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A Bewitching Hypnotist And A Cynical Rake Discover There's More To Love Than Mere SuggestionBesieged with reuests by social lionesses wanting to be considered au courant Rowena Morely's talent for hypnotism was dazzling the ton Lord Barlow skeptical for h.

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Er abilities watched with growing alarm as both his mother and young ward spent entirely too much time with the green eyed charlatanRowena could not resist a challenge and Barlow's ill mannered cynicism dated her to hypnotize the confirmed bachelor into be.

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Lieving that he would soon become enslaved in marriage Of course it was all a trick but the unsuspecting Barlow uickly discovered her spell was wreaking havoc on his mind and heart For the woman who had ensnared him totally was the bewitching Rowena hersel.