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    4 I'm not walking away from this thing between us StarsI am a huge fan of the Red Stone Security series these are books you can read in any order and all of them offer a great few hours of reading pleasureZoe and Sawyers story definitely ticked those boxes Having dealt with a stalker situation over the last couple of years Zoe was just getting used to living her life again only problem being the man in uestion has returned to the country after six months working abroad and is intent on making her life difficult again One altercation in the car park at her place of work confirms that he isn’t planning on leaving her aloneSawyer McCabe newly recruited to Red Stone happens to be in the right place at the right time and having known Zoe in the past immediately steps up to stand guard so to speak He just wanted to claim this woman to taste every inch of her and then start all over again It doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly between them and the suspects to start lining up behind them when the body of said stalker turns up in a bit of a mess and minus a pulse and the author as expected kept me on my toes in trying to work out who it wasI want you to remember the feel of me inside you even when I’m not with youuick sexy and with plenty of action Deadly Fallout is a book I would happily read againARC generously provided by the author in exchange for the above honest review

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    ARC ReviewFor a 200 page book Katie Reus sure does pack a romantic suspense punch I appreciate the fact that this one features “older” characters as in over 30 years old I like the fact that these characters make no apologies know their minds and have life experience Recently retired at thirty seven Sawyer is an ex Navy SEAL starting on with Red Stone Security He carries the uiet confidence of a special ops guy and the world weariness of a thirty year old working in a shadowy world I find him infinitely appealing just like Zoe Zoe and Sawyer have a sizzling relationship I enjoy Zoe’s confidence and that fact that she knows her own mind Zoe is an emergency room doctor being hounded by two stalkers She is no wilting flower but this goes beyond her capacity to deal with the situation Katie Reus ramps up the tension by having Zoe deal the feeling of terror and hopelessness as a stalker victim Further Zoe’s stalker is someone who is well respected and a master manipulator Chilling IN A NUTSHELLAlthough this is the 10th book in the series Katie Reus manages to keep it as fresh and suspenseful as the first Thank you to the author for an opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review

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    I have to admit this is the first book in this series that I didn't feel a connection between the main characters I usually like the silent broody guy but Sawyer just didn't do it for me It's like he was never anything but silent and broody Usually those guys seem to crack once they fall for the girl and I'm head over heels for them but I never felt that with sawyer I loved Zoe though Somehow these two just didn't match for me Anyway good storyline Good fast read I'm still trying to catch up on my reading challenge so this series has been the perfect thing

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    “Fuck” he murmured his gaze tracking over her exposed chest and torso “I was going to say this is going too fast”“You sure about that?” she murmured “I don’t want to take advantage” he continued his voice strained as he sat up staring down at her as if he didn’t know where to startReaching behind her back she unsnapped her black bra and let it slide down her arms as she sat half up “Then let me take advantage of you”40 RATING I was excited to have the opportunity to read and review Deadly Fallout by Katie Reus I’m a long time fan of the Red Stone Security series and have read every single book What I love most about this series is that the author always gives me what I want an alpha hero that will stop at nothing to protect and keep the heroine safe Even though Deadly Fallout is the tenth book in the series and each book is seuential I think all the Red Stone Security books will work fine as stand alone reads For readers that like to read series books in order start with book one No One to Trust While all the Red Book Security books follow a pretty similar formula damsel in distress with a sexy and protective hero some stories have worked better for me than others Deadly Fallout ended up among my favorites There was just a lot to like A former Navy SEAL hero a twist on the typical stalker plot the stalker dies but the dangers not over and characters that act like adults and aren’t afraid to give into their chemistry I liked both characters but especially liked the heroine Zoe She was take charge and knew exactly what she wanted when it came to Sawyer Although the steam level wasn’t through the roof I thought the steamy parts were uitesteamyThe chemistry was almost too much And at the same time not enough She simply couldn’t get enough of him wondered if she ever would When he pulled back and slid into her again she moaned his name “Sawyer” Her clit was pulsing begging to be touched again Feeling bold she reached between her legs and started stroking herself as he began thrusting “Oh yeah touch yourself sweetheart Come on my dick” he rasped out his voice a bare whisperI’m rounding Deadly Fallout up to a four star rating The writing was good the sexy bits were hot the characters were likable and the book rated high on my readability scale it had me from beginning to end I’m looking forward to reading from this series Katie Reus never disappoints Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Originally published in booksandspoonsweeblycombook blogThe story starts with intense action anxiety rising and the gut feeling of something even worse to be happening soon every woman's worst nightmare coming into reality in the story Until a twist in the plot makes you think all is going down towards a totally different pathClever twists in the plot building up the angst suspense making the action in the story enticingSawyer and Zoe have chemistry of the charts electricity that is crackling between them I absolutely adore them Even though things are moving fast and under stressful situation they take the time to talk honestly about dating feelings and future They are forthright with each other even to the point of being vulnerable with each other It's always absolutely delightful when the big alpha SEAL's fall hard for their woman and the first kiss they had is noteworthy swoon materialA well build story with unexpected twists sizzling romance action that pinch your gut an absolute delight to read Five spoons

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    ANOTHER AWESOME story in the Red Stone Security series GAWD SERIOUSLY where can I get me these men???Review to follow ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Katie Reus

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    This was okay but I kind of feel like all the stories and heroines are getting really similar I liked that this one didn’t follow the formulaic “trouble due to a stalker” plotI felt that the romance and suspense moved way too fast Zoe and Sawyer were alright nothing special but not bad either Unfortunately their romance had little development and was really heavily based on lust which I didn’t likeI can’t say I’m terribly surprised Viola was the one targeting Zoe and the one who killed Braddock and I’m glad the author didn’t introduce some character at the end to be the antagonistI’m surprised Viola was able to get into the beach house though considering that Sawyer had said it had top of the line security and that the St Augustine PD were watching out for Zoe Overall this was alright but this series has kind of blurred together I wish these books were longer and intricate and uniue from each other

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    I like the Red Stone Security System series in general although I don't think I started reading it until book 6 or 7 or something like that I like the way the stories are all action packed exciting with characters that are believable and likeable You can also pick up any book in the series and not be confused if you haven't read prior booksThis book was no exception But for some reason or another I just couldn't connect with Zoe I'm not sure why She was a beautiful person inside and out but I guess she sort of turned me off when she made the first move with Sawyer I know I know You can beat me with a stick later but I'm kind of old fashioned when it comes to the guy making the first move It probably wouldn't bother most readers but this is just the way I rollHowever that isn't to say that Sawyer I love that name doesn't have ideas of his own and acts on them without giving them a second thought I liked him a lot He was handsome smart and actually a really decent guy I wouldn't mind meeting someone like him in real life but just on a platonic level ;The story was awesome It's a stalking story in a big way Stalking and murderZoe is a doctor working in a hospital where another doctor is putting the moves on her and making it out to sound like she's really into him when she isn't He's married She isn't interested It gets really ugly between them and things continually go southAs I mentioned this is a story about a stalker and the stalker is stalking Zoe Sawyer comes onto the scene as her protection He hasn't been asked to look after her nor was he hired to do so He has a history with her brother that isn't good and her brother Vincent presents a bit of a challenge to the relationship between Sawyer and Zoe It doesn't last long but it was enough for Zoe to doubt Sawyer's motivesThe stalker wasn't who I thought it was although I did suspect it which gives the ending a nice twist As a matter of fact I loved the ending I loved the whole book

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    Originally reviewed for Tea and BookDeadly Fallout is yet another hit by the amazing Katie Reus Once again she delights us with her intense storyline wrapped in the sensual delight of strong characters Deadly Fallout is book 10 of her Red Stone Security Series and a complete and total delight I apologize now for my lack of reviews on the entire series since I have enjoyed each and every oneZoe Hansen had a job she loved until a crazed doctor with than his share of God Complex becomes her stalker When he attacks her at work she discovers that he has set the stage and no one believes her Realizing that her only choice is to resign and find a new job Zoe manages to get on with her life The fact that the crazed doc actually leaves the country doesn't hurt But he's back and his stalking has started up again He really thinks they have a relationship But he ends up dead and Zoe is the prime suspect Now she needs help from a special source Her brother's friends at Red Stone Sawyer McCabe saw Zoe and fell for her fell hard Only he has something of a negative relationship with her brother and has stayed in the background With her new stalking situation he volunteers for guard duty just to spend time with her isn't that just so sweet? But when things heat up and her stalker is found dead Sawyer attempts to keep it professional Yeah that always works out so well You'd think having one stalker would be bad enough but it seems Zoe collects them Crazy Doc's killer is now stalking Zoe Now all they have to do is discover just who it could be Another fast paced and suspenseful book by Ms Reus I just don't know how she does it I thoroughly enjoyed this book I especially like how she manages to tie both Zoe and Sawyer to Red Stone creating a family affect If you like romantic suspense Ms Reus is an author you seriously need to consider ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Deadly Fallout provided by netgalley

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    Posted on What I'm ReadingSo Deadly Fallout is my fifth Red Stone Security book and I have read from Katie Reus and by far is my favorite At least all the ones I have read Hey one of the first five books could be my fave waiting to be read but I just haven't gotten to reading them Anyway it's time to focus on Zoe and Sawyer Okay Zoe is sister to Vincent who works at Red Stone She's also a doctor at a hospital However things didn't workout to well for her so she ended up at a private practice However in the long run it was the best thing She ended up getting a stalker at the hospital I didn't believe that he was going to be the bad guy because that would be too obvious True her form Katie brought us a villain that had me going wow It kind of kills for me not to say who it is because the person is devious Seriously mind blowing at least to me Anyway Zoe ends up in trouble cause her stalker ends up dead and the person trying to commit the murder was trying to frame Zoe Good thing Zoe has great friend who are willing to help her out So how does Sawyer fit into all this Well he takes on the role of being Zoe knight in shining armor Yay However Zoe doesn't know what to think of him cause he kind of decked her brother for something By the way her brother totally deserved what happen to him Anyway LOVE LOVE LOVE Sawyer He's hot and an awesome guy Plus he kind of has a crush on Zoe and isn't going to let anything stop him from getting what he wants I love how fiercely protective he is about Zoe Anyway when they aren't facing danger these two are one hot item I think the villain is one of my faves in the Red Stone Security books cause this person was a true sociopath Those who have loved the Red Stone Security books will find themselves enjoying Deadly Fallout The great things about Red Stone Security books is you don't have to go in order because each story can stand on its own Copy provided by author

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Unfortunately her problems are far from over She’ll have to accept the protection of the one man she shouldn’t wantnow she’s in danger than ever beforeFormer Navy SEAL Sawyer McCabe might not know the gorgeous Zoe as well as he wants to but he knows all about trouble So when she's threatened he steps in to hel Originally published in booksandspoonsweeblycombook blogThe story start The Burning Boys problems are far from over She’ll have to accept the A Little Learning protection of the one man she shouldn’t wantnow she’s in danger than ever beforeFormer Navy SEAL Sawyer McCabe might not know the gorgeous Zoe as well as he wants to but he knows all about trouble So when she's threatened he steps in to hel Originally The Good Neighbour published in booksandspoonsweeblycombook blogThe story start

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Deadly Fallout Red Stone Security #10

Zoe’s stalker has been murderedDr Zoe Hansen was forced to leave her beloved hospital job to escape a stalker It worked or so she thought She’s terrified when he reappears in her life one night and stunned when he turns up viciously murdered soon after She’s arrested for the crime but she uickly clears her name ARC ReviewFor a 200 page book Katie Reus sure does pack a romantic susp Lost Innocence page book Katie Reus sure does Woman of Iron pack a romantic susp

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P her regardless of the conseuences and gets her out of town But it’s not enough to escape a determined killer As the danger closes in they have to trust each other if they want to stay alive And Sawyer’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep Zoe safe and in his arms Because Zoe is worth risking everything f Originally reviewed for Tea and BookDeadly Fallout is yet another hit b