am you can dig inside me all you want but the fact that Mr Goodkind's words flow in my blood still rings true “Master Rahl protect us” Warheart is heavily focused on the battle between prophecy and free will on the balance between life and death that allows the existence of the world It overturned beliefs we took for granted throughout the series and managed to astonish me and give me gooseflesh when the solution to every problem was presented I keep saying that Terry Goodkind has a brilliant mind a conviction I will never shake off His worldbuilding and the concept of the Underworld the Grace and the rules of life they are intricate complex and surprisingly fitting His magic is founded on strict rules his universe surpasses the average fantasy elements and he infuses his stories his uests and the knowledge acuired with a philosophical aspect “In your light we thrive” The previous book of the series Severed Souls butchered my heart until there was nothing left but a bleeding mass lying on the floor Warheart while it mended some wounds inflicted new ones raw and painful and devastating The absence and the loss of characters I cherished for years felt like a punch in the gut Choked on tears jaw uivering hands trembling I turned the pages and begged him to spare them to give them the happily ever afters they deserve but that's not Mr Goodkind's style “In your mercy we are sheltered” His characters are three dimensional fictional yet tangible real Richard with his seemingly crazy ideas is my soul companion my guide and my friend Kahlan my inspiration the Mord Sith with their sass and overprotective instincts the proof that you can find joy in simple things even after the horrors of your past and Nicci the example that anyone can change It's up to you is the message Terry Goodkind tries so desperately to instill In this world everyone must die None of us has any choice in that Our choice is how we wish to live “In your wisdom we are humbled” Whenever Richard drew the Sword of Truth and was consumed by its righteous rage I always heard its metallic ring and felt its fury boiling beneath my skin And now now that I know I will never hear it again I will never listen to Nicci admonishing Richard and Zedd swearing on the toasted toad's truth now that I will never see Kahlan wearing her Confessor face or smiling her rare smile and I will never bear witness to Richard's dance with death I feel hollow inside Hollow but incredibly full because they will keep living in the corners of my mind and the edges of my soulGoodbye my dear friends It was truly an honour “We live only to serveOur lives are yours”

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    Dear Terry Goodkind And His NovelsIt's time to end our relationship I wont lie; we had some good times But I just can't do it any As much as it hurts I need to do this You've taken me on such a baffling journey From beginning to end on this 17 book trek I've experienced so many emotions and not all of them were positive Your continual push for one story has ended this relationship Goodkind you were my first love Your novels and characters were what inspired me to read I'll always have those memories I'll always remember what you did for me But now it's timeGoodbye

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    Not only is this a great book it’s a satisfying ending for the series too The action will keep your eyes glued to the pages and the plot intricacies are so well written that it will leave you wondering how he managed to tie everything together so completely through so many books In this book you will laugh you will cry and you will be riveted You really have to read it

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    This book reads as if Goodkind was a high school student struggling to meet a word count for an essay The constant repetition and overexplanation is especially painful when the reader can guess each event pages or chapters before it occurs All of the best characters either died unceremoniously for no reason or were left alive as empty shells of their former glory so there is someone there to look puzzled and ask Richard to explain very simple concepts 13 times Remember the really strong and intelligent Kahlan we all love? Yeah she's gone All we have is Richard's nagging wife that is either crying or failing to comprehend even the most basic elements of this make it up as we go magic system I'm glad we're done The end of the Sword of Truth series probably should have stayed the end

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    I'll be honest I only downloaded and read the sample to see if I would get this book So I don't know how the story may end which is why I rate this 2 stars instead of one Let me just say that it was incredibly difficult to get through the 4 chapters that were provided in the sample from Kindle How many times can you say that it's raining? Let me count the ways on just the first page 1 fitful rain 2 irregular pools of standing water 3 tears of rain 4 bouts of rain 5 drizzle That doesn't include the copious amounts of mist that apparently pools on faces and looks like tearsNow on to page 2 It was a struggle and I truly feel like I was reading something written by someone who is just learning to use a thesaurus Kahlan looks off and peers off and glances with her gaze while starting across the citadel with Nicci beside her and three mord sith in tow For two entire chapters Seriously I'm not even sure if it is still raining any Prior to their journey across the citadel that they start to cross Kahlan is also looking at randomly touching but then dropping to her knees in order to touch Richard's worldly remains and worldly body and worldly form that was preserved by occult magic because occult magic and then some occult magic All the while she is pondering about his spark of life that is being dragged into eternal night for eternity in the darkness for all time where time is timelessIf you're a fan of the series I do hope that it gets better for you The writing can't really get any worse And I just can't even any

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    This was one of the worst books I've ever read Conclusion? Bullshit Terry Goodkind is now in the realm of Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel

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    Forgot I uit book three in this new series Severed Souls because reading should be fun not a pain and I just didn't want to have to keep reading it But since I did forget I reserved this when I saw it on the new releases list And coincidentally ? I also saw The First Confessor on the New Releases shelf at my library which I'd never read because it was self published and never available from the library in the past I'm glad I read The First Confessor first even though it was pretty badly written it did answer a lot of uestions about the series and was also very relevant to this second Richard and Kahlan series I recommend reading it if you can before this I had remembered about half of the stuff that overlaps from The First Confessor to this series half men dead men Sulachan etc so I was interested to see how it all played out now that I'd read the other book and of course I did want to at least see how the entire thing ended Wizard's First Rule all the way to the end even if I had to skim a lot to get there What very uickly became clear to my surprise was that Goodkind very clearly had editorial help on this one that he did not have on his self published The First Confessor The difference in the writing was so clear even just in the first five chapters By that point in the other book I was already writing notes about how choppy and abrupt it was how abrupt the short chapters where and how much he was already repeating himself This had a bit too much recap but it felt like a professional book there wasn't anything that was leaping out at me as being a problem it was just night and day So even though it was interesting to have all of the books come together in the end it was also overdone too The stuff with Isadore and Naja from The First Confessor was a little much There didn't seem to be any point in Idadore's role except making it overly complicated If I hadn't read the other book it would just have been confusing Or even confusing It's one thing to build on books directly in a series but that was a preuel and independently published only as an ebook until July of this year 2015 the author shouldn't assume readers have knowledge of it Plus having Nicci meet Naja Magda and Merritt in the underworld just underlined how much they were like Nicci Kahlan and Richard it was a bad strategic move It seems clear that Goodkind thinks the parallels are cool somehow but they seem so incredibly uncreative They could have had similar roles without practically being clones Or he could have managed to write something different even wouldn't that have been interesting? Naja was especially irritating as the Nicci clone And all of the suicide stuff because the person you love died was too much Richard and Kahlan should have been stronger than that seriously spoiler don't click if you don't want to be spoiledview spoilerand so should Cara hide spoiler

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    After almost 20 years of weaving the masterful tapestry that is Richard and Kahlan Goodkind once again delivers on his promises to speak to his readers through the art of proseSkillfully written and conceived WARHEART is a fulfilling ending to the story and smashes all previous notions of expectations As we say goodbye to the characters we have known for so long in this last installment of the series we begin to see the world in a different way and feel as though we are parting with old friends one last timeThe evolution of the characters is wonderfully written and the spirit of the Wizard's Rules lives on in WARHEART as we travel down a path laid by Wizard's First Rule almost twenty years ago Millions of fans and millions of copies later Goodkind dedicates this book to his readers on the first page and honors them right through to the lastTold through the eyes of people who have no choice but to be who they are they break all of the traditional boundaries and set a path for themselves that will leave you breathless with a new perspective on the series you have grown with throughout the yearsGoodkind has done it once again Bravo

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    Finally finished All 11 novels in the main Sword of Truth series the 4 Richard and Kahlan novels of which this is the last the First Confessor Debt of Bones and The Law of NinesWarheart concludes the Richard and Kahlan series which are themselves an extension of the Sword of Truth I didn't like the previous novel 'Severed Souls' but Goodkind redeems himself a bit here I did guess some of the main plot points but that didn't detract from my enjoyment since there was always a slight twist on what I thought would happen There was one incident I defiantly DID NOT LIKE but I'm not going to say any because that would be a major spoiler Anyone who has read the book will know what I am referring toEven though there were a few rough patches along the way this was one of the most enjoyable series I have read It's certainly the longest The main reason the excellent characters Richard and Kahlan are just wonderful characters and once you become full invested in them it's hard to not continue with the series But other than the main two protagonists the world building interesting locations and large cast of supporting characters were also very memorable; Zedd Nicci Nathan and of course Cara There were some diabolical villains in there tooThe only real negative point on completing the series is just that I completed it and have nothing else to read in the Sword of Truth Goodkind has announced a new book but this will a story about some of the supporting characters Nicci and Nathan not Richard and Kahlan After spending so much time with these characters they are as detailed if not so than most main characters in an single novel They will be old friends so I will be continuing their story when the next book comes outNow I'm off to rewatch Legend of the Seeker on DVD I also have the first volume 'Wizards First Rule' on audio book so next time round I will try that