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    Finally an alien romance book that involves an invasion on Earth And what do we get?Alien Romance meets Jerry SpringerOn the left side of the stage we have Krissik The baby brother The alien kitty man who risked his life to travel all the way to Earth and kidnap a mate The poor lad who couldn't get laid even after drinking a bottle of super condensed human pheromones Sure he is sweet kind and attentive But who wants a boy who couldn't even convince his mate to let him watch while she finished in the shower At least he can still purrOn the right side of the stage we have Rikist The strong broody war time hero big brother He tries so hard to help his brother get laid But the idiot picked a human with a strong will He hates the apartment and he hates the human occupying it He is counting down the days until his leg heals and he can return to servicePoor Samantha is caught in the middle She is trapped on a distant planet where the human mates aren't allowed to leave the apartment Kissik is sweet and considerate but someone has to pay the bills He leaves her all alone in the apartment with his surly big brother for hours But the few times that Rikist actually talks to her he speaks English He knows about life on her planet He is willing to help her understand the world she is living in He saved her life after she foolishly runs away If only he wouldn't run away every time they started to get alongThat's right folks on this planet the women are actually treated like the breeding stock they are Human women are not treasured If they can't make babies they are sent to The Pit for any unmated male to pay for his pleasure Samantha is rejected as a mate But before she can removed to The Pit The brothers start a Jerry would be proud fight I love her and will protect herYou are a child I love her and will save herNeedless to say one of the brothers ends up critically injured The one Samantha truly loves She saves him by pulling him into the teleporter right before it sends her back to Earth But before the injured brother can fully heal the jilted brother appears Round 2 What does Samantha do with now 2 injured kitty aliens? Call her ex fiancé veterinarian to come to the rescue This book has never ending drama of the Jerry Springer variety But if you love the alien romance genre don't let that stop you I will be reading the second book Just be warned Kitties like to fight

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    Alright so here goes the whole review on this novel that left me kind of confused and uncertain of what I could say about itI had to read it twice to be sure I could give a full description of my feelings and thoughts So here is how it went I felt like Then I went like Summary At first the book starts intriguing with two girls staying at a hotel Location is irrelevant sincerely While they're hanging out and having fun lights go out and suddenly beastly sexy hungry aliens who look like Let me ilustrate YUMMY Appear in all shapes and sizes conuering every woman in every floor Except our heroine is saved by the bell ¿Or should I say a gentle youngster? From that moment on the book captures your eyes like sweet honey I do not wish to spoil much So I leave the rest for you to read The good stuff 1At the beginning this novel starts fairly wellIt delivers an element of surprise survival intrigue and captures your attention immediately ONLY AT THE BEGINNING 2 The fact that the author used a cat like Thundercat skin gave me goosebumps and practically won me over I mean who doesn't want her own thundercatOr is it just me? ¡Come on We all want a Lion O Which is very different from the regular humanoid versions of the rest of sci fi romance Alien cat and human stories These have less hair true but the description fits into a thundercat perfectly Which I loved3Well written and fluid4Heroine is in trouble if she is barren Which is a very good dilemmaAlso the conseuences of such situation of course is well thoughtBut the good things end there for me at least Not sogood stuff 1 ¿Why are aliens always in every alien romance novel I read running out of females? ¿Is that the only reason every author can come up with in order for aliens to even allow themselves to think of mating a female human? This was seriously a copied repetitive modelI'm getting truly tired of the same issue2They never explain from where and who produced that hormone potion they take to trap human woman in hocus pocus love me mode3Plot is slow and weak4The main hero who is by far the best thing in this book is poorly portrayed I don't feel like I know him He intrigues me and wins me over Yet the explanation of his background is like a uicky Lets call him Lion O5Though our heroine cannot leave the apartment were she is in She watches the news all the time on a kind of TV Yet she nor we know how some places look like in that planet Very poor world building6 The love triangle is so easy that why bother having obstacles in the story The obstacle in uestionthe little brother of our Lion O is not even a threat He is totally irrelevant and always absentIt´s so obvious she's gonna fall for the older brother that I feel sick in my stomach and sorry for the little guy Yes they fight for they're matepray once in a while It doesn't change anything7 Everything is so easy and predictable Not even the ending astonished me one bitPure cliche ending So Disney Don't get me wrong I love happy romantic endings ¡BUTI do not like rushed endings with magical just so happens we've got a solution for everything It's unfulfilling and void No thrill No accomplishment 8 I guess I expected from the novel and the narration I was hoping for something that would surprise me Not a clone of every other sci fi romance novelSo I can only give 3 stars One for entertaining two for the Thundercat skin look a like and finally three for it's fluidityHope other novels of the author change my current opinion

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    I very much enjoyed this book PLOT SPOILER WARNING Samantha her BFF Carly take a vacation to Las Vegas to help Samantha get over the breakup with her ex fiance' John who she strongly suspects was cheating on her Samantha isn't really excited to be there she has a cold A power outage a mini uake followed by screams have them leaving their hotel room to investigate what's going onWhat they find are scattered groups all over the hallways of strange looking men having sex with human women in public places The couples involved in sex pay the two girls no attention as the two girls walk around investigating The strange men have golden eyes fur and stripes in their fur When Carly Samantha make it to the lobby of their hotel they find a much larger group see what is really occurring The alien men who resemble tigers with their fur and stripes are knocking out the human men with some kind of green tazer forcing the human women to have sex with them Oddly after the initial struggle forced kiss the human women are very eagerdesperate to engage in sex with the alien menSamantha Carly are spotted and chased Carly is knocked out by one of the green alien tazers Samantha is caught fights tries to jump out a window and caught She gets knocked out When Samantha wakes she is in a strange room and bed naked with one of the tiger man aliens He repeatedly tries to seduce Samantha although she becomes aroused she keeps her head pleads with him not to have sex with her Her tears cause him to stop and look confusedLater on after he catches her in a failed escape attempt he puts a translator in her so she can understand him She has been brought to his planet to be his mate His name is Krissik Krissik's planet has had plagues that have decimated the population especially the women and childrenThe government of his planet has developed genetically altered human pheromones that when combined with the alien's saliva is 100 times potent than normal Explains why the women were so into the aliens after the initial kiss They have also created portals to Earth so they can go retrieve viable mates to rebuild their populationSamantha realizes her cold has been interfering with the effectiveness of their pheromone cocktailKrissik has an older brother who is an officer in their army who comes home they live together in an apartmenthigh rise in a city with a badly injured leg Rikist is older dangerous looking much appealing to Samantha Krissik starts going back to work leaving Samantha Rikist alone They begrudgingly bond over earth video games and chocolate that Rikist has smuggled into their world Rikist knows English is familiar with a lot of earth culture due to having been mated to an earth woman named Lyndsey years earlier One night from too much to drink too many pain meds Rikist describes to Samantha how he lost his mate Their government passed a law saying that human women who were not able to breed are sent to the pitts which are described as a free for all nightmare staffed with earth women as sex slaves So Rikist's wife Lyndsey was discovered to be sterile When the government people came to take her to the Pitts she put up a fight and was killed while Rikist was away on his shipRikist also admits to being in the resistance fighting his own government and causing the explosion the injured him on his shipSeveral days later a doctor from the government comes to perform a gyno exam on Samantha Later that night Krissik comes home from work he disables Samantha's translator and tells Rikist something that disturbs them bothSamantha realizes that she has been pronounced sterile she will soon be sent to The Pitts Rikist Krissik have a fight and Krissik gets knocked out Samantha begs Rikist to help her escape back to Earth through one of their portals Rikist agrees to help herThat's as much as I'll tell but there's a lot in this storyespecially after they are back on earth ;Erotica Kinda? Samantha eventually gets some good detailed lovin but it's in the last uarter of the bookStory Good Mars Needs WomenConflict On several frontsEnding HEASeries Possibility for and I hope so

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    It started out really interesting but gradually faded out into obscurity The main male character was described as being a tough alpha alien but was so lame I just skimmed through the pages until I got to the end

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    DNF I tried I really did but there was just too much intimate contact with the little brother before the hero and heroine got together and I felt bad for the little brother This just didn't work for me for several reasons

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    This is the first alien and human romance novel that I have read and honestly I was uite pleasantly surprised I really enjoyed this book I liked the relationships that Samantha established between Krissik and Rikist The book kept me interested from start to finish For those who like a lot of sex in a book there really wasn't much in this one compared to other books I have read Sexual tensionyes actual sexnot much but a perfect amount for this story Krissik initially claims Samantha to be his mate but she falls for his brother Rikist instead and the writing of his internal conflict when it came to Samantha was great He wants her too but he knows his brother claimed her I really enjoyed reading about Rikist and getting information on his background Also uite an interesting twist towards the end that you didn't see coming lol Yes the coincidence of the twist can be unbelievable but hellothis is an alien and human romance book so I'm not going to go with oh this was so not believable because uite frankly how many of you out there have been abducted by aliens and can attest to what is believable or not loljust saying Do kind of wish there was a dictionary of what their words of their language meant; that would have been helpful lol but fortunately there was some indications at times what they were saying in their native languageIt's hard to give any specific details of why I liked this book because I don't want to give away spoilers The book ended being set up for a seuel which I am already reading

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    Nice although I think the first half of the book was slow and kind of dragging until we got to some emotionction between the main charactersFeel bad for the little brother

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    I don’t believe in restating the description of a story You can read that on any book site and usually at least half of the reviews consist of a recap of the description so what I thought about the story is that it was great I was actually uite surprised at where it led to The only complaint I have is that I thought the heroine Samantha was a bit too nasty at times I get that she was in fact kidnapped so she had a right to be angry But after describing the sincerity of Krissik and Rikist it just seemed inappropriate Otherwise it was a great plot very exciting and had me flipping the pages to see what would happen next Editing is a big issue for me – and apparently most other – so I rate each book on a 1 10 scale 1 being the least amount of errors 10 being wtf are they talking about? I give this one a 3 There were uite a few misspelled words but not complete confusion Just a single word here and there So while it needed some editing it wasn’t a complete mess Paragraph usage was done well and so was the dialogue between the characters Another words the author knows how to use contractions I would definitely recommend this book and I look forward to from this author

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    This was definitely different but fun Who knew a uick trip to Vegas could land you on an alien planet abducted to be some virginal kitty's mate That's where Samantha found herself on a planet ravaged by war and a dying population of kitty people who have a female shortageStuck between two brothers Rikist a wounded sailor hero in his own right and her abductor Krissik who is young and inexperienced The trouble is which will she chooseThis was a good story with solid characters and some good world building Personally I would have liked to know about the brother's home planet just description of the scenery so that I could get a total feel for this alien world The big plus is that the leading characters were well developed and totally readable Liked this and the overall rating is 325 due to some typosmissing words in the text

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    I liked the characters and the plot It was a very engaging plot too It had bits and pieces of details hidden throughout that link together in the end but didn't look like they were related at all when first introducedOne thing that could have helped this story is dual POVs In this one scene we have the male MC fighting and yelling in his language the entire scene As a reader I have no desire to sit there and try to figure out the made up alien language no matter how geniusly the author made it up This scene could have been done from his POV and therefore had his language written in italicized English for our comprehensive reading convenience

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