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Y lead to her death and her death would end the Gray Wolf LineANCIENT DANGERIn Lyss’s absence Fellsmarch Castle swarms with intrigue deception and a primordial threat Destin Karn a Southern spymaster with a hidden agenda of his own might be the ueendom’s only hope of defeating t As much as I w

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SPLINTERED ALLEGIANCEWarrior Alyssa ana’Raisa would do anything to protect her home the Fells and her legacy the Gray Wolf Line But as a prisoner of Empress Celestine Lyss is forced to turn her fearsome talents as an army commander against her beloved homeland Refusal would swiftl This review wa Classics Devotional Bible review wa

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He forces aligned against the Seven Realms as well as the enemies within the castleTHE DEADLY COST OF PEACEMaster storyteller Cinda Williams Chima delivers spellbinding action bittersweet reunions and dazzling revelations in this indispensable conclusion to the Shattered Realms seri Very good endi Outside the Paint reunions and dazzling The Problem of the Puer Aeternus (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 87) revelations in this indispensable conclusion to the Shattered Realms seri Very good endi

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    Whose here after Stormcaster just staring at the blank page hoping that you will see something change through sheer force of will?Edit Hanalea's bloody bones has it already been a year? Deathcaster releases tomorow? Im so ready

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    This review was originally posted on Books of My HeartAnother series in the The Seven Realms  is complete and we have fallen in love with another generation of its characters journeying along with them against foes both new and old in their uest to preserve the Gray Wolf Line and way of life in the Fells  I will not add too many details as to not spoil the series Deathcaster was good; it had most of the things I hoped for in a final book; the reunions of characters and the culmination of events to vanuish the main Villains to finally bring peace to the Shattered Kingdoms BUT for a 600 page finale I think I expected a little wrap up at the end or an epilogue set a few years in the future just to give me total closure  Still it is very implied where things are headed and so I won’t complain too much on that one I would have probably given this just one star if I hadn’t read The Crimson Crown which is one of the best final books a of series I’ve ever readThere were some very tense and action packed moments  All the players are very scattered Lyla and Destin are in the Fells trying to keeps Raisa’s council in check Lyss is across the sea with Celestine trying not to become blood sworn and training Celestine’s army to attack the Fells hoping she can escape or lead then a different way  Hal wants desperately to find and save Lyss but keeps getting pulled into fighting within his homeland Hal is trying desperately to find a way to help keep Lyss’s ueendom intact for when she finally returns Jenna and Caz are also on Celestine’s Island waiting for the perfect moment to ‘Burn the Nest’ teaming up with Lyss and finding some baby Dragons along the way  Evan is still playing the long game with frenemies everywhere looking for a way to destroy Celestine And then there is Adrian sul’Han who is both looking for Lyss and Jenna with the help of one of the Magemarked and trying to figure out who is attempting to kill off everyone in their familyWith so many different PoVs and plot lines going the entire story had a lot of ground to cover to make it to a good conclusion and cover it it did  I really loved most of this book and some of the reunions were so touching and much needed since we haven’t seen a couple of the characters together since the very first book  I was a little surprised with who was ultimately behind the plot against the Greywolf throne but it seemed a little fitting I enjoyed seeing Raisa outsmart her enemies yet again and still be in the background to the new generation  The plot arc with Celestine fell just a smidge flat for me after all the buildup but why she was looking for the Magemarked was pretty original and added a lot of tension to the story Overall there are a lot of fantastic things for a YA fantasy novel series conclusion  Yes the series is a little guilty of some instances of insta love and few other YA tropes we all know well but the story works and I love the both the male and female cast are strong and bring different attributes to the story  Not one individual is overpowered or the chosen one it took a team of players to make everything happen Plus there are baby dragons shhh don’t tell “There’s a rumor going around that you died at Delphi but the witch ueen brought you back to life because she fell in love with your dead body” “What?” Hal stared at him horrified while Robert stifled laughter “No worries sir” LeFevre said hastily “I don’t think too many believed it” “If anything it enhanced your reputation” Remy said   When Evan asked Jenna for advice on how to win Cas over she rolled her eyes “You put a collar around his neck locked him in a dark hold and carried him across the ocean Don’t you think that might have been off putting?” Evan cast about for excuses “He was wearing the collar when I bought him in the market” “That’s another thing You don’t ‘buy’ dragons or ‘have’ dragons or ‘tame’ dragons Dragons are not weapons or airships They are comrades You partner with them you bond with them—or you don’t” “He burned my ship” Evan said “Doesn’t that make us even?” “‘Even’ is for enemies and rivals You’re going to have to give him than that if you want him to trust you”   Narration Kia Mia Guest does a pretty good job with the extended cast  There were a few instances where a couple characters sounded a little alike to me but overall with the large cast she did great with keeping both the narrative and the emotion of the story  I listened to this at my normal 15x speedListen to a clip 

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    After some consideration I unfortunately had to drop this down to 4 stars That doesn’t mean I loved it any less It just wasn’t uite sitting right with me that I ignored some issues I had After so long this series has come to an end I’ve been invested in the world of the Realms for years and it’s crazy to be letting it go I’ve fallen in love with two generations of characters and been mesmerized by the scale of politics and intrigue and magic These novels have truly never received the appreciation they deserve Admittedly I came to love The Shattered Realms slightly than its predecessor series But one would not be the same without the other As a finale I really thought this book delivered—but not to the extent I was hoping for I was still on the edge of my seat the whole time and was so relieved these characters all got their ending but in a few ways it just didn’t uite get there So many reunions happened that I’d been waiting for and I was so so thrilled about that Plus all the bombshells and close calls really kept everything moving The drawbacks had to do with the ending I feel that given how high the stakes were made out to be and how many novels had been crafted to set up all the problems I didn’t uite get all the fleshing out I was hoping for The accumulation of everything—and this is mainly regarding Celestine and the Mage marked but applies to several other things—felt rushed I was hoping for answers and depth especially for who turned out to be essentially the series’ main villain With all the terror I ended up wanting But I suppose we can’t always have everything That said I still adore this world with all my heart and plan to return to it someday Just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t have to take away from the enjoyment of it

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    Guys guys I can't handle it The WAITA YEARI can't I really really can't I'm sorry CWC I'll be dead from anticipation long before this comes out So please please any tender soul show me a morsel of mercy that when you read this for yourself do it out loud so that my spirit can hear you Hold your book out arms length so that the last ghostly vestiges of my eyeballs can read over your shoulder In a totally non creepy way Do it for me For Lyssa and Hal For HanA YEAR GASP clutches chestGoodbye cruel Deathcaster less worlddies34 It's Deathcaster eve and I'm patiently stalking my Kindle just in case my pre order shows up an hour and 15 minutes earlyCan't be tooo carefulIT'S LITERALLY ONE MINUTE LATER AND I HAVE IT I HAVE IT AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES EARLY I TELL YOU OHMYSWEETGOODNESS IF THIS WAS GOING BY EASTERN TIME AND I DIDN'T REALIZE IT I COULD HAVE HAD THIS 45 MINUTES AGO#×?%÷38 I'm doneIt's finished It was beautifulI have no words I need to gather my thoughts I may share these thoughts later I may just stew in them myself But we can totally sueeze another series or two out of the Seven Realms right CWC???

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    As much as I wanted to love this book I didnt I thought it was a good book but I don't feel it like it measures up to the other books in this series The reunion between ash and Jenna was amazing but that was all we saw from them that stood out and as someone who loved the dynamic between ash and Jenna I felt that after the reunion their relationship fell flat and I get the feeling that they were pushed a bit to the sideline and the same can be said of the other couples with a slight exception of Destin and Evan as I felt their longing for each other felt a lot real so when they finally met again it was incredibly satisfying Also for a moment it felt like Lily and shadow were going to find solace in each other but it never went anywhere I do think my disappointment with the relationships and how I feel they got a little bit forgotten is mainly due to me liking Ash and Jenna much than the others and since they didn't have much screen time as a couple I was left wanting than what I got The author touched a but on both Jenna's and ash insecurity of whether there was any room for ash but then never explored itThe ending felt very much like it was rushed and I would argue the entire book felt rushed as Cinda had to tie up a lot of plot points which she did a very good job of but I think the series might have benefited from one book The end of the empress felt a bit meh it never seemed like anyone was truly in any danger as they had a bunch of dragons with then who could decimate entire armies and while the empress was supposed to be very powerful it never really crossed my mind that she would be able to compete with all of them there I new Jenna wouldn't die from that as it has been stated several times that she has resistance to heat though it did cross my mind of how the earlier empresses succeeded in killing Jenna's ancestors when they are almost immune to fire? The entire seuence played as a comedy than a life and death situation and if that was what the author was going for then I can't say anything else but I disagree with that choiceSo in conclusion everything fell a bit flat most likely due to there being multiple coupleswars and different plot points and it was just too much to tie it all in together without skipping important moments

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    Very good ending to a fun and fast paced series Full RTCActual Rating 45 stars

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    Deathcaster is nothing if not ambitious Eight POV characters mysteries than the Hardy Boys can solve several pairs of star crossed lovers and an epic sprawling world full of various magics and prejudices In this four book series a full two and a half books were just setup So the fact that this book is even remotely coherent is worth lauding let alone that it had some really good and satisfying momentsBefore I get into the nitty gritty it’s worth noting that I’m grading on a curve Cinda Chima is one of my all time favorite authors and this is my favorite world of hers and I would still recommend any book of hers over 90% of what’s out thereWith that said deep breath this book is unfortunately too ambitious There are too many characters and too much plot for one book and it never uite takes off the way it shouldThere are so many POVs that the jumps between them get immensely frustrating A good book should of course make you lament any jump in POV But the problem here is that I’ll just be getting into a storyline and then see a new POV when a chapter ends Then there’s so many characters to cycle through that it’s 100 pages before we return to the story I was invested in and by then I’m a little fuzzy on all of it and my passion’s cooled This book is the literary euivalent of constant blue balls – forever sucking you into a story never staying long enough for payoffOne of Chima’s fortes is writing war councils – a room with lots of people arguing over strategy and politics But those war councils comprise at least half the book and they grew wholly wearisome after a while There were three or four armies chasing each other across a continent and it all became the same after a while – characters looking at maps in small groups talking about deepwater ports and Spiritgate and Watergate and which direction to march in It’s the same problem as history class when wars are diluted to the story of which army marched where it no longer holds interestAs a matter of fact the first two thirds of Deathcaster 400 pages or so were devoid of the very things that drew me to Chima’s writing I’m here for the backstabby politics of court – which are in short supply when everyone’s on the march with an army I’m here for the swoonworthy romance – but all three power couples spend the book with a continent between themEventually it got to the point where I only cared about three of the myriad POVs Destin and Lila who were together in the only interesting storyline and Evan Strangward whom I cared about mostly for Destin’s sake Make no mistake those POVs were riveting and I wanted to do a little dance every time I got to their chapters The intrigue The drama The happily familiar and eternally contentious world of Fellsmarch All the interesting side characters gathered together And a romance to die for It felt like their chapters were a reward for slogging through the restThat said the rest of them got on my last nerve Lyss hangs out with Jenna is afraid of Celestine then marches with an army through the Realms Hal marches through the Realms conuering as he goes and fretting about things Ash is forever chasing someone he loves around the world Breon is mercifully voiceless thank the Maker for small miracles And Jenna leads everyone in lessons of “How to Train Your Dragon” because dragons fix so many story problems And the whole time I couldn’t help wondering what Destin and Lila were up toTalk of romance I’m uite displeased at how it all shook out view spoiler The two somewhat bland straight couples each get a good and proper sex scene Jenna and Ash have a particularly ludicrous one where Ash is concerned with matters of life and death while Jenna tries to ignore or distract him with cuddling Sexy times are well and good but this girl needs to sort out her priorities Meanwhile the most interesting romance – Destin and Evan’s – is relegated to two kisses in the heat of battle Not cool hide spoiler

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    Not Chima’s best The Seven Realms and Shattered Realms cobbled big shoes for Deathcaster to fill but Chima falls short for one of the first times in resolving itThe world building remains fantastic; readers are brought through extensions of what we’ve seen before and with a renewed purpose to it all Characters receive well deserved returns on emotional investment and find their own in some ways; the joining of multiple arcs is fluid and excellentHowever some are not given the endings that Cinda built up to Certain characters are thrown not left to the wayside and certain arcs seem almost abandoned It feels almost like a finished product that received an editorial “yes but cut 200 pages of the last 300” to the audience’s lossI can’t give this less than 3 stars because of how well written the character interactions and worldbuilding finish out but I left a bit disappointed and bitter by the overuse of certain plot devices and poor management of arc endings Avoiding spoilers but this might imply some it is a slap in the face for characters that we know and lovehate for their intense personalities to have no personal interactions for 150 pages before an unceremonious death or for romances to appear out of implications involving characters who had less lines in this iteration than in their eponymous previous books It is extremely disappointing to have watched nations struggle in battle for 7 straight books only to seemingly have no armies exist on almost any front in DeathcasterSPOILERS HERE ONLY to have Ardenscourt the entire Desert Coast of Carthis and Fellsmarch fall without a pitched battle is ludicrous without explanation Jarat’s incursion into the fells not being met by any resistance or patrols was as confusing to the reader as it was to Lyss on her way in All battles were merely alluded to and almost entirely took place in the east of the Fells with only minor main character interference Char Dunedain doesn’t even appear outside of having her name mentioned once or twice It shockingly and saddeningly felt as though Chima wanted to describe Destin as “like a snake shedding one skin to step into another” for the hundredth time than to give Ash of his personality than “hi mom I’m home I like Jenna she’s hot” in the entire book Sad as he was my favorite character for his introspection in ways that Seph Han Alister and Amon Byrne has evoked in the past some of Chima’s best written characters imo It was also extremely frustrating to see Micah Bayar brought to his lowest form of representation yet Readers received implications in Stormcaster that he fathered Mellony’s daughter Julianna which are completely not addressed here; Bayar is conveniently absent from the plot in opinion presence and development purely to simplify everything The anticlimactic ending of Celestine disturbed me as well She had absolutely no voice after splitting ways with Lyss; she had no opinion on the warfront losses in the Fells besides as an airstrike target and no real ending Did she not know what Jenna’s powers were? It seems to me that if Jenna can survive fire and a lava pit the “sacrifice by lava pit” plan would have been different or at least it would be suggested that Jenna surprised her Something other than being chomped by a third string young dragon would be appropriate and no I don’t see it as a fun ironic twist for an empress’s death Evan and Destin didn’t have enough time to talk and figure out what they’re doing next in the end They needed that Or at least I did I would rather screen time of the two of them than just hear Lyss say “oh yeah they’re gonna sail around probably to Tarvos” as a side noteFinally seriously? The seemingly end game threat of Lord Darian’s return in another body gets taken care of entirely by Speaker Obi Wan Jemson throwing some dirt and water? I expected an Aediion reprisal with Han to finish that plot My expectations are irrelevant I suppose but it was disappointing to see Han not get another speaking moment SPOILERS ENDIf you loved Evan and Destin and Hal as I did their first times around in PoV roles or if you are excited to see Hadley DeVilliers Lila Byrne Julianna Barrett Evan’s crews and Magret again you’ll still enjoy this book My opinion don’t expect to be satisfied with this iteration of Jenna Ash Raisa Micah Bayar Hanson Alister Fire Dancer or especially Breon and Celestine There are fun new characters to look forward to as wellAll in alltl;dr it felt to me that Chima watched How To Train Your Dragon and forgot what made these books so great in the first place her characters the respect she showed them in their writing and the power of emotions and conversation in bringing that value forth The good things aren’t gone but I was hoping for greatness

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    Really 25 stars I think this one was my least favorite of the series and I really did not like the second bookI’m not entirely sure if it’s because it’s been a year since I read the last one or if the last one was just so mind blowingly good that this one could never hope to compare but this one just fell far short of all my expectationsFor one there was no real battle For another all of the endings for the characters were immense let downs And for a final thing the characters themselves seemed flat and uninteresting this time around It was just incredibly disappointing