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    This is the final part in a three part series of the same charactersLauren and Richard had a misunderstanding in the second story Lauren will do anything to salvage their relationship That entails being at Richa

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    This was the best in this short series I was finally happy when the two finally got together Of course I didn't really like the misunderstanding in here either but it wasn't enough to deter me from reading the rest of the story I like how Lyla writes and I will be checking out her other stories Although I will

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N is if she surrenders herself to him as his sex Taken Completely ePUB #10003 slave for the nightanything he asks she must do But Lauren never imagined she’d be shackled and left alone to await her “master’s”.

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Taken Completely His Rules #3

This is the third and final His Rules PDFEPUB #196 short story of the “His Rules” series After the terrible misunderstanding the last time she was at the mansion the only way Richard will agree to see Lauren agai.

DOWNLOAD ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Lyla Sinclair

Fate And she certainly can’t predict her reactions to the intimate punishments Richard has in store for her Can her heart and body make it Completely His Rules PDF #180 through a night of his retribution unscathed.