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L and otherwise behind the mythmaking? Deconstructing Reagan is a fascinating study of the interplay of politics and memory concerning our fortieth president While giving credit where credit is due the authors scrutinize key aspects of the Reagan legacy and the conservative mythology that surrounds

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Deconstructing Reagan Conservative Mythology And America's Fortieth President

Although he left office nearly 20 years ago Ronald Reagan remains a potent symbol for the conservative movement The Bush administration freuently invokes his legacy as it formulates and promotes its fiscal domestic and foreign policies His name is watchword for campus conservatives who regard him in

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A way that borders on hero worship Conservative media pundits often euate the term Reagan esue with personal honor fiscal rectitude and unualified success in dealing with foreign threats But how much of the Reagan legacy is based on fact how much on idealized myth? And what are the reasons politica Electing Judges unualified success in dealing with foreign threats But how much of the Reagan legacy is based on fact how much on idealized myth? And what are the reasons politica

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    Don't be misled by the title This easily digestible text argues that the myths that are being spun about Reagan are easily dissected and exposed but it doesn't seek to demonize him or sacrifice him on the altar of neoconservativism or anything like that The writers present their case in four essays dealing with finely drawn parameters concerning the Reagan legacy economic policy character raceracial issues and foreign policy They show uite convincingly that Reagan's policies and beliefs often had nothing to do with each other that the myths of Reaganomics don't suare with the massive deficits he ran up in the eighties though the numbers pale in comparison to today's that his credentials as the tax cutting to prosperity president were damaging than his three tax hikes to repair the damage of those tax cuts president that if he didn't know about IranContra he was surely a bumbling ineffectual affector of global circumstances and that while he wasn't racist per se he was devilishly good at playing to white fears about minority dissent Mayer's discussion of wealth ineuity and how Reagan exacerbated it is particularly stirring forecasting to a T the rhetoric of the Occupy movement several years beforehandThe authors fumble the ball in a few places making casual observations that call for further explication in places and coming up with too easy explanations of troubling behavior in others For example one of the authors makes the offhand remark that Reagan's lack of interaction with dissenting figures in his cabinet is a byproduct of his being raised by an alcoholic father seems like an idea that could use a footnote from a psychiatric journal or something Also the writers argue that Reagan's lies are not on a par with Nixon's but on a line with Clinton's as well as Gore's misrepresentations about his role in creating the Internet This is really surprising Nixon's role in Watergate while shady is vastly overshadowed by the actions of a man who negotiated with terrorists and armed contra fighters who killed tens of thousands of people in Nicaraugua; Clinton may have minced words but to my knowledge he was being grilled over an extramarital affair rather than foreign and domestic policy which again led to losses of life overseas And Gore and the Internet? Are we still going on about that? The truth of what he said is easily discovered Overall though Deconstructing Reagan is easily digestible amply documented and a simple rebuttal to any of the rubbish still being thrown around about the Gipper in an effort to justify neoliberal policies the ruin of which we're still dealing with today If George W Bush was supposed to be Reagan 30 he succeeded but in the wrong ways Now that the 2012 election has Republicans casting about furiously for either an image makeover or a stronger argument we'll see what the myth evolves into by 2016

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    Usually when someone chooses to read a book about a president it’s because he or she particularly likes that president Why else would you read a whole book about him right? In this case fans or critics of President Reagan will be pleased so whether you liked or disliked his legacy feel free to pick up Deconstructing ReaganIt’s pretty short for a political biography book at 150 pages and it’s separated into four easy to read essays Two of the authors have written entire books about Reagan so they’ve definitely done their research as they discuss his economic and foreign policy legacy through the decades The latter two essays deal with Reagan’s personal character rather than his policies If you like him you’ll feel validated If you’re critical you can use these essays as a starting point for you to debate those who feel he can do no wrongI’m not really a fan but I still thought this was a good book Give it a try and see what you think