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Er father had a mistress With this new knowledge Linton must now examine the realities of her own life of her childhood her husband and ask What do they really know of her Deeply felt beautifully contro. Like a fine wine subtle and nuanced Pure pleasure with a long finishI had read that this was Dame Penelope s first novel which continued to astound as I read in view of the tight control of pace and voice But it turns out this was her first novel for adults AhaFirst published in 1977 refreshing to remember a world and time where people were not constantly tweeting and messaging and what s apping and nothing ever beeped at you But the underlying themes of our relationship with the past and repeating the patterns of behaviour set by our parents is one that is as relevant today as forty years back

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The Road to Lichfield

Lled The Road to Lichfield is a subtle exploration of memory and identity of chance and conseuence of the intricate weave of generations across a past never fully known a future never fully anticipated.. I ve become an avid Penelope Lively fan and I dived into this one It was like diving into cool translucent water on a hot day so lucid the prose so calm and unhurried the plot so careful the nudges towards a theme This is known territory middle class middle life middle England Sounds tedious and parochial What saves it is Lively s understanding of what I m going to be daring pretentious and call the psychic infrastructure of her chosen subject This could never be called a Big Novel but its virtue is in its small scale Anne Linton a history teacher drives to Lichfield to visit her dying father over the course of a year gets involved in a conservation project falls in love and reflects on personal and textbook history There are moments of humour sadness and insight The situation at the end of the novel is very subtly different from the situation at the beginning It is Lively s gift that she can take you on this uiet journey with absolute assurance wit and compassion

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In The Road to Lichfield Penelope Lively explores the nature of history and memory as it is embodied in the life of a forty year old woman The Road ePUB #10003 Anne Linton who unexpectedly learns that h. This was Penelope Lively s first novel for adults and it was shortlisted for the 1977 Booker Prize which was won that year by Paul Scott s Staying On As always Lively s writing is intelligent and perceptive even if the plot is rather slightThe story is told me an omniscient narrator but occasionally slips into the first person At its centre is Annie who travels from her home in Berkshire to the home in Dr Johnson s home town of Lichfield to visit her dying father Annie is married to the dull but reliable Don and has a flamboyant elder brother Graham who works as a television producer and has never married At her father s bedside she meets David a teacher who was her father s fishing companion and an affair ensues Parallel to this narrative Annie discovers that her father has been giving money regularly to the daughter of a former mistress she knew nothing about Annie is a historian and another plot concerns the fate of an old but dilapidated farmhouse in her Berkshire village and the failed campaign to save it from developersA uiet book and as always with Lively a pleasure to read but perhaps not her best work It is full of little details that remind the reader how much England has changed in the last 40 years

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    I discovered Penelope Lively about a month ago with her Booker Prize winning Moon Tiger I devoured it not once but twice in a one month period and I can't wait to consume it again It is a novel which will stay with me until death or dementia I did not enjoy The Road to Lichfield uite as well The writing is still exceptional and it's better than most of what's out there Ms Lively does not waste a reader's time she alway

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    I’ve lavished praise on Penelope Lively in the past but I can’t think of anything positive to say about this Anne is married to Don an unimaginative man who likes to get his money’s worth It’s a thoroughly bland marriage I was interested in this marriage than in anything else in this book but Lively skips over it as if it

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    This was Penelope Lively's first novel for adults and it was shortlisted for the 1977 Booker Prize which was won that year b

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    Like a fine wine subtle and nuanced Pure pleasure with a long finishI had read that this was Dame Penelope's first novel which continued to a

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    I really like Penelope Lively I've read several of her books and there's always good plotting and characterizations I care about her people because they are normal by which I guess I mean a lot like me She puts them in situations that are recognizable and lets them figure it out for themselves They almost alwa

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    I really enjoyed this The writing style was great the theme of history and the past very interesting and its exploration of family and marriage very well done

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    I've read a number of Penelope Lively's novels including her best known children's novels The Ghost of Thomas Kempe and The House at Norham Gardens and there is a consistency in her themes no matter what setting or

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    I've become an avid Penelope Lively fan and I dived into this one It was like diving into cool translucent water

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    I've been on a recent Penelope Lively binge She's my version of Maeve Binchy Better writer easy to get caught up in her stories I like her female protagonists who are always prickly never goody two shoes and usually acerbic in their

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    A typically English novel but while I was reading it I felt reminded of many situations in my own life The lack of emotionpassion is remarkable and captures intentionally? I am not sure how foreigners especially the French are traditionally portrayed as imagining the English The novel is easy to read and the characters highly believable The main character falls in love with apparently as much emotion as she invests in any reflection about