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    YOU MUST READ THIS Have to have to you will It must be one of the BEST FINEST novels of all time y'all know that this is the sole topic I will NEVER joke aboutSeeing the elusive the ephemeral through different filters a jaguar prowling through the jungle a baby left all alone as if you had the privilege to do

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    Finally finished wish I were still reading all magic is gone from life now pls advsThis is the New Feminist Text I honestly think if every gal too young to remember or too young to even have a mother who actively remembers the effects of the women's movement of the 60s were given a copy of this book we'd have much less patriarchy

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    My introduction to the fiction of Joyce Carol Oates is Blonde a radically distilled accounting of the life and death of Norma Jeane Baker who exploded onto screens and magazine spreads in 1950 as Marilyn Monroe became a global sex sym

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    This book was very difficult to read Not because of the writing which is phenomenal but because we already know the sad ending Joyce Carol Oates takes us on a literary journey from babyhood through to the end with a flawles

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    This book was marvellous in many ways It's a fictional piece of work following the life of Norma Jeane Baker aka Marilyn Monroe from

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    I wasn't really sure how to go abo

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    I have conflicting emotions about this book and it goes something like this “The book is about Marilyn so what is there NOT to like about it right? Warts and all it is a powerful book written by a powerful writer” But the song that keeps playing in my head the words that keep haunting me comes from the voice of another writer This is the story of a rape“ This is the story of a rape of the events that led up to it and followe

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    Joyce Carol Oates has appropriated our American wet dream the winner of the global boner bracket the all time Who'd You Rather? champion she's taken and made some kind of Cinderella Christ myth out of her tarted up for the ball by her leering old fairy godfather and when the clock hits twelve martyred for our f

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    For all of Blonde's claims as a novelized feminist retelling of Marilyn Monroe's life I have seldom come across a book with disturbing dehumanizing references to the female body and mind I am aware that these are intended to further emphasize

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    Blonde is the Fictionalized Biography of Marilyn Monroe I chose to read it over a conventional style biography because I thought it would thought would be a personal account and show of her character and personality The book chronicles her life as a young child growing up with a mentally unstable mother and eventual placement in an orphanage and foster homesWe also see her transformation from the natural bea

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In her most ambitious work to date Joyce Carol Oates boldly reimagines the inner poetic and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker the child the woman the fated celebrity and idolized blonde the world came to kn. My introduction to the fiction of Joyce Carol Oates is Blonde a radically distilled accounting of the life and death of Norma Jeane Baker who exploded onto screens and magazine spreads in 1950 as Marilyn Monroe became a global sex symbol and almost as uickly exited the world in a drug overdose Published in 2000 this is fiction with characters of the author s invention mingling with real people some unidentified by name The word epic gets thrown about as an adjective far too often but seems appropriate here in a big daring book vivid and harrowing than a biography could be peeling away the layers around the 20th century s most enigmatic celebrityIn the speculative history Oates plunges the reader into Norma Jeane s first memory comes at the age of two or three when her mother Gladys Mortensen takes her to Grauman s Chinese Theater The curious curly haired girl begins to frame the events of her life as scenes in a silver screen drama being played out for an audience By the age of six in the year 1932 Norma Jeane is living in Los Angeles under the care of her maternal Grandma Della Her biological father is and always will be unknown while her mentally unstable mother works for The Studio in a negative cutting lab Insisting Norma Jeane call her Gladys she changes addresses almost as often as moods When Grandma Della suffers a stroke Norma Jeane is placed in the custody of her mother sharing a bungalow on 828 Highland Avenue Their closest friends are their neighbors Jess Flynn and Clive Pearce who work as a film cutter and a musician respectively Gladys sees that her shy daughter take piano lessons with Uncle Clive and takes her on tours past the homes of the stars but suffering paranoid schizophrenia is a physically and verbally abusive parent Gladys loses her job and after she sets the bungalow on fire is interned at the State Hospital in Norwalk Unable to care for a child full time Aunt Jess turns Norma Jeane over to the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society Who had brought her to this place the child could not recall There were no distinct faces in her memory and no names For many days she was mute Her throat was raw and parched as if she d been forced to inhale fire She could not eat without gagging and often vomiting She was sickly looking and sick She was hoping to die She was mature enough to articulate that wish I am so ashamed nobody wants me I want to die She was not mature enough to comprehend the rage of such a wish Nor the ecstasy of madness of ambition to revenge herself upon the world by conuering it somehow anyhow however any world is conuered by any mere individual and that individual female parentless isolated and seemingly of as much intrinsic worth as a solitary insect amid a teeming mass of insects Yet I will make you all love me and I will punish myself to spite your love was not then Norma Jeane s threat for she knew herself despite the wound in her soul lucky to have been brought to this place and not scalded to death or burned alive by her raging mother in the bungalow at 828 Highland AvenueNorma Jeane s charisma attracts couples looking to adopt but Gladys refuses to sign papers giving up custody In 1938 Norma Jeane is finally placed in a foster home with Elsie and Warren Pirig of Van Nuys As a teenager Norma Jeane is hard working and obedient but painfully shy an adeuate student who fails to be chosen for cheerleading or theater arts Genetic blessings and a gift for ethereal innocence wielded without effort attract the attention of men including her Uncle Warren Initially repelled by the prospect of marriage Norma Jeane bends to Elsie s schemes and weds a good looking boy from a respectable family named Bucky Glazer She is sixteen years oldAs a wife Norma Jeane seeks perfection and nothing less working hard to make sure that all of her husband s needs are met Initially grateful to have been matched to a wife with movie stars looks Bucky is nothing but a boy himself and ultimately bristles at his bride s neediness and creeping insecurity that he too might one day leave her In 1943 he does just that enlisting in the Merchant Marines Heartbroken and refusing the help of her in laws Norma Jeane goes to work at Radio Plane Aircraft in Burbank On the assembly line she ultimately catches the eye of photographer Otto Ose as he searches for good looking faces for a piece in Stars and Stripes on girls of the home frontAs a model Norma Jeane has her revenge on those who ve rejected her but has her eyes set on being taken seriously as an actress She lands an agent a cunning hunchback named IA Shinn who not only envisions big things for Norma Jeane but is in love with her Signed to a six month contract with The Studio after she submits to the sexual gratifications of starmaking executive Mr Z Norma Jeane Shinn and Z arrive on Marilyn Monroe as her new name Her contract expires without fanfare and Monroe accepts 50 from Otto Ose to pose nude With his client at rock bottom Shinn calls in favors and gets Monroe an audition for a bit part in a movie titled The Asphalt Jungle The director stares astonished at this platinum blonde lying on the floor at his feet Explaining the character to me to me the director She d become as unself conscious as a young willful child An aggressive child He forgets to light the Cuban cigar he s unwrapped and stuck between his teeth There s absolute silence in the rehearsal room as Marilyn Monroe begins the scene by shutting her eyes lying motionless in a mimicry of sleep her breathing deep and slow and rhythmic and her rib cage and breasts rising falling rising falling her smooth arms and her legs in nylons outstretched in the abandonment of sleep deep as hypnosis What are the thoughts men think gazing down upon the body of a beautiful sleeping girl Eyes shut lips just slightly parted The opening of the scene lasts no than a few seconds but it seems much longer And the director is thinking This girl is the first actress of the twenty or he s auditioned for the role including the black haired actress he s probably going to cast who has caught on to the significance of the scene s opening the first who seems to have given the role any intelligent thought and who has actually read the entire script or so she claims and formed some sort of judgment on it The girl opens her eyes sits up slowly and blinking wide eyed and says in a whisper Oh I must have been asleep Is she acting or has she actually been asleep Everyone s uncomfortable There is something strange here The girl with seeming na vet or cunning addresses the director and not the assistant who s reading Louis Calhern s lines and in this way she makes the director still with the unlit Cuban cigar clamped between his teeth her uncle loverThere were scenes in Blonde so vivid I saw them play out as a long form television in my mind Both the tragic glamour of the Marilyn Monroe story and Oates insightful and electric prose are powerfully compelling The rooting interest for Norma Jeane to survive the abuses leveled on her by those in power and to take control of her life is strong even though we know how she ultimately loses her life Oates justifies her massive page length by exploring how relationships or experiences became the keys Norma Jeane used to unlock her most memorable performances on set Norma Jeane s approach to her craft is responsible for the enigma of Marilyn Monroe Widmark was taken by surprise Never would he know who was Marilyn who was Nell It wasn t Widmark s style of acting He was a skilled technical actor He followed a director s direction Often his mind was elsewhere There was something humiliating about being an actor if you were a man Any actor is a kind of female The makeup the wardrobe fittings The emphasis on looks attractiveness Who the hell cares what a man looks like What kind of man wears eye makeup lipstick rouge But he d expected to walk away with the movie A crappy melodrama that might ve been a stage play it was so talky and static mostly a single set Richard Widmark was the sole box office name in the cast and he took it for granted he d dominate the movie Swagger through Don t Bother To Knock as the love interest of two good looking young women who never meet The other was Anne Bancroft in her Hollywood debut But every fucking scene with Nell was a grapple He d swear that girl wasn t acting She was so deep into her movie character you couldn t communicate with her it was like trying to speak with a sleepwalker Eyes wide open and seemingly seeing but she s seeing a dream Of course the babysitter Nell was a kind of sleepwalker the script defined her that way And seeing Jed Powers she doesn t see him she sees her dead fianc she s trapped in delusionOates demonstrates remarkable agility balancing plates in Blonde There s Norma Jeane s need for respect as an artist and how this contradicts her need to be cared for There are the men her second husband referred to as The Ex Athlete and third husband who goes as The Playwright as well as two fictions the estranged sons of Charlie Chaplin and Edward G Robinson who Norma Jeane constructs a m nage trois with all of these are nuanced characters attracted to pieces of Norma Jeane and repelled by parts of Marilyn Though mingling of fact and fiction we re shown how an often sick industry can damage and destroy unstable people and whether immortality on film is worth that sacrifice

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Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates

Wood's myth and an extraordinary woman's heartbreaking reality Blonde is a sweeping epic that pays tribute to the elusive magic and devastation behind the creation of the great twentieth century American star. For all of Blonde s claims as a novelized feminist retelling of Marilyn Monroe s life I have seldom come across a book with disturbing dehumanizing references to the female body and mind I am aware that these are intended to further emphasize Marilyn s loathed and loved standing in the American psyche as the virginwhore goddessgarbage dichotomy but the painful overuse of the adjectives cow cunt and mammalian to describe Marilyn as well as endlessly repetitive descriptions of female stench and the disgust of menstruation smack of reveling in degradation than they do of exposing exploitation Even though I reminded myself on every page that this book is a feminist interpretation of Marilyn s part of the Hollywood mythos I found it hard to stomachPerhaps I am missing the point but so be it

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Ow as Marilyn Monroe In a voice startlingly intimate and rich Norma Jeane tells her own story of an emblematic American artist intensely conflicted and driven who had lost her way A powerful portrait of Holly. This book was very difficult to read Not because of the writing which is phenomenal but because we already know the sad ending Joyce Carol Oates takes us on a literary journey from babyhood through to the end with a flawless relentless depiction of the mind within the body that embarked on this particular journey It is beyond sad to bear witness to the reactions and defenses of a mind molded by fear uncertainty unpredictability and unreliability that resulted in a young woman who became her own worst enemy and basically orchestrated her own downfall With her background falling prey to the Hollywood system of male dominance of the time seemed inevitable The failure of The Blonde s various coping mechanisms was not surprising nor was it surprising that this also sabotaged her personal relationships resulting in yet reinforcement for self sabotage A downward directed spiral indeed Lamentable as the story is I would recommend this book to any reader who is interested in the psychology of mind that can propel a soul through life from innocence to a tragic end