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Gospel Oak Mrs Glover who is probably the most attractive woman living The Day ePUB #8608 in Britain and poor Mr Nugent who likes to save his urine in jam jars Day Job Adventures of a PDFEPUB or and pour it over his compostOver four seasons Wallington crosses Hampstead Heath from job to job He survives brushes with the evil contract gardeners who keep trying to knock him off his bicycle He strives to impress literary agent Herman Gapp who might represent him depending.

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The Day Job: Adventures of a Jobbing Gardener

Mark Wallington Job Adventures Kindle #215 has a dream He is going to change the face of British comedyUnfortunately for the residents of north London he s going to finance this dream by becoming a gardenerThe result is The Day Job an account of a year spent working in other people s gardens people like Mrs Fleming who is convinced there is buried treasure in the bottom bed Mr Walters who is trying to create a fascist state policed by gnomes in his well guarded plot in.

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On what sort of job he does on Gapp s Alpine Terrace He even finds time to fall for a housecleaner cum actor named Helen as he becomes part of a strange band of artistes Day Job Adventures PDFEPUB #233 each with a day job of their own all waiting for that first breakThis is the story of long nights spent in the back room of a pub trying to write unsolicited scripts and of much longer days spent trying to understand the British and their strange obsession with gardenin.

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