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Omeone who isn’t her mind reading boyfriend RyanWhen her own soul is on the line as the Dream Weaver manipulates her Jillian has one shot to save herself and the rest of the world or she and the rest of the world could be trapped in their dreams forev Since Nic Tatano released his first novel Wing Girl I’ve been hooked on his b The Problem of the Puer Aeternus (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 87) reading boyfriend RyanWhen her own soul is on the line as the Dream Weaver manipulates her Jillian has one shot to save herself and the Hoopers Pasture from Maine to Vermont rest of the world or she and the Censored rest of the world could be trapped in their dreams forev Since Nic Tatano さくら荘のペットな彼女 9 released his first novel Wing Girl I’ve been hooked on his b

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Jillian Spectre The Dream Weaver Jillian Spectre #2

T now she’s under attack by a force that might be above her pay gradeThe Dream WeaverWhen Jillian’s own dreams are invaded she finds herself desperately trying to separate reality from fantasy – and struggle with a totally inappropriate crush on s It was great to meet up with Jillian Spectre and her friends again A lot has ch

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There’s a new villain in townOne who can manipulate dreams and reality to the point that people can’t tell the differenceThis is a job for Jillian SpectreThe snarky eighteen year old redhead with paranormal powers has already saved the world once bu Firstly I would like to thank the author publisher and netgallery for providing

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    Firstly I would like to thank the author publisher and netgallery for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an Honest review My review is as followsThis book was a really good addition to the series Moving on uite a bit from the previous book the characters are no longer school student but college students Jillian is the main character still and in this book there isn't a lot happening with her dad but she is targeted by a new supernatural threat A dream weaver who has the ability to enter her dreams and change them Jillian is also uestioning her relationship with Ryan as their is a new guy that has her interested The secondary characters are mainly Ryan and Trip The two love interests one she is devoted to and the other who she is interested in Ryan is the committed and loving boyfriend who has stood by Jillian throughout the course of the first and now second book Trip is the new guy who Jillian meets at college and who enters her dream and offers her a different life The storyline is a very good follow up to the first book in the series taking the characters on a much different path The pacing is brilliant as well and I look forward to reading in this series4 stars a great read

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    It was great to meet up with Jillian Spectre and her friends again A lot has changed for them since they defeated Jillian’s evil father He now lies comatose in a vegetative state high school is a memory Jillian is now a college freshman and she and Ryan are dating The future is bright and exciting for Jillian Roxanne Ryan and Jake or it would be if they didn’t have to take on a siren and possibly a dream weaver with nefarious plans to continue her father’s work and destroy the world As in the first book I really enjoyed how these four young people come together as a team using their powers to make them stronger as they fight the evil surrounding them I really enjoy this author’s voice He does an amazing job breathing life into these characters making them easy to relate to and very likable It’s very easy for the reader to connect with these characters and care about them He blends the tension of the story line with eual and appropriate amounts of humor and romance that propels the story forward at a pace that keeps the reader engaged and interested There were major plot twists with the villains that I was not expecting but really enjoyedMy Final Verdict I really hope this series doesn’t end here as I would love to know what Jillian experiences next as well as what’s in store for Jillian’s mom and Fuzzball I’m also curious as to what will become of Jillian’s father as I really don’t think we have seen or heard the last of him I hope there may be in store for us Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of Jillian Spectre The Dream Weaver from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Featured in The Story Continues on Intellectual RecreationI really enjoyed the first book in the Jillian Spectre series Jillian lives in the Mystic uarter of Manhattan with her mother The two of them can see the future During one of her readings Jillian sees her client die and go to heaven This moment propels Jillian toward discovering a second power learning about her missing father and halting an evil plot After the harrowing event of the past year the arrest and containment of Jillian's criminal father Jillian and her friends are ready to put all that behind them and enjoy their first year of college They are just getting settled when they learn that Jillian's father's mind has been visited by another mystic Then Jillian's dreams are invaded Jillian and her friends are going to be put to the test once againI think it's a lot of fun when an author brings supernatural powers into the real world and Nic Tatano's paranormal world is a lot of fun The powers that he's given his characters are interesting Most of all I love how the friends are stronger when they work together The forces working against them know this too and boy to do they work hard to tear the group apartWhile there are some really evil adults in this book Jillian continues to benefit from some great adult role models I definitely appreciate that I was however a little disappointed with how fixated the group seemed to be on good looks and outward appearances At times they came across as a bit shallow and definitely used the word slut way too often for my tasteThe story itself is great It's a uick read but it's filled with twists and surprises Review copy from NetGalley

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    When last we saw seerastral projectorhealer Jillian Spectre and her also paranormally gifted friends they were busy getting through their senior year of high school and stopping Jillian’s deadbeat technopathic and kind of psychopathic dad from taking over society Now while facing the challenges of their first year of college the group is once again called upon to save the world as they know it – this time from the Dream Weaver a powerful enemy who can bend a person’s reality and manipulate them into a dream like state even if they’re wide awake at the timeLike the book before it Jillian Spectre And The Dream Weaver has a lot of character and voice Reading it was like being told a story by a charismatic friend – every page was just awash with personality The book has a really interesting story line one which managed to throw me a few curveballs in the end I really thought I had predicted what was going to happen and then –Wham – what? Fantastic I love being surprised like that especially when I was kind of thinking the plot might be a little too predictable I also loved how this book was able to take things that every college student experiences – that teacher that should have retired a decade ago the hot teacher the temptation to stray from your high school sweetheart if you have one – and blend it in with a fight to save society from a paranormal bad guy Kind of made me nostalgic for my college days which sadly were paranormal plot free Overall Jillian Spectra And The Dream Weaver was fast and fun and engaging all the way through; there seriously were no slow parts where I was even tempted to put the book down While the book can tentatively be read as a standalone if you want to there are a few things that you’ll understand better if you read the first book in the series but you won’t be completely lost if you don’tI received an ARC of this book to review You can find this review and others like it at BookAndCoffeeAddictcom along with recommendations for a fantastic cup of coffee

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    Since Nic Tatano released his first novel Wing Girl I’ve been hooked on his books and I was STOKED when he wrote a Young Adult Paranormal novel last year called The Adventures of Jillian Spectre and EVEN MORE STOKED when it was revealed it was the first in a series – can I get a woohoo? I adored The Adventures of Jillian Spectre and I’ve been awaiting her seuel for what seems like aaaaaaaages and aaaaaages and it’s finally hereJillian Spectre is actually one of the coolest chicks you’ll ever meet – along with her best friend Roxanne I admire anyone who can be so blase about the fact she’s a superheroine at freaking eighteen I mean I love this girl so much She deals with a lot – A LOT A LOT A LOT – but she takes it in her stride and ends up beating the baddies with Roxanne Jake and Ryan right by her side They’re uite the crime fighting team actuallyWhile Jillian and co are fighting a new villain in Jillian Spectre and The Dream Weaver it’s still connected to the first book where they SPOILER took down Jillian’s dad See he’s this really evil guy and had this really evil plan to try and take over the world muahahahaha and all that and wouldn’t you know it? The evil guy doesn’t work alone – enter the dream weaver Who causes HAVOC which made me so mad Because you do NOT try to break apart Jillian Roxanne Jake and Ryan and not expect CONSEUENCES DO YOU HEAR ME VILLAINS? That is NOT COOLI so enjoyed being back with Jillian and co Even Fuzzball I just love Fuzzball and not just because of his name Okay because of his name I wasn’t so hot on the Jillian fantasizing about another guy thing Trip may have been pretty and built like a line backer but Ryan has my heart Apart from that it was full speed ahead and it was a really really great second installment I just hope there’s a third book because I have not yet had my fill of Jillian Spectre not by half

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis book picks up where the first book left us with our amazing crime fighting gang with superhuman powers They’re still battling against evil and generally helping out the good guys but they are not prepared for what they face here college Yes OK there is a bigger evil plan hatching but ultimately the thing that they have the hardest time fighting is their own emotions feelings communication and distance Strap in for some tough teenage drama hereJillian is still madly in love with her boyfriend Ryan and he’s pretty much the rock that she leans on literally when she passes out from using too much of her powers Unfortunately even he can’t protect her from the powers of the big bad of the book the dream weaver What happens when you can’t figure out if you’re dreaming or awake? Bad things Really bad things On the small scale there’s a bunch of people losing their ability to make decisions on the larger scale there are some big governmental changes that can be orchestrated Of course with great power comes great responsibility so Jillian and friends find themselves tasked with saving the world This time was a bit difficult because the group is largely compromised by the dream weaver’s actions and the fallout afterwards You don’t know who to trust until the very end and even then the lines are still fuzzy I felt bad for all the turmoil jammed into this book but such is the life of a superhero I guess I’m loving these YA ish books and their zany antics I can’t wait for another one

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    45 Many thanks to HarperCollins UK and HarperImpulse via Netgalley for letting me read this book in return for an honest reviewFirst off wow I went into this book expecting an interesting story based on the blurb but I also expected it to be a little on the stereotypical side of YA paranormalMan was I in for a surprise There's really nothing stereotypical about Jillian Spectre I mean yes she's a teenage girl with awesome paranormal abilities but unlike similar booksseries Jillian's powers are the strongest when she works together with her three best friends I really liked that because instead of just one person single handedly saving the world it was a team effortThere was romance in the book but thankfully in my opinion anyway it was not overdone or really the main focus of the story Well not entirely the main focus and if I said any it would be spoiler y But it was a sweet romance no hot sex and that I appreciated as wellDefinitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a different take on YA paranormal It's a uick read and what's even better IMO is that it's part of a series I can't wait to get my hands on the first book in the series when I reuested this from Netgalley I didn't realize that it was the second in a series However also in its favor it's fine as a standalone Yes I knew that there was some info I was missing from a previous book but it wasn't so much to the point where I didn't understand what was happeningWell done Mr Tatano I look forward to reading other books of yours

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