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    A very basic story and nothing to rave about I kind of read for nostalgic reasons and it was on sale at IDW online Some new giant kaiju are coming up out of nowhere and the government don't know why It's up to Godzilla and friends to stop them

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    This has lots of giant monster action unlike the disappointing Kong of Skull Island Vol 1 with multiple kaiju fights I received the stunning Criterion Collection of Godzilla for my birthday because it is known that I am a fan of this stuff Yes it’s silly I don’t care Chris Mowry is clearly also a fan and this book reads like a love letter to these movies

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    I remember while watching Godzilla 2 movie getting upset for introducing another godzilla like creature Now I know it is kind of common theme in these sort of books In this we have been introduced with not 1 not 2 but at least 5 huge monsters or kaijus It is almost laughable for any human being to intervene at this point but since Godzilla is on our side this is a pretty entertaining bookNotesWhile the artist is talented in drawing huge monsters in great detail he is not the sort of talented in drawing human faces While vol#1 is part of KU deal vol#2 is not I am invested in the story but would I buy #2? idk

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    Few cinematic franchises hold as much nostalgia value for me as Toho’s Godzilla films I watched these movies over and over on VHS as a kid and I still enjoy them to this day While my critical adult brain acknowledges the inherent silliness of many of these films; with all the hokey rubber suit monster effects the oftentimes nonsensical plots the awkward dubbing and the cheesy dialogue there’s just something about these movies that releases my inner five year old And of course the original 1954 Gojira remains a cinematic science fiction masterpiece and a chilling metaphor for the horrors of nuclear warWith the success of the 2014 Legendary Pictures Godzilla film and with Toho’s own Godzilla Resurgence set to release in Japanese theaters later this year the giant monster or daikaiju genre is back in the public consciousness in a BIG way In many respects it’s never been a better time to be a Godzilla fan IDW’s comic series Godzilla Rulers of Earth is nothing less than a celebration of Toho’s fifty year legacy of giant monstersIt’s important to note that the IDW comics are not in canon with any of the Toho kaiju movies or the earlier Dark Horse comics but exist in their own independent continuity “Rulers of Earth” acts as a seuel to IDW’s earlier Godzilla run “Kingdom of Monsters” I saw very mixed reviews for “Kingdom” so I opted to skip it and simply start here The plot of “Rulers of the Earth” is pretty standard for a Godzilla story and that’s just fine with me For the past several years giant monsters called kaiju have been appearing across the globe wreaking havoc in their wake An international panel of scientists and military personnel have been convened to try and deal with the problem Meanwhile unbeknownst to everyone a sinister race of extraterrestrials has been manipulating the kaiju in a scheme to extirpate humanity and take over the earth Helping the aliens in this uest for world domination are a race of fish like humanoids living deep beneath the surface of earth’s oceans called the Devonians The name “Devonians” is a neat little Easter egg for any paleontology nerd It’s a reference to the Devonian geologic period approx 419 359 million years ago known for its diversity of fish and for the arrival of the earliest amphibious ancestors of all modern tetrapods “Rulers of the Earth” wastes little time getting right into the monster action One of the highlights is a proper showdown between the Toho Godzilla and his American counterpart from the infamous 1998 TriStar film this creature has since been differentiated as its own distinct kaiju and renamed “Zilla” While these two had a very brief encounter in Toho’s 2004 film Godzilla Final Wars they have a much satisfying and thrilling smackdown here It’s great fan service and leaves open the possibility for a rematch I can’t waitIn the second major battle in this volume a wounded Godzilla teams up with fan favorite Mothra and her twin larvae to take on the diabolical crustacean known as Destoroyah Destoroyah is notorious among G Fans for being one of the few kaiju capable of killing GodzillaA number of Toho’s other famous monsters and even a few obscure ones make notable cameos including Gigan Kumonga Manda Gezora and Varan IDW was able to secure the rights to use nearly the entire catalogue of Toho’s kaiju and it’s great to see they didn’t let such an incredible opportunity go to waste Attentive readers will also catch several fun Easter eggs for the Toho Kaiju franchise and for nerd culture in general scattered throughout the comic There’s even a good natured lampoon of San Diego Comic Con which is subseuently attacked by a swarm of Destoroyah spawn The human characters are very one dimensional The dialogue comes across as clunky and stilted rarely ever reading like natural speech The attempts at humor are often particularly awkward and not in an intentional way either There’s a lot of scenes where characters just stand around stating the obvious A lot of it seems like it’s just there to fill breaks between action seuences but on the positive side these dialogue scenes rarely overstay their welcome It definitely helps that most of the characters despite being pretty flat are not insufferably annoying – which is a plus in any Godzilla story And to be frank I’ve heard far atrocious dialogue in many Godzilla movies so I can’t get too mad at this comic for subpar writingIt is in the spectacular artwork of Matt Frank that Godzilla Rulers of Earth really shines I seriously can’t praise his art enough I’ve been following Matt Frank’s kaiju art for some time before I even knew he was illustrating IDW’s Godzilla title Without a doubt he is the BEST artist in the business when it comes to capturing the look and feel of the Toho universe in comic form His monsters are amazingly expressive; he perfectly captures the personality of each of these titanic characters There’s even an art gallery in the back of the volume showcasing some fantastic covers drawn by Frank and other artists as well as some cool concept sketches This comic is a must own for Godzilla fans just for the artwork alonePerhaps the most positive point that can be made about Godzilla Rulers of Earth is that it was created by Godzilla fans for Godzilla fans As a modern reimagining of Toho’s Godzilla universe that pays loving tribute to the source material you couldn’t ask for better I fully intend to read and review the rest of the volumes in this series Stay tunedFinal Score 45 stars rounded up to 5

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    This was fun for what it was I'm about to see the new Godzilla movie so pretty excited So this is basically Godzilla just taking on most of his big foes Funny enough the first one Godzilla faces off against is Zilla Yes the 1998 Godzilla movie everyone hates And the fight goes in the way we expect As the story goes on we face other monsters but the biggest threat in this one would be Destroyah Godzilla and him go head to head but he might need some help this time The art is fun and cartoony and gives a nice overall vibe especially on the fights The story while simple goes uickly Watching Godzilla face off against big monsters is what I'm here for and for the most part it delivers The negatives would probably be how simple the story is and sometimes the characters talk too much when really they're trying to say Godzilla and monster X are about to fight Overall pretty fun I'll probably give volume 2 a read A 3 out of 5

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    Since Godzilla is my spirit animal I might be a teeeeny bit biased in my rating of this masterpiece but like It was so Freaking Good Dude Straight to the point no BS just monster wrestlemania with the human cast as the side piece Now humans have always been the main priority in most Godzilla films contrary to popular belief BUUUT with a comic like this Yeah give me that A Kaiju action and destruction first and foremost please The artwork by veteran Godzilla and just incredible artist Matt Frank dazzles each and every page with his pieces and does absolute justice to the monsters as the actual characters that they are and not just mindless rage beasts As a Godzilla series aficionado and really just a passionate fan of the franchise since I was stumbling around watching the old Hanna Barbara cartoon this hit home for me and genuinely made me grin and whoop like an excited kid Were there some issues? Sure Did I care at all about those issues? NO Give me of this ASAP please

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    I love Godzilla so when IDW first announced they were going to make new Godzilla comics I was really excited for them and they instantly went on my pull list and stayed there for a long time And though I have most of the issues of the various Godzilla titles IDW put out I know I missed a few and I also still regret not getting many of the trade bind ups especially since now they're hard to find and really expensive So when the digital versions came on sale I decided to pick up a bunch of them just to have them but also just to have a slightly convenient way to read them again without digging in my comic collection and even then potentially not being able to read them all without missing a couple issues These comics are nice to read in digital some comics don't read very well in the digital format but with this the kindle versions are just fine for reading again This series of Godzilla was always pretty cool it was better than a lot of the previous “Main” Godzilla titles and had so many monsters and action in it that made it just that much better This is pretty well written the story seems to pick up after one of the other “Main” titles because one of the characters from one of those is in it everybody keeps mentioning that he piloted one of the Mecha Gs and I remember that happening but it's been a while since I first read these comics so I forget when exactlyThe art is pretty awesome the humans aren't as good looking as the monsters but considering my love for these comics was always mainly about if the monsters looked awesome enough or not that never really mattered to me as much And this series had better art than a decent amount of the other titles so it was always one of my favorites for that reasonOverall this was a solid first volume and I'm looking forward to reading the next one This is a great comic for Godzilla fans and I do recommend it if you can get it for a good deal either in digital or the physical comics

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    I appreciated when an author who borrows from other mediums in this case movies gets the characters etc right That is what Mowry had done here He gets Godzilla that is he understands G and therefore he does G correctly Nice artwork great story wonderful supporting cast especially the other monsters I will be reading in this series

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    Very exciting comicHave always seen old Godzilla movies did not know about current comics till recently Fits in well with newer Godzilla movies like to see several monsters fighting together

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    If it were not for the content I might not read this series The story line was jumbled and mixed up I was not sure what was going on from panel to panel The art work was okay at best