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    35 starsThe last book in this series about four sibling and what can I say all of them have followed the same formula hH have had terrible love lives before meeting each other hero with divorces from terrible women and heroine with terrible ex husbandsfiancee's; with some suspense thrown in The hero is ex special forces and works security at the heroine's dad's company His life is turned upside down when he discovers t

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    3 12 Stars Zach is a Security Chief for an oil company in Texas; divorced ex Special Forces and certain that he's not the lovable sort In the midst of a crisis at work he receives a call from Phoenix that his ex wife has died in a car accident and he needs to go and get his twin daughters This throws Zach for a loop as he hadn't known his ex wife was pregnant when they divorced One look at the four year olds is enough to convince him they a

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    twas interesting

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0003 was wife wary Zach insisted the marriage was to be strictly platonic But one searing kiss between the instant couple proved that the arrangement was going to be impossible to keep Happily ever after—with kid.

SUMMARY Suddenly a Family

Suddenly a Family

FAMILIES ARE FOREVER SUDDENLY A WIFE Toni Anderson knew she owed Zachary Knight a favor But she never dreamed he would propose a marriage of convenience so she could be mother to the twin daughters he'd never know.

READ & DOWNLOAD ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB â Leann Harris

N he hadWith the girls' real mother gone Zach had to prove they would have a stable home life—or lose them And he didn't know he was offering her the impossible children to call her own Trouble Suddenly a ePUB #1.