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    First the fine print I have a story in this collection one that I'm very fond of However I'm pleased to note that my tale is in good company Spank is a lively original selection of stories about corporal punishment particularly administered by hand on a bent over bottom by some of my favorite authors The tone of these tales ranges from lyrical Anything But Ordinary by ADR Forte to hilariously clever Cervo's The Royal Montague and Roxy Katt's The Trumpet of Destiny with a broad swathe of reddened cheeks in between Some of my other favorites include JZ Sharpe's The House on Oxford Street which explores one of those single life changing experiences that can never be repeated no matter how much one wants to; Sugar by Sommer Marsden far than just a clever approach to dieting; Thin skinned by Jean Roberta probably the most realistic story in the collection with its heroine beset by a wandering mind and inner doubts; Lee Ash's Slippering a classic tale of domestic corporal punishment told so well that it seems fresh; Richard's Reward by DLKing a butt warming tale of female domination; and Evan Mora's haunting and enigmatic What Jackie Gives Me Considering that all the stories in this collection involve spanking it's remarkably diverse And as you can see it's almost worthy buying just for the cover The introduction by Cassandra Parks is an added bonus

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    Fab find for the spanko in all of us

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First ReadsWhile the subject isn't my thing the stories are definitely arousing Some of them deal solely with spanking and others with sexual acts as well Many different stories are within no two the same One thing that does carry through all of them is the arousal and fulfilment of the characters desires While reading the stories although I always had the constant thought that I couldn't understand the act of spanking being sexually arousing the descriptions of the characters was arousal were in nearly all cases so good that I could not fail to be aroused to I am certain that if spanking is something that you enjoy then you cannot fail but to enjoy and be aroused by the stories presented in this collection if it isn't then I wouldn't be surprised if were not aroused yourself

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    Amazing and totally worth the read filled with arousing intense and sexy as hell situations Will definetly read again

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Ily ever after in Cervo's The Royal Montague Spank delivers Donna George Storey's Anthropology introduces the concept of what a newly spanked bottom feels like to a neophyte and Kathleen Bradean introduces us to a celebrity desperately in need a spanking who turns the tables on her feckless manager in Apple Bottom Hard Cider Sommer Mar Fab find for the s

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Spank By D.L. King

With an introduction by well known disciplinarian Ms Cassandra Park these spanking hot stories are brought to you by one of today's bestselling editors of erotica D L King From the story of a man's hands on tutelage in what makes spanking erotic in ADR Forte's Anything But Ordinary to the idea that eavesdropping can lead to a very happ First the fine pri Woman of Iron pri

FREE DOWNLOAD Ã E-book, or Kindle E-pub å D.L. King

Sden comes up with a uniue dieting tool in Sugar Sure to get your motor running these stories will really warm your heart D L King is the editor of the Lamda Literary Award Finalist Where the Girls Are Violet Blue gave King's bestselling vampire anthology The Sweetest Kiss the number two position in her top ten Hottest Sex Books of 200 I received this bo