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N history Kessner vividly recreates the flight itself and the euphoric reaction to it on both sides of the Atlantic and argues that Lindbergh's amazing feat occurred just when the world still struggling with the disillusionment of WWI desperately needed a hero to restore a sense of optimism and innocence Kessner also shows how new forms of mass media made Lindbergh into the most famous international celebrity of his time casting him in the role of a humble yet dashing American hero of rural origins and traditional values Much has been made of Lindbergh's personal integrity The Flight of the Century Charles Lindbergh and the Rise of the American Aviation by Thomas Kessner While I know of Lindbergh s achievement who doesn t I knew nothing about the man or what it took to get him into the air My knowledge of aviation is very limited This book was a great book to start on It had great information about Charles Lindbergh and plenty of history of flying through the ages It kept my attention from beginning to end something many of the history books I ve read lately have been unable to do This didn t read like a textbook and I greatly appreciated that This is definitely the story of an underdog and a challenge that made him famous He would become one of our first modern day celebrities Long before the Beatles people from all over the world literally swarmed and sometimes destroyed his plane in the process just to get a glimpse of the man that changed the view of aviation forever and it didn t help that he was handsome and considered the boy next door But he wouldn t always be that boy It was interesting to see a later view of Lindbergh He dabbled in Nazism had affairs and joined large monopolies that would uickly tarnish him This book did a good job of showing both sides of Charles If one knows a lot about Lindbergh and aviation I am sure there is nothing is this book that is jaw dropping But if you are new to the subject this is a good overview of the history of Lindbergh and flyingMy only complaint was the end With all the detail given to Lindbergh it seems that the author could have dedicated a bit to his death and his family Until I researched I wasn t aware of how he died or whether he outlived his wife or anything like that It talked about his accomplishments his views towards the end of his life and boom the book ends with the date he died nothing

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And his refusal to cash in on his fame but Kessner reveals that Lindbergh was closely allied with and managed by a group of powerful businessmen Harry Guggenheim Dwight Morrow and Henry Breckenridge chief among them who sought to exploit aviation for mass transport and massive profits Their efforts paid off as commercial air traffic soared from passengers in to passengers in Kessner's book is the first to fully explore Lindbergh's central role in promoting the airline industry the rise of which has influenced everything from where we live to how we wage war and do busines A good description of Lindbergh s early life and the preparation leading up to the world s first nonstop transatlantic flight Today we remember Lindbergh s accomplishment as a big deal but we don t fully appreciate why His competition were professionally funded full complement flight crews large decked out planes with several people in each Lindbergh thought small He took a small craft and stripped away everything that was not absolutely necessary including seat upholstery parachutes emergency gear even the margins of maps To save space and weight he moved the fuel tank directly in front of the cockpit and because of that he couldn t even see ahead of him and had to navigate by instruments alone dead reckoning He flew blind by himself on chicken wire and chewing gum for 30 hours on an essential suicide mission He made it and he got there firstUnfortunately although the book works as a history of early aviation it is unsatisfying as a biography of Lindbergh because it provides little insight into the man s character He was aloof and reclusive Fine that makes him a difficult subject but not impossible We don t really get a sense of what made the man tick and ultimately we are left with a two dimensional characterRecently I read Endgame the excellent biography of Bobby Fischer That book is a great example of how to tell a complete satisfying story about an aloof reclusive complicated subject Granted that author could interview Fischer s contemporaries and Kessner doesn t have that luxury for Lindbergh Nevertheless I get the feeling that a complete story of Lindbergh s life and legacy is still waiting to be told

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In late May an of the eBook #184 inexperienced and unassuming year old Air Mail pilot from rural Minnesota stunned the world by making the first non stop transatlantic The Flight PDF or flight A spectacular feat of individual daring and collective technological accomplishment Charles Lindbergh's flight from New York to Paris ushered in the modern age of commercial aviationIn The Flight of the eBook #8608 Flight of the Century Thomas Kessner takes a fresh look at one of America's greatest moments explaining how what was essentially a publicity stunt became a turning point i I m using the Thomas Kessner book to improve my reading and proficiency in English I m a student pilot and this genre enjoy me

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    A pretty good look at the life of Charles Lindbergh and how he grew up to become one of the most famous people of the day I would hav

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    The description of Lindberg's early life through his marriage and how it came about were interesting and worthy of the hero title He had to learn how to have grace under pressure and operate in a celebrity world that he was ill fitted for After Dwight Morrow's death he entered a scientific world that was resurrected from his early life And then he became fascinated with Pre WWII Germany and the rise of Hitler's Cannot get a grasp on why hum

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    I'm using the Thomas Kessner book to improve my reading and proficiency in English I'm a student pilot and this genre enjoy me

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    Flight of the Century covers the life and impact of Charles Lindbergh and the Atlantic Crossing that created a modern celebrity culture around an instant hero Although others would complete the same feat in weeks the fact that Lindbergh did it alone and without the advanced technologies of the others led to a special place

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    Although I came of hero worshipping age in the 1950s long after Lindbergh had exposed himself as a Nazi loving racist and anti Semite all I knew about was his heroic flight and a little bit about his efforts to explore routes for the budding airline industry The bad stuff wasn't discussed at least in the schools I went to I read Lindbergh's Spirit of St Louis not long after it was first published and that certainly didn'

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    The Flight of the Century Charles Lindbergh and the Rise of the American Aviation by Thomas Kessner ★★★★While I know of Lind

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    A good description of Lindbergh's early life and the preparation leading up to the world's first nonstop transatlantic flight Today we remember Lindbergh's accomplishment as a big deal but we don't fully appreciate why His competition were professionally funded full complement flight crews large decked out planes with sev

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    A must read for anyone involved with or interested in aviation I'd always heard about Lucky Lindy and the Spirit of St Louis but I never realized what a close thing the Atlantic crossing truly was nor the crazy

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    Charles Lindberg is well known for his flight to Paris the kidnapping and murder of his son and the unorthodox views he took on later in life This book provides extensive documentation end notes about his life prior to the historic flight and the years thereafter Although the detail of his life with a few years

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    Loved this book Well written concise very good at describing not just what Lindbergh achieved but the times people and context of what America and the world were going through and why Lindbergh resonated with so many I came away renewed in m