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    What a perfect book to read right now during these stressful and uncertain times where the smallest act of kindness goes a long way Brad Aronson wrote this amazing book that truly inspired me in the most wonderful way through these heartwarming stories of people's acts of kindness and how it affects people in the most positive and meaningful ways This all started when Brad Aronson's life took a sudden turn when his wife Mia was diagnosed with leukemia For the next few years as Mia receives treatment and Brad trying to cope with their five year old son Jack their family received an outpouring of support and generosity from friends family and strangers These simple acts of kindness brought Brad and his family through their dark times This generous spirit brought him inspiration to write about these small acts of human kindness which he shares in this book Within these chapters are a call to action on how we can make an impact in someone's life no matter how small we may think that may be Ideas on how can we make a difference in someone's life is sprinkled throughout the book and what I enjoyed the most were the sections at the end of the chapters on how to spend fifteen minutes to think differently to thank someone or to celebrate with another person I loved that the book empowers the readers on how to be awesome through thoughtfulness generosity and kindness Brad Aronson offers up easy to accomplish actionable ideas to start making a difference right now I highly recommend this book for an inspirational read on how we can make this world a better place

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    In the current present that we are living in this book is a needed welcome Even so during these scary times As I was reading these stories I was both happy and emotional Some tears may have been left behind but they were happy tears of joy This book features all kinds of stories There is the one of people banding together to help purchase a service dog or the story of one man who came from nothing to become something He never forgot where he came from and became secret santa Before he died he shared his story in the hopes that others would continue his legacy of secret santa Today there are thousands of secret santas all over the world There is the story of a little boy who reuired a brain surgery thus leaving the little boy to miss out on Halloween HIs parents sent invites to family friends and neighbors to participate in an early Halloween Every house on the block was lit up that night It is stories like the above and that will have readers believing in the good nature of human kind For every bad story in the news there are good ones as well It can be easy to forget the good ones are the bad ones may get the spotlight Yet with the pandemic we are currently facing we are reading tons of stories of kindness One small act can make the difference

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    Very inspiring and also guilt inducing What have I been doing with my life?? This was a book club book Since we were all going through major anxiety and other issues during this time we felt like we should focus on something uplifting It generated a really nice discussionAronson shares his own personal stories as well as others' and gives the background for the small beginnings of some big ideas and great charitable organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters He also shares ways in which we can all make a difference even just by doing one small thing each day There's a list at the end of all the organizations you can donate your time and money to but also other ideas for how you can do your part every day to help someone or just let them know you care and you're there for them

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    This is the perfect book to read right now The news as Brad Aronson points out rarely covers the good stuff but small acts of kindness make a big difference and they’re always there if you look for themThis book inspired by the numerous acts of kindness Aronson’s family experienced when his wife was diagnosed with leukemia is filled with inspiring moments that will make your heart full and your eyes water This book is the big hug that we all need right now It certainly left me feeling like a weight had been liftedAnd as if that isn’t enough proceeds are being donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters I recommend this book to everyone I promise you’ll love itI received a copy in exchange for my honest review

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    Faith in humanity restoredHumanKind Changing the World One Small Act At a Time was the most delightful and encouraging book I have read in a long time  While we are in the midst of unknown times during this pandemic this book was everything and I'm sure will continue to be even after the pandemic is over Reading real stories about individuals who took even the smallest of actions and the impacts they had on others was soul filling I loved how the author organized the stories in each chapter and how each story tied into the next with the what we can do and challenges at the end of each  The honesty and kindness of those individuals in the stories he tells is contagious  I found myself both laughing crying and my heart breaking and swelling with love for so many in the stories  I also really appreciated that the folks in this story weren't swimming in money or resources they gave with the little they had and it opened my eyes and my heart to want to do for those in need   Often when  people do acts of kindness they don't get to see the fruit of their act which sometimes feels discouraging  Reading the outcomes of the individuals in this story was a great reminded that even the smallest things can have the biggest impacts At the end of the book there is a Hall of Fame which lists all the organizations mentioned in the book and then some It's a great place to start figuring out how to give back and I'm excited to get involved with some of those organizations I am grateful to have received this Kindle book from a Goodreads giveaway and am glad I can share my honest opinion on the book  I will definitely be buying this book as gifts etc for the foreseeable future and even plan on purchasing a hardcopy of it for myself I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did

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    I’m totally here for this book It is so good and uplifting and happy Humankind is one that you need to get and then gift to a friend This is a great reminder that a small of act of kindness can go so much further than you could ever imagine Sometimes people just need that little bit of help and a small action can have such a large trickle effect This is one of those books you will want to hug when you finishThis book is told in small stories about people from around the world So today I challenge you to celebrate Celebrate something little like a good meal a long walk a new friend or even just a light turning from red to green

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    A really beautiful read whether during a time of upheaval or not This book was chosen by my book club as a feel good journey while we find ourselves surrounded by news of the relentlessness of the current global health pandemic COVID 19 social unrest and heightened divisiveness among political parties Diplomatically articulated I hopeWith a touching recount of how others reached out to his family when his wife was diagnosed with cancer Aronson launches an exposition of myriad selfless acts that prove not only to alter the life of another but often lead to a larger lasting effort that impacts countless others Extraordinary examples of paying it forwardHe rounds things out by including encouragement and information for the reader to identify ways to do their part From financial contributions to ways to get involved the possibilities are endless If you're like me and don't mind a few happy tears now and then give this one a try

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    This book made my hearty happy A simple collection of stories about people doing good things for others And at the end of the book the author has a huge list of different organizations that readers can look into to donate time money write letters etc

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    Thank you Brad Aronson and Suzy Approved Book Tours for a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest reviewI will not bury the lead All royalties for this amazing book will be donated to charities including Big Brothers Big Sisters It does not get any better than that friendsBrad’s life changed when his wife was diagnosed with cancer Over the next two years Brad spent his days by her side while trying to shield their young son from the ugliness of the “c word” During this time of stress and trials people offered up their greatest acts of kindness Family friends and even strangers rescued this family through small gestures of love which inspired him to write this bookThis book was a breath of fresh air for me Humankind is the ultimate palate cleanser It reminded me of the simple joys in this world and why we are here to begin with to help others and be a light Aronson writes with such tenderness as he explores the very personal story of his wife’s cancer diagnosis He includes small stories of how we can make life better for others in connection to what he was sharing in each chapter To me his writing and stories remind me of Bob Goff which is a high note for me This book earns a solid 4 starsSome favorite gems “If you have something nice to say say it” “Embrace intention” “Have toto get it” “Start a new holiday”My heart is still smilingCheck this book out now

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    Linda's Book Obsession Reviews Human Kind Changing the World One Small Act At a Time by Brad Aronson Life Tree Media April 14 2020 for Suzy Approved Book ToursWOW Brad Aronson author of Human Kind Changing the World One Small Act At A Time has written a memorable thought provoking heartwarming emotional captivating and feel good story Especially in these chaotic and stressful times it is refreshing and hopeful to read such an amazing and positive book In this book the author has true stories of how Kindness can Grow and how it affects people from all walks of life I love the list of organizations and people that Brad Aronson has in this book to help with our ideas of helping providing kindness and generosity of spiritBrad Aronson writes from his heart and experience When his wife Mia got very ill there were neighbors and friends that helped with his 5 year old son Jack Some provided childcare or pick ups or food or encouragement Brad and Mia never forgot even the smallest act of Kindness and Brad played it forward and wrote about other people who shared kindness Sharing kindness is contagious These stories pulled at my heartstrings Sometimes it was just the right words to say at the right time and other times it was volunteering to do something to help others  Sometimes a small idea of kindness became something so big it needed many volunteers to carry on I would highly recommend this uplifting positive and book of hope

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Mily from that dark time often with the smallest of gestures But he didn't stop there Knowing that simple acts of kindness transform lives across the globe every day he sought out these stories and shares some of the best ones hereIn HumanKind you’ll meet the mentor who changed a child’s life with a single lesson in shoe tying the six year old who launched a global kindness movement the band of seamstress grandmothers who mend clothes for homeless people and Brad also provides dozens of ways you can make a difference through the simplest words and deeds You’ll discover how buying someone a meal or sharing a little encouragement at the right time can transform someone? This is the perfect The Dream Weaver right time can transform someone? This is the perfect

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HumanKind is the heartwarming feel good book that we all need right nowBrad Aronson’s life changed in an instant when his wife Mia was diagnosed with leukemia Following her diagnosis Brad spent most of the next two and a half years either by her side as she received treatment or trying to shield their five year old son Jack from the worst of Mia’s illness Amid the stress and despair of waiting for the treatment to work Brad and Mia were met by an outpouring of kindness from friends family and even complete strangersInspired by the many demonstrations of humankindness that supported their family through Mia's recovery Brad began writing about the people who rescued his fa Very inspiring and The Problem of the Puer Aeternus (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 87) right nowBrad Aronson’s life changed in an instant when his wife Mia was diagnosed with leukemia Following her diagnosis Brad spent most of the next two and a half years either by her side as she Hoopers Pasture from Maine to Vermont received treatment or trying to shield their five year old son Jack from the worst of Mia’s illness Amid the stress and despair of waiting for the treatment to work Brad and Mia were met by an outpouring of kindness from friends family and even complete strangersInspired by the many demonstrations of humankindness that supported their family through Mia's Censored recovery Brad began writing about the people who さくら荘のペットな彼女 9 rescued his fa Very inspiring and

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?s world as well as your ownThe resource section at the back of the book provides guidance and organizations that will help you channel and amplify your own acts of kindness Here you'll discover• How you can fund a surgery to cure someone's blindness with a donation of less than 200• Organizations through which you can provide a birthday gift for a child who otherwise wouldn't receive one• Multiple places where you can send letters of encouragement to support hospitalized kids lonely seniors refugees veterans and others• And over fifty ways you can change a lifeHumanKind will touch your heart You’ll laugh you’ll cry and you’ll be reminded of what really matters Thank you Brad Aron