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    The letters had as French title Lettres Philosophiues “Philosophical letters” These are a collection of letters regarding England in its many facets religious political scientific and cultural A 18th century Britain Volt

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    Time which alone gives reputation to writers at last makes their very faults venerable Voltaire and Rousseau are usually grouped together as the twin pillars of the 18th century the first championing reason and reform the second romanticism and revolution After reading them back to back I know who I prefer Rousseau is arguably a far original

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    IntroductionLetters on England Letter 1 On the uakers Letter 2 On the uakers Letter 3 On the uakers Letter 4 On the uakers Letter 5 On the Anglican Religion Letter 6 On the Presbyterians Letter 7 On the Socinians Arians or Anti Trinitarians Letter 8 On Parliament Letter 9 On the Government Letter 10 On Commerce Letter 11 On Inoculation with Smallpox Letter 12 On Chancellor Bacon Letter 13 On Mr Locke Letter 14 On Descartes and

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    Since I ran out of space in my review of this book Letters on England I take the chance of this French edition’s space to continue my correspondence with my “friend” of old Voltaire There are pending issues to talk about Anyone trying to have a glimpse of the ongoing correspondence and the review of the book should look up here the pressing matters Sir VoltaireI’ve been worried about this kind of postponing of the Brexit

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    Voltaire’s Letters on England is hardly as exhaustive as Alexis de Tocueville or as ordinary as Montaigne In fact not and thankfully not as exhausting to read Voltaire has written a few letters to France if for no other reason to remind them that he is a free man in England and might not be one in France I am speaking to the free Kindle edition which seems to have copied over with no obvious mistakes in the transfer

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    Voltaire employs his usual blend of wit satire and humor to both elevate the liberal institutions of England over the still feudal Ancient Regime of France while also gently mocking the English in turn He candidly discussesReligion he is strongly in favor of religious tolerance very strong comparatively at least in England compared to France

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    This book is a collection of Voltaire’s observations of England a country where he lived a few years in exile It’s written with Voltaire’s singular wit and intelligence and caused a flurry of controversy in France on it’s publication because Voltaire’s homeland is compared to England throughout the letters and for the mo

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    His thoughts on British parliament Newton Descartes Shakespear Bacon Locke Pope Blaise Pascal and then also his opinions on Comedy Tragedy cosmology astrology education and small pox inoculation He discusses all of this with brilliance and ease and to think he'd only learned English a few years backVoltaire's thoughts on science religion and censorship are still so relevant and I would say in a world and obsessed with political

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    Generally very enjoyable to read a Frenchman's take on 18th century England Two parts stood out The letters on ua

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    Note this is a public domain edition which does not include Letter XXV which was added to later editionsA series of letters written by Voltaire on English religion politics science and arts As usual I found Voltaire's discussions on the English

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This collection contains the following works of VoltaireThe English ParliamentThe English ConstitutionEnglish CommerceInoculationChancellor BaconLockeSuicideEnglish TragedyOn the English ComedyOn Courtiers Who Have Cultivated LearningThe Earl of Rochester and Mr WallerPrior That Singular Poem Called “hudibras” and Dean SwiftOn PopeThe Royal Society and AcademiesOn CromwellThe Misfortunes of Charles IOliver CromwellEngland Under Charles IIThe English Theatre Plan of the Tragedy of HamletPlan of “the Orphan”The Seve The letters had as French title Lettres Philosophiues Philosophical letters These are a collection of letters regarding England in its many facets religious political scientific and cultural A 18th century Britain Voltaire had been in for some time 1726 1729 At least seven of the letters are dedicated to the religious issues They touch on the diversity witnessed by the French philosopher He would call it a nation of sectarists The very first letters are a sort of analysis of the and meeting with proponents of a then powerful movementsect called the uakers They were persecuted under Charles II and they managed to convert some of the soldiers of Cromwell who uit service and refused to take oathsTheir belief was as radical and basic as this it had been 1600 years of corruption of the true teachings of Christ one who never baptized but was baptized by John uakers followed Christ not John Voltaire met with one young uaker man called George Fox he would never swear And yet Voltaire highlighted their overseas impact I am referring William Penn most hated by the protestants who inherited very large possessions south of Maryland and established uakers power in America in Pennsylvania namely Voltaire says at that time Philadelphia city was flourishing Some other letters are an approach to other sects the Unitarians the Socinians the Arians the Antitrinitarians yet outstanding The Church of England whose true religion is the sect of Episcopalians Differing from France s training all the clergy is educated with few exceptions in Oxford and Cambridge Voltaire still mentions the Presbyterians somehow similar to Calvinism the established religion of Scotland The topic then moves into politics government parliament and the monarchy having said nevertheless that the capital London was a place of corruption and depravity His political analysis is positive and with some taint of praise because he considers the English the only people putting limits to the powers of the king Voltaire traces some parallels with the Roman system yet the latter ended up in slavery while the British system in liberty The House of the Lords and the Commons divide the legislative power with the King On trade and commerce Voltaire praises the English superiority over the seas trade enriched the citizens in England so it contributed to their freedom One letter approached the inoculation topic it seems at that time the English were deemed to be fool because they give to children early on the small pox to prevent them catching it The English called the Europeans unnatural and coward Maybe the best topics concern Philosophy Science too especially when Voltaire makes the difference between French Descartes and the British Newton Where one sees impulsion to explain motion the other Newton sees attraction These are contradictory men Voltaire would develop at length the major contributions of Newton in the fields of the laws of gravitation optics and the infinities of geometry But his fellowman Descartes is always a counter point to this peaceful existence character called Newton Descartes had been accused of atheism left France and for some time lived in Sweden upon returning to France had to pay his fees Other famous personages are commented upon namely the acute logician Locke and Lord Bacon the father of the experimental Philosophy The remaining letters approach comedy and tragedy Voltaire s translation work and his critical views on Shakespeare natural and sublime but not a single spark of good taste Other men of Letters are mentioned with special attention to Pope one of the most amiable English poets Money for determining the longitude and the Royal Society are the concluding topics Dear Sir VoltaireMore than 200 years on I would like to tell you freedom still reigns in the UK Since your 18th century much has happened in those fields you approached in your letters In 21st century Britain The ueen is still sovereign the government and the parliament are elected bodies You would be delighted to know about 19th century themes such as species evolution by Charles Darwin or the Industrial Revolution Or the expansion of the British Empire to the point of the sun never being set in its various longitudes Yet The Empire is gone The little island which you ve visited still stands though some political changes have occurred The Irish got their independence as a nation The Scotts had a few months ago a referendum on independence Not yet gained so the results saidYou would be surprised to know about the number of mosues in England yet you would get terrified on the number in France Here in England there are people from all over the world The capital city is still busy as usual Can you imagine a few days ago I got to know that in 10 years time the one percent richest doubled their wealth and 80 billionaires it happens do live in the little place of corruption and depravity you were in Well May coming there will be elections freedom to vote It s likely the conservatives will stay in power Yes the Tories You wrote about them and about the Whigs Recently one Labour man acknowledgedsuggested the Dome it wasn t there in the 18th century was superfluous spending I end my letter with a letter from the book of Robert Blatchford Merrie England Dear Mr Smith I am sorry to hear that you look upon socialism assenseless thing and upon socialists as wicked or foolish men Au revoir monsieur Fran ois Marie ArouetI ll keep you postedApril 25th 2015 Dear Sir VoltaireHope you re in good health Yeah National Health was a big topic of the campaignJust to inform you the conservatives have won the election maybe most important the Scottish party had a great increase in seats gained from 6 to 58 As I was writing down this piece it was said that only 10 seats are missing for a conservative majorityThings haven t changed that much right Maybe notRegardsMay 8th 2015 Dear Sir Voltaire I know you like images with portent I ve seen in it winds of change I m sure you ll be able to decipher the symbol The guy on the picture just won the Labour leadership past this weekSay something if you wantMeanwhile I promise I m your postmanAll the bestSeptember 19th 2015 Dear Sir a vaHope you re fine Just to inform you the UK runs the risk of pulling OUT of the European Union You cannot imagine how it has been thousands of refugees from Africa and Asia and the Middle East flooding in this our continent and how much disunion it has surfaced between Europe s nations on this matter The euro mess persists Some other time I promise will tell you about the Syria uestion Truly messy Hope you ll reply soon meanwhile you know me I ll keep you postedCheersOctober the 17th 2015 Sir take a look at this Sir a majority has voted for attacks on ISIL 397 versus 223 votes ISIL is a so called State inside present day Ira and Syria with aspirations for a world caliphate allow me to update you It just happened a galvanizing speech by Labour shadow foreign secretary Mr B He said his party leader the one above in the picture near the socialist symbol was not a terrorist sympathizer but a decent man yet this time around Mr B will support a military action in Syria contrary to his party leader view he sees it as a similar situation to the time when the parliament stood up against Hitler and Mussolini It has now a UN resolution supporting it But this same day I got to know the view of a French journalist who had been for months kept captive by ISIL and you know what he said just don t bomb it ISIL it s a trapSo you figureAll the best3rd December 2015 Sir just to wish you Happy New YearTerrible floods it s beenI ll be back I want to tell you something interesting about Manchester You ll have a perspective on what s to be in year 2016Cheers4th January 2016PS Sir I wanted to ask about your aesthetic preferences so which one of these paintings do you prefer As soon as you ve made up your mind and choice just let me know I will certainly reply immediately Right they re both related to Manchester city Sir I am still waiting for your art sort of judgment but have you heard about that discussion in the UK parliament yeah the Commons about that American candidate for the presidency called Trump of Scottish breed on the mother side the list of adjectives is so funny idiot narcissist buffoon and a wazzockJust tell me what you make of this and of freedom of speechAll the best19th January 2016 Sir a uick note typical of my times check on the Boris effect and the Brexit I ll be backCheers23rd February 2016SirA referendum on the Britain s membership in the EUwill be held on 23rd of June this year I ll keep you posted meanwhile Chances are 27th February 2016 Dear SirCheck on this interactive stuffWhat a difference 400 years makes the London skyline 1616 v 2016 interactivein tout l heure3rd of March 2016 Sir on the Boris effectHe s been saying interesting things regarding this thing called EU The thing my expression is taking away money from the nations and control it s an anti democratic thing Boris contends so he s pro vote Leavethat thing The visit of the US president to the UK won t change his mind Mind you the president is a stay in EU man But Boris has found a paradox recently and wrote about it There is no country in the world that defends its own sovereignty with such hysterical vigilance as the United States of America so why should the US meddle with the UK right to decide its own libertyNo wonder some are telling the visiting president butt outWhat do you thing think Sir about the thinkthingRegardsPS I am adding a picture of London in the near future maybe too ugly terrifyingorYou tell me 22nd April 2016 Sirtake a look at this uotea reptile just fit now after being twice discarded by the people to become a Conservative He possesses all the necessary reuisites of perfidy selfishness depravity want of principle etc which would ualify him for the change His name shows that he is of Jewish origin Yes April 1835 it was Irish MP Daniel O Connell who wrote it about D Israeli one who would become UK s prime ministerAnti semitism is not a new thing It seems these past days the issue has surfaced almost uncontrollably inside the Labour Corbyn the leader has been trying hard to suppress the old problem and racism too some heads are rolling already But this photo tells something though Corbyn at a pro Palestinian rally in London 2014 he once said that Hezbollah and Hamas are his friends Sir tell me about if you mayAll the best3rd of May 2016 Sir You surely recall I told you about Mosues in the UK and in France Well just to inform you London has just elected a Muslim mayor As I read in the LBR it s symbolic though it won t last long thus wrote Fatema Ahmed She wrote The symbolism of Khan s win will soon fade and politics as usual will resume But no one doubts it s a major change The discordant voices can be heard London is in trouble says Graham Moore of the English Democrats party accusing the elected mayor of having stood with extremists Whatever Sadi Khan promised to be the Mayor of all Londoners We shall see what to make of this man of British Pakistani origin Truly times have changed Cheers7th of May 2016London Review of Books Sir I forgot about this next photo so I m adding it now for a better clarification of the total picture you know Cheers again8th of May 2016 SirtodieughI mean today I read these amazing news about the white cockneys of London s East End now a minoritybeing replaced in the past 15 years by migrants Yeahdo you remember NEWHAMJust imagine the Drew primary where throughout its corridors one can hear 43 languages being spokenwhat a sort of BabelHope you wont day ughdieit s a new worldWishes of perennial health14th of May 2016 SirYou certainly recall the american presidential candidate Trump I told you about a wazzock some in the UK called him trying to ban him from entering into the kingdom of herhis Magesty At that time Trump was calling for a ban on muslims entering the USA The UK s PM said it was stupiddevisive And you know whatTrump now says HE S BEEN INVITED TO VISIT 10th DOWNING ST Can you believe itI canKind regards22nd May 2016 SirAgain the EU thing Yesterday I was informed that they EUthingers EU officials than 10000 are paid above the UK PM salary 142000 And the number of allowences you cannot imagine Even free Viagra Some day I will explain you about the Viagra No time now Have a good day25th May 2016 SirJust to recall the 1994 referendum in Norwayon joining the EU The No won yet many acknowledge today that the Yes side used lots of lies in the campaign like jobs to be lost no investment interest rates going up an isolated Norway the EU not listening to us It just DIDN T HAPPEN Norway today is better OFF OFF the EU As the 23rd of June draws nigh people shouldn t forget the past even fear campaigns and all types of CONbos say like cheaper roaming charges Kindest regards28th May 2016 SirWhat a letter I mean not mine but the one by Justice Secretary Mr Gove and Mr Boris Johnson to Dave the PM accusing him of lies on immigration this is really a hot hot topic now for all of Europe not just the UK and basic lack of democratic consent and a lot on that creepy thing called EU You should read it I ll provide you with a link just in case you askI m so eager about this ref syou cannot imagineCheers6th June 2016 Sir when you see many threats that may mean pressure and fear on the side of the established order or putting it in other words the EU Fat Cats fear a certain lifestyle to be gone See these examples Today I ve seen a poll suggesting the Danes are in majority pro leaving the EU Some days ago I had read that some Germans wanted Britain to stay while others were threatening with a no second chance and Calais protection to disappear Today France was threatening to make Britain pay in the case of exit And yesterday I watched a former PM of Britain speaking about the economic aftershock that will ensue just in case the Leave wins So much fear So many threats It s the contagion effect they fear also One nation leaving may lead to others leaving too One great enthusiast of the Leave campaign put it this way the BRexit scenario it would spark an exodus by many other countries bringing an end to the entire European projectI ll keep you posted Sir9th June 2016 SirThough not a British citizen I m proud of that flagjust to tell you on the EU Referendum the Leave won Can you believe it I can though many especially the pollsters someday will explain it to you still had it for granted to stay inkind of to stay putI ll be back on the issue it seems by now a 519 % win isn t bad other European nations have been keen on listeningreading about the results BRAVE NEW WORLD Europe ENGLANDHahaAs I read today See EU later24th June 2016Sir I know about Anti Brexit protest hits London and about Londindependence and petitionsand stuff alikeBut the Leave won just like that Long lives the BrexitCheers28th June 2016SirItalians are using Britain s flag to protest EU ruling Nice summer in their beaches Hope you re having a good one too I hope you read ItalianLa Brexit in versione ligure Seeya 4th August 2016

review Lettres Philosophiues

Lettres Philosophiues

Ral Revolutions In the Tragic ArtA Discourse On TragedyThe Religion of the uakersThe Church of EnglandThe PresbyteriansThe Socinians Or Arians Or AntitrinitariansThe Peopling of AmericaFernando CortÉsThe Conuest of PeruThe NegroThe French In AmericaThe French Islands and the Buccaneers Or FreebootersPossessions of the English and Dutch In AmericaOn ParaguayThe Changes That Have Happened In Our GlobeABOUT THE AUTHORFrançois Marie Arouet most famously known as Voltaire was a universal genius with unspeakable creativity Dur Since I ran out of space in my review of this book Letters on England I take the chance of this French edition s space to continue my correspondence with my friend of old Voltaire There are pending issues to talk about Anyone trying to have a glimpse of the ongoing correspondence and the review of the book should look up here the pressing matters Sir VoltaireI ve been worried about this kind of postponing of the Brexit for real the referendum is gone been months now So when do you think it will happen Boris should say something See you soon29th September 2016 SirI know Boris has partly answered my reuest he spoke a few days ago about the issue saying Brexit will be titanic success Well nasty voices are talking about the titanicSANK You surely know why just look at the next photo You probably know what it will imply And then again my uestion when a Brexit for real Cheers6th November 2016SirIt just happened BREXIT IN USAYou know what I mean See you soon9th November 2016SirAgain turtle pace Brexit I could say yet moving Now after the parliament vote 461 ayes 89 noes the UK will trigger article 50 by 31st March 2017 Free at last thereafter Hope soBy the way I ve found the next picture very curious I know you care about London Janie is an americanCheers8th December 2016 SirAgain the EU thing they want 100 billion upfront from the UK They really suckmoney Next June the 8th elections will take place I hope for a real Brexit answer farewell suckersI ll be back Sir4th May 2017

Summary Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Voltaire

Ing French Enlightenment he had careers as a writer a historian and a philosopher famous for his wit and for his advocacy of civil liberties including freedom of religion and free trade As a prolific writer he produced works in almost every literary form including plays poetry novels essays and historical and scientific works Moreover he wrote than letters and than books and pamphlets As a satirical polemicist he freuently made use of his works to criticize intolerance religious dogma and the French institutions of his day This book is a collection of Voltaire s observations of England a country where he lived a few years in exile It s written with Voltaire s singular wit and intelligence and caused a flurry of controversy in France on it s publication because Voltaire s homeland is compared to England throughout the letters and for the most part England comes out ahead in these comparisons This book has interesting things to say about the uakers religion Isaac Newton theater and learned societies Some of the pieces have aged into irrelevance the explanations of Newton s science and English theater for eg but I still enjoyed it on the wholeThe French isn t too difficult if you are a student of the language Voltaire s wit and warmth shine clearly through even if you speak the sort of French as I do where it s likely you re going to miss a lot of nuance I ve found that it is harder to read modern novels in french than older books because modern novels contain slang and a larger vocabulary Books from the 19th century are the easiest Verne Dumas Maupassant but this 18th century work wasn t too hard