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    Few picture book titles come with ualifications More often than not they are statements of strong purpose I Can Do It Too or No I Want Daddy Declarative books with forthright ideas and messages for the preschool set That’s all well and good but sometimes you want a book that entices you to pick through its pages from the title onward Now there is no doubt that My Dad Is Big and Strong But is a work of translation From the minute you look at it it has all the signs The drawings are fun and eclectic but they feel strangely European perhaps? And the art inside is a mix of mixed media photographs and graphite Then there’s the story which doesn’t end with that kooky twist we Americans almost reuire in books of this sort these days Finally there's that title that seems to float in mid air without direction Yes there is no doubt left in your mind that this is a French translation but there is also no doubt that it is one of the most charming and engaging picture books to hike down the pike in years A story that upsets expectations but retains its heart this is the perfect bedtime fare for any kiddo that rejects the very notion of going to sleep and who has a sense of humor Our hero’s dad has many fine and outstanding ualities He is big He is strong But he does have one significant flaw that’s hard to overlook Every night it’s the same old story When bedtime rolls around he just adamantly refuses to go The only thing to do is to start out by reading him some stories After two he’ll demand another but his son is having none of it It’s straight to bed and a game of waiting until the dad’s asleep if the son tries to go to bed early he’ll just have to contend with a wide awake dad barging into his room anyway Finally he seems to be asleep but just as the son attempts to turn out the life he hears “No don’t do that Leave the light on” Because while his dad may be big and strong he’s also a bit afraid of the dark There’s an entire subgenre of picture books out there where expectations are upended to the delight of the child reader I can think of four books off the top of my head where a character is scared about the first day of school and then turns out to be a teacher Back to School Tortoise by Lucy M George was the latest And Amy Krouse Rosenthal went to town with the idea in Little Pea a pea refuses to eat his dinner of candy Little Hoot an owl wants to go to bed while his parents insist he stay up all night and Little Oink a pig doesn’t want to dirty his room Saudo’s book isn’t the first I’ve seen about a parent not wanting to go to bed either Last year Amy Krouse Rosenthal yet again came out with Bedtime for Mommy It was a sweet enough book and the illustrations by LeUyen Pham were divine but there’s something about My Dad is Big and Strong that’s better I can’t uite put my finger on it but it has something to do with the combination of storytelling visual and verbal The art itself is just a delight Illustrator Kris Di Giacomo likes to draw figures with striking profiles then give them whole heaping handfuls of energy The boy’s dad does flips and throws himself bodily to the floor when the prospect of beddy bye looms near I enjoyed the fact that the dad always wears his hat even when he’s tucked into bed And in these images we never have a moment where the roles are reversed even for a second The son is clearly the son in this situation and though he is filling the role of makeshift parent he’s still just a kid How else to explain the images of his father picking him up or the family photos on the walls behind them? Finally from an aesthetic standpoint I couldn’t help but love that the pages of the book itself were thick and sturdy They make it feel like it’s worthy of holding on to and treasuring Is translation an art or a science? A little of both I think In this case it was Claudia Zoe Bedrick who took it upon herself to translate the text of Mon Papa Il est Grand Il est Fort MAIS Now some translations feel wrong and awkward Their words feel all elbows and angles like someone tried to physically cram them into the wrong context Nothing about this book feels like that The language flows naturally like when the son explains to his father that he needs to get his rest so that he’ll be in good shape the next day “it’s right at that moment that things get complicated” Bedrick is adept at pulling out just the right phrase at the right moment but even impressive is the fact that she manages to convey the right tone with the writing The book projects this very familiar parental feeling of affection riddled with irritation It is sweet and it is patient but it is also pretty darn clear that the son would like to go to bed himself and that just ain’t happening We relate Kids won't They'll just find it funny Heck I even liked the typography of this book which is saying something right there I do worry that with its brownish cover there’s a possibility that potential readers will pass right by this book without noticing it on the shelf The trick is to get it into their hands by talking it up Once you do the story will reward them with its strange sweetness Parents are always looking for interesting bedtime fare and to find one that’s funny to boot is just a nice plus Don’t be turned off by the fact that at a glance it doesn’t resemble the hundred carbon copy titles out there about reluctant sleepyheads This book is a true original in the best sense Consider it your own little secret weapon on the war on bedtime A findFor ages 4 8

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    This is a cute role reversal story and I think that children ages 3 to 8 will appreciate it Independent readers will also enjoy reading it It’s a perfect bedtime story as long as it doesn’t overly excite the kids The story is a role reversal story of a routine that most kids will find familiar resisting going to bed A son cajoles his father to go to bed as his father plays every trick in the book to avoid doing so My edition was not a board book but it’s a hardcover with the thickest pages I’ve ever felt so it’s safe to let the youngest kids handle the book as long as they’re relatively gentle with booksI liked the book I think many young children its targeted audience will love this bookThe story is funny and sweet and true The illustrations are creatively done I particularly enjoyed the pictures of the dog3 ½ stars

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    Translated from the French this picture book takes the traditional bedtime story and turns it upside down Every night it’s the same thing Dad does not want to go to bed The boy tries to get his father to bed nicely by using logic but his dad just gets wilder and wilder The boy refuses to chase after him instead offering a uiet story together That always works and the two of them sit together in a chair the father on the boy’s small lap Two stories later and the boy finally has his father tucked into bed but the process is not done yet The boy can’t head to his own bed yet or his father will ask to sleep with him And though his father may be big and strong he’s also afraid of the darkRead the rest of my review on my blog Waking Brain Cells

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    This is a hilarious story about a reversal of roles between parent and child specifically at bedtime The story is really fun to read aloud and would be great for a partner read with one person reading the dad's dialogue and the other reading the rest of the narrative The illustrations are an interesting mix of texures mixed media and pictures and the paper used for the book is unusually thick Overall we really enjoyed reading this story together

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    This book is a simple but clever twist on tradition as a small boy tries to convince his father to go to bed on time The role reversals are all simple and predictable but work nicely in this simple book translated from FrenchFrom a desire for bedtime stories to a uestion of whether it's safe to sleep in the dark the idea that dads are people too is an important one There is a current trend to have fathers in picture books and this is a good thing

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    Children and adults will both laugh at this role reversal as a boy tries to get his father to go to sleep With everything from one story to leaving the light on children will recognize themselves and their own bedtime curtain calls An excellent addition to your family’s own bedtime routineReviewed by Reviewer 19

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    This book was SO much fun to read It's a bedtime story about a little boy who has to try to get his dad to go to bed Favorite part was when the dad climbed onto his son's lap for a bedtime story my little guy thought that was hilarious

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    I think this one would be entertaining to pair with Interrupting Chicken

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    This book has a great twist that you never saw coming instead of it being a little boy who doesn’t want to sleep it is a little boy who is trying to convince his dad to go to bed This book is a fun read and I think would be very interesting to have an a classroom it shows a relationship that one can have between father and son and her family is important

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    Realistic Fiction 2012A twist on a bedtime story because the son is trying to put his dad to bed Really fun illustrations I would use this in the classroom as a fun read aloud that the students could relate back to a family member doesn’t have to be a dad

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T a pain they can be at bedtime while affirming the tender bond between father and sonA joyful sweet laughter inducing book that children will clamor to read again and againCoralie Saudo is a children's book author and illustrator with an altogether terrific sense of humor She has written over twenty books many of which she has illustrated In this volume her high spirited text is perfectly matched by the high hum Children and adults will both laugh at this role reversal as a boy trie

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Every night it’s the same old thing with dad refusing to go to bed He wants to play read stories even sleep with me and when he makes his pleading face I always give in and read him another story But that’s it since enough is enough When it get’s really tough I tell myself Have courage We’re almost thereA boy’s playful account of trying to put his dad to sleep gives children a delightful heads up on wha This is a cute role reversal story and I think that children ages 3 to

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Or of Kris Di Giacomo's illustrationsBorn in Brazil Kris Di Giacomo is a popular children's book illustrator who has lived in France for a long time After a brief stint in the United States she moved to France where teaching English to young children and discovering French picture books were the triggers that led her into illustration She has illustrated twenty picture books a few of which she has written as well I think this one would be entertaining to pair with Interrupting Chicke

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