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E of these wolves O Six a charismatic alpha female named for the year of her birth Uncommonly powerful with gray fur and faint black ovals around each eye O Six is a kind and merciful leader a fiercely intelligent fighter and a doting mother She is beloved by wolf watchers particularly renowned naturalist Rick McIntyre and becomes something of a social media star with followers around the worldBut as she raises her pups and protects her pack O Six is challenged on all fronts by hunters who compete with wol. 35 Yellowstone and the wolf reclamation project two main characters McIntyre and one a wolf named O six The struggles with the ranchers who see the wolves as predators a risk to their cattle and their way of life The hunters who depend on elk for themselves and those they take on the hunt are also concerned because a growing wolf population means a lessening elk population Those who love the wolves and spend much time watching them are of course on the side of the wolves It was interesting seeing this from all sides and even though the author goes to great lengths to present a clear and unbiased viewpoint one can tell he is firmly on the side of the wolvesO Six a fearless female strikes out on her own and puts together her own pack She becomes the target of other packs ether defending their own territory or wanting hers Much of this book is about following the different packs who is fighting with who what packs are the dominant ones uite interesting a large pack can become decimated in a short period of time either through the death of the alpha male or female or at the hands of a dominant pack Admit to cheering O Six on than once she was uite a wolf and managed to outrun many threats obviously she was extremely smart as wellI came to my love of wolves in a round about way through my children A few of them had a fourth grade teacher who loved wolves her classroom was full of everything and anything wolf she took her vacations at places such as Yellowstone where she could observe them Slideshows were regularly shown and parents were often invited I grew to share in her passion she was so enthusiastic about them it was hard to resist This was well written and ably presented but not uite what I was looking for Wanted on individual wolf studies but this is not that book Still glad I read it and glad books about wolves are being published once again

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ASIN moved from this editionThe enthralling story of the rise and reign of O Six the celebrated Yellowstone wolf and the people who loved or feared her Before humans ruled the earth there were wolves Once abundant in North America these majestic creatures were hunted to near extinction in the lower states by the s But in recent decades conservationists have brought wolves back to the Rockies igniting a battle over the very soul of the WestWith novelistic detail Nate Blakeslee tells the gripping story of on. There was a time when millions of us roamed the continent We fed when there was need We played in forests and open places Our kind lived well from the warm woodlands of the south to the frosty forests of the north and in the gentler landscapes between We raised our pups in cozy dens and raised our voices at night to call out to others Sometimes we joined our brothers and sisters in joyous chorus for no reason at all We lived in a world with many others hunters prey and creatures who seemed to have no great part of our existence There were people here then We lived with them too But other people came people with guns poison and traps people armed with fear hatred and ignorance They took our food sources and when we were forced to look elsewhere to feed they turned their uivering murderous hearts toward us And there came a time when there were practically none of us left across the entire land Nate Blakeslee image from Texas MonthlyIn Eurasia and North America at least where there have been people there have always been wolves They have been a significant feature in the lore of most cultures usually in a negative way While the tale of the she wolf Lupa nurturing Romulus and Remus gives wolves some rare positive press and native peoples of North America offer the wolf considerable respect wolves have not for the most part received particularly positive press in the last few hundred years The obvious cultural touchstone for most North Americans and Europeans would be the story of Little Red Riding Hood followed closely by tales of lycanthropy and maybe a shepherd boy who sounded a false alarm a time too many The wolf is embedded in our culture as something to be feared a great and successful hunter a rival Homo sap is a jealous species and does its best to eliminate other apex predators whenever we take over their turf Such has been the case with Canis Lupus And we have been taking over lots and lots of turfO Six image from StudyBreakscomAs is so often the case when people are involved action precedes understanding European settlers in North America carrying forward Old World biases saw wolves as a threat to their safety Incidents of wolf attacks on people are uite rare though Settlers feared for their livestock as well There was certainly some basis for concern there but not nearly enough to warrant the response In fact wolves serve a very useful function in the larger biome culling the weaker specimens from natural populations and thus helping secure the continued health of the overall prey population The settler response was wholesale slaughter a public program of eradication a final solution for wolves But actions have conseuences The result in Yellowstone Park was a boom in ungulate population which had secondary effects Increased numbers of elk and other prey animals gobbled up way too much new growth impacting the flora of the area unbalancing the park s ecosystem seriously reducing the population for example of cottonwood and aspen trees with many other changes taking place as well Where wolves live they contribute to the balance of their environment When they are removed that balance is destroyed As a science wildlife management in the early 20th century was still in its infancy and park officials genuinely believed that predators would eventually decimate the park s prey population if left to their own devices They didn t realize that wolves and elk had coexisted in Yellowstone for thousands of years that the two species had in fact evolved in tandem with each other which explained why the elk could run just as fast as the wolf but no faster Wolves were the driving force behind the evolution of a wide variety of prey species in North America after the last ice age literally molding the natural world around them The massive size of the moose the nimbleness of the white tailed deer the uncanny balance of the bighorn sheep the architect of these and countless other marvels was the wolf It is eminently clear that people are uite accomplished at ignoring reality and extremely proficient at substituting the mythological for the actual often helped along by the unscrupulous self interested who promote falsehoods in order to preserve their personal investments enhance their proprietary interests or enrich themselves or those they represent But sometimes science breaks through the veil of obfuscation and is able to get a hearing for the truths it has unearthed Such was the case with our understanding of how wolves impact our world It was due to this understanding and the persistent efforts of ecological activists that a plan was approved to reintroduce wolves into a few locations in the lower 48 states Yellowstone was the primary site for the programRick McIntyre image from EarthjusticecomThe first wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone in 1995 That year a star was born 21M Even before 21 left his natal pack Rick had known he was unusual One morning in the spring of 1997 two years after Doug Smith and Carter Niemeyer rescued 21 following the death of his father Rick watched the handsome young wolf returning from a hunt With him was the big male who had become the pack s new alpha when 21 was still a tiny pup The pair had killed an elk and 21 already an outstanding provider had brought a massive piece of meat back to the den where a new litter of pups had been bornThe pups his new brothers and sisters showered him with affection but 21 seemed tense pacing back and forth across Rick s scope Finally the wolf found what he was looking for a troubled pup that he had recently taken an interest in There was usually one pup who held the lowest rank in a litter s pecking order but this pup was different he had some physical problem that held him back Rick couldn t tell exactly what was wrong with him though his littermates clearly recognized that he was different and shunned him But 21 seemed to have empathy for the pup the way a dog seems to know when his owner is feeling depressed or lonely As Rick looked on the strapping 21 played with the tiny wolf as though he were still a pup himself giving him the attention he so seldom enjoyed from his siblings 21 becomes the alpha of the Druid pack manifesting that most important of leadership ualities empathy The Druids were like the Kennedys to some lupine royalty In 2006 one generation removed 21 s granddaughter is born O Six It is her tale that Blakeslee tells here Well one half of the tale anyway There are two paths followed here One is the life and times of O Six a remarkable creature and another remarkable creature one who stands upright Rick McIntyre Half Black a Druid pack female image from the National Park ServiceWe follow O Six s life from her puppyhood in the Agate Creek pack to her gathering together the wolves that would make up the Lamar Valley Pack She is a wise leader a skilled hunter As she births pups the pack grows But there are other packs of wolves in Yellowstone and conflict among them is a natural condition In battle O Six demonstrates remarkable courage in one instance standing fast seriously outnumbered against an invading pack and engaging in Hollywood level derring do to save the day She succeeds despite having in her pack an Alpha male and his sibling referred to by watchers as Dumb and Dumber for their limited hunting skills We see her relocate as needed to take advantage of propitious territorial openings or uarters removed from hostile forces One of her moves put her in a location where wolf watchers could follow her pack s exploits from the safe remove of a park road cutout It is publicity from the group that gathered to ardently keep track of O Six and her Lamar Pack s exploits from this convenient watching site and others that made her the most famous wolf in the world Wolf watchers image from the National Park ServiceRick McIntyre was constitutionally of a lone wolf sort a National Park Ranger happiest out in the field whether studying grizzlies in Denali where he became a top drawer wildlife photographer or studying wolves in Yellowstone He was introduced to wolves by a top wolf biologist Gorbon Haber building his expertise and writing A Society of Wolves The book was published in 1993 It expounded on the culture of wolves significantly broadening our understanding of the species His work was instrumental in providing support for reintroduction efforts This work landed him a spot at Yellowstone where he slowly improved his people skills and became a fixture around which study and monitoring of the park packs centered the leader of the wolf study pack He is a charismatic passionate character and you will enjoy getting to know himO Six howling with her mate and his brother image from NatGeo WildThere are other elements in the book The growth of the wolf watching culture and the Yellowstone watchers club is given plenty of attention The politics of reintroduction protection and attempts to remove protection get their share of ink as well There is much in here that will raise your blood pressure Impressively Blakeslee includes a depiction of the man who shot O Six It is not the drooling monster portrayal one might expect Blakeslee takes pains to consider the perspective of hunters There is a description of a marauding death dealing pack the Mollies that will remind you of the Borg or a zombie apocalypse It is as tension and fear filled a portrayal as you will find in any of the best action adventure fictionYellowstone wolf pup image from NatGeo WildWhen studying wildlife researchers are discouraged from forming emotional attachments to the objects of their study Few animals live nearly so long as people so your favorite insert species here will as likely as not perish before you But readers of this book are under no such caution Sitting in a laundromat parked on a backless bench book on an attached table looking through the plate glass rain soaking Hazle Avenue drops cascading down the window my eyes join the mass drip on reading Blakeslee s description of the death of O Six I will admit that this happens sometimes when reading about people but it does not happen often I am saved from a public exhibition of heaving shoulders and stifled sobs by the buzzer announcing the end of a wash If you have any tears left after this you will turn them loose in an epilogue tale of 21 s mountain top trek as he neared death O Six image from NatGeo WildI only had one small beef about the book I understand that researchers are discouraged from naming their study subjects but it was uite inconsistent in application Some had names others were just numbers and frankly it became a bit tough at times keeping track of which number came from which pack and was that one with this pack and this one with that pack Really that s it Otherwise no problemoWolf 10 of the Rose Creek pack image from the National Park Service American Wolf is a complex work offering some science some history some political analysis some prompts to raise your spirits some that will make you cheer and some dark moments that will make you turn away fold the book closed and wonder just what is wrong with some people You will learn a lot particularly about wolf culture But primarily it is a tale of hope of reason triumphing over ignorance of courage and heroism besting villainy It joins the intellectual heft of offering considerable information with the gift of being incredibly moving Unidentified Yellowstone wolf 1996 image from National Park Service Tail high standing tall the gray alpha raises his muzzle and howls a long call Pack members miles away lift their heads point their ears toward the siren summons and begin loping home There are fewer now than there were an inexperienced young adult having found mortal peril on the fringes of their land But still enough of the pack remained strong and healthy They would gather The gray knew where they would go once joined into the valley Caribou were plentiful there They would fill their bellies before grizzlies stole their prize and then would carry large chunks in their jaws for the nursing alpha female It was not the best of all possible world but it would do for nowimage from wolforgReview October 12 2017Published October 17 2017EXTRA STUFFThe author s Twitter feed and a list of his articles at Texas MonthlyVideo a clip from She Wolf Learn to draw a wolf An admirer speaks fondly of wolves howling what beautiful music they make A familiar item from Duran Duran Another from Sam the Sham Not uite a video an an app about wolves with images and sound Yellowstone Wolf History with Rick McIntyreArticles Heroes Life Lessons from Yellowstone s Wolves by Haleigh Gullion The Call of the Wild interview with Rick McIntyre July 5 2018 NY Times Who s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Scientist Wolf researcher Rob Wielgus reports what he can discover then has to deal with the death threats by Christopher SolomonRob Wielgus Credit Ilona Szwarc for The New York TimesOther Gray Wolf Conservation The International Wolf Center offers a lot of information Yellowstone s Photo Collection wolves The Call of the Wild free on Gutenberg Get your howl on Of particular relevance to this subject is the Farley Mowat enhanced memoir of his field research experience with wolves Never Cry Wolf published in 1963 and the excellent 1983 film that was made of itFrom the filmNovember 9 2017 American Wolf is among the nominees for s book of the year Science


Ves for the elk they both prize by cattle ranchers who are losing livestock and have the ear of politicians and by other Yellowstone wolves who are vying for control of the park’s stunningly beautiful Lamar ValleyThese forces collide in American Wolf a riveting multi generational saga of hardship and triumph that tells a larger story about the ongoing cultural clash in the West between those fighting for a vanishing way of life and those committed to restoring one of the country’s most iconic landscape. Rick s dream though he seldom described it as such was to someday tell a story so good that the people who heard it simply wouldn t want to kill wolves any Nate Blakeslee American WolfThis book is haunted by all the John McPhee I ve read I wanted to like it I love wolves adore Yellowstone and am even planning a trip this winter to try and spot some damn wolves even if I have to wrap my ass in bacon and tie my sorry self to a tree But back to the book It just wasn t that well written I mean it was good It told the story of 06 but with wolf books and wolves almost have their own fiction and nonficiton genre this one while popular a couple years ago just wasn t great I mean sure the periods were probably all where they were supposed to be and all but if the book appeared outside of Yellowstone I m pretty sure not even Steven Turnbull a pseudonym would shoot itBut that leads me to wonder why the abundance of positive reviews1 I am wrong and the book was brilliant2 I am right but people like wolves So even mediocre stories told of compeling wolves evoke posiitve responses I d euate this to watching a wolf out of a crappy spotting scope Yes a Swarovski would have been much better but YOU JUST SAW A F %ING WOLF so who cares3 Other readers are just dumbI m old and wise enough to believe it might be a bit of all three Anyway not great not horrible just a mediocre narrative nonficiton about Yellowstone and its wolves

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    There was a time when millions of us roamed the continent We fed when there was need We played in forests and open places Our kind lived well from the warm woodlands of the south to the frosty forests of the north and in the gentler landscapes between We raised our pups in cozy dens and raised our voices at night to call out to others Somet

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    this is my nonfiction book for the month chosen because i like wolves but sean of the house LOVES wolves and i wa

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    35 starsI've always been a wolf fan They are majestic animals and not just because I love reading the porny books featuring wolf shifters Back in the day my now ex husband and I heard about a man that bred hybrid wolves We were interested and that's way before any legal aspects were really talked about I knowI'm old as crapWe visi

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    35 Yellowstone and the wolf reclamation project two main characters McIntyre and one a wolf named O six The struggles with the ranchers who see the wolves as predators a risk to their cattle and their way of life The hunters who depend on elk for themselves and those they take on the hunt are also concerned because a growing wolf population means a lessening elk population Those who love the wolves and spend much time watching the

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    Wolf 0 06Spoiler in Italic “He decided he wanted the gray He exhaled and sueezed the triggerThe gray staggered and droppedIt was a long walk through the snow to where she layThis was a trophy very few people in his part of the woul

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this book It's an incredibly well told story about a pack of wolves particularly focused on the alpha female in Yellowstone National Park But it's also so much than that It's about people who are passionate about something about fighting for what you love about educating others an

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    “Rick’s dream though he seldom described it as such was to someday tell a story so good that the people who heard it simply wouldn’t want to kill wolves any” Nate Blakeslee American WolfThis book is haunted

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    I have an undying love for Yellowstone National Park I visited it 36 years ago 1984 My memories of what I saw and experienced are still fresh Saw so many animal and ecological sights No wolves though Wolves were

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    The central focus of this book is the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park and thus the Northern Rockies By the 1920s wolves had for the most part become extinct in the lower 48 states of the US In 1995 Canadian wolves were brought into Yellowstone Park The book follows this reintroduction from the mi

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    Have you ever been to Yellowstone? Did you spot a wolf there? This is the fascinating story of the Yellowstone Wolf Project and most

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