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  • Paperback
  • 242
  • Ralegh's Last Journey A Tale of Madness Vanity and Treachery
  • Paul Hyland
  • English
  • 01 March 2019
  • 9780007108923

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    Enjoyed reading this one Would like to find a full biography of Sir Walter Ralegh 'Ralegh's Last Journey' tells a similar story to that of fellow Elizabethan sea dog Drake and therefore the man's best years are not recounted in this bookPaul Hyland's 2003 tale of madness vanity and treachery covers Walt's final voyage to the Orinoco River on his dream boat escapade search for El Dorado in 1617 Returning a year later to face arrest and finally execution on the 29th October 1618Hyland has written a detailed and well researched account that shows the madness vanity and treachery in large part emanated from King James I It was a catalytic moment for the Puritan revolution Richard Polwhele an eighteenth century West Country historian wrote 'I shall only hint that the execution of this great man whom James was advised to sacrifice to the advancement of peace with Spain hath left an indelible stain on the memory of that misguided monarch' As the twentieth century historian GMTrevelyan commented 'the ghost of Ralegh pursued the House of Stuart to the scaffold'The reader can only concur with the above opinions Sir Walter or Sir Water as Elizabeth I nick named him in gentle mockery of his Devon brogue in 1618 was 'old limping grey haired weakened and desperate but still damnably proud Water the man legally dead but risen again from the waves'and no he didn't introduce tobacco into England

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    A very engaging historical novel about the last few weeks of Sir Walter Ralegh's life and the surreal circumstances leading to its end

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Ralegh's Last Journey A Tale of Madness Vanity and Treachery

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