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Farm City The Education of an Urban Farmer

Nd pictured heirloom tomatoes a beehive and a chicken coop What started out as a few egg laying chickens led to turkeys geese and ducks Soon some rabbits joined the fun then two three hundred pound pigs And no these charming and eccentric animals weren't pets; she was a farmer not a zookeeper Novella was raising these animals for dinner Novella Carpenter's corner of downtown Oakland is populated by unforgettable characters Lana anal spelled backward she reminds us runs a speakeasy across the street and refuses to hurt even a fly let alone condone raising turkeys for Thanksgiving Bobby the homeless man who collects cars and car parts just outside the farm is an invaluable neighborhood concierge The turkeys Harold and Maude tend to escape on a daily basis to cavort with the prostitutes This was a painful read The major problem of the book was summed up in the conclusion which is comprised of Carpenter's standard combination of hackneyed rhetoric painfully ignorant social commentary narcissism and total inconsistency In one breath she tells us that she has not changed the land it has changed her and in the next she tells us that perhaps she has altered the future of Oakland so actually she thinks she has changed the land She tells us that she has finally found her identity a farmer and in the next breath tells us that she was recently shocked to discover that roosters crow early in the morning She tells us that she has a deep respect for animals and her relationship with them but makes absolutely ZERO effort to understand them and when the rooster crowing becomes annoying she is all to happy to have the animal killed not as a sacred offering as she describes the process earlier but because the crowing is a pain in the ass She loves living in the ghetto but hopes the ghetto changes to her conception of what poverty could be She is self deprecating as far as calling herself as well as everyone who has ever been useful to her a freak and an asshole but is incapable of showing this humility when it comes to seeing what a total lack of care she has when it comes to the animals In her dealings with animals the attitude seems to be Well just because I have no experience and have no understanding of X animal doesn't mean I shouldn't buy some; If it doesn't work out they'll either die off due to my ineptitude or they'll live long enough for me to kill them This woman is insufferably pretentious made worse by her total lack of awareness or sense of humor Most of the beginning of the book is devoted to her describing how she has had every cool idea that ever occurred but no one appreciates how incredibly cool she is because the rest of us are so lame and stupid unless you're a vegetarian and then you're an annoying sentimentalist or also if you're from California you're a fake freak that has come here to reinvent yourself unlike the author who has always been impossibly cool and ahead of the crowd Or you work at the post office or buy your food at the grocery store or you do farm but don't have bees or you are a republican or you live in a good neighborhood or you live on a rural farm or you're an anarchist or you're straight edge Who is a jerk? people who work at the post office urban farmers that don't eat their animals rural farmers everyone else who lives in California people who ask her uestions vegetarians people who shop using catalogues homesteaders anarchists people who name their animals the poorWhat else sucks? clean streets Cold weather nice things house rules when living with roommatesartisan butchers that don't do things the way she imagined them in fantasyThis is made even worse by the totally artless prose peppered with expletives and horribly boring details that do nothing for the narrative eg a page devoted to how she doesn't generally shop from catalogues and has low grade aggression against people who do but would make exceptions when it came to farm euipment a story about how she borrowed a friend's truck and decided not to tell him that she had overloaded the truck bed and possibly damaged the suspension End of story Apparently no one in the city of Oakland knows how to tell if a watermelon is ripe so she had to drive to Mendocino Really? While this is absurd it also speaks to the fact that she never made a single friend in years of living there or even on a speaking basis with any farmerbasically competent person in vegetables On killing slugs I felt great I killed so others might live Death is all around us even in an innocent watermelon You just have to know where to look I am not sure what others she imagines we're fighting for survival on her watermelon nutritionally vacuous but the histrionic prose is abundant

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Hanging around just off the highway nearby Every day on this strange and beautiful farm urban meets rural in the most surprising ways For anyone who has ever grown herbs on their windowsill tomatoes on their fire escape or obsessed over the offerings at the local farmers' market Carpenter's story will capture your heart And if you've ever considered leaving it all behind to become a farmer outside the city limits or looked at the abandoned lot next door with a gleam in your eye consider this both a cautionary tale and a full throated call to action Farm City is an unforgettably charming memoir full of hilarious moments fascinating farmers' tips and a great deal of heart It is also a moving meditation on urban life versus the natural world and what we have given up to live the way we d Audioversion Two and a half stars The story apparently sprang from her blog about how she moved to inner city Oakland California and began growing her own food—moving uickly from fruits and vegetables to bees to meat birds and rabbits and finally to raising pigs—by suatting on a vacant inner city lot next to an apartment she rents I had some mixed feelings about this one The book is engaging and there is a part of Carpenter that seems to have honorable intentions and a good heart But there’s this other part of her that’s smug an it’s all about what I think is right side she doesn’t really care much how the strong smells and sounds of her farm affect her neighbors she mostly hopes they won’t complain because in her eyes she’s doing such good She uses a lot of salty language in situations that don’t seem to call for it She finally lets loose an unbelievably crude expletive about Sheila the woman she hires to kill her pigs when she doesn't do it exactly how or when Carpenter wanted with her oh so special pigs I’ve never heard a female use this term about another female and putting it in writing where ostensibly there was time and consideration given to using it seriously lowered my opinion of Carpenter In my eyes she went from a well intentioned new breed of loving earth mother she rather affectionately calls herself “a freak” to a sanctimonious self absorbed little twerp And that’s a heck of a lot nicer than what she called Sheila

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Urban and rural collide in this wry inspiring memoir of a woman who turned a vacant lot in downtown Oakland into a thriving farm Novella Carpenter loves cities the culture the crowds the energy At the same time she can't shake the fact that she is the daughter of two back to the land hippies who taught her to love nature and eat vegetables Ambivalent about repeating her parents' disastrous mistakes yet drawn to the idea of backyard self sufficiency Carpenter decided that it might be possible to have it both ways a homegrown vegetable plot as well as museums bars concerts and a twenty four hour convenience mart mere minutes away Especially when she moved to a ramshackle house in inner city Oakland and discovered a weed choked garbage strewn abandoned lot next door She closed her eyes a I like reading gardening memoirs even though I do not have a vegetable garden As a farmer's granddaughter I appreciate all of the hard work it takes to grow and raise foodFarm City is an entertaining book about an urban farmer in Oakland California and she describes her neighborhood as being in the ghetto At various times Novella has kept chickens rabbits turkeys ducks geese bees and even pigs in her backyard I visited her blog Ghost Town Farm and saw she also had a goat She planted a vegetable garden and some fruit trees and even took over an abandoned lot next door which she uses as a community gardenI enjoyed most of Novella's stories but there were a lot of digressions that I had to skim This book should have been better edited not every rambling blog post needs to be printed in a book Some gardening memoirs that I thought were better written were The 64 Tomato by William Alexander and Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver But Farm City was a nice pleasant read at the start of summerSmall rant here because I HAVE OPINIONS I thought Novella and her boyfriend were nuts for trying to raise pigs in the city If you want to raise that kind of livestock move to the country There are zoning laws for reasons Several neighbors of theirs complained about the smell the pigs made and I don't blame them If my neighbor started keeping pigs in her backyard I would raise hell Look I love and appreciate urban gardens but there are limits you guys

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The Education ePUB ↠ Novella Carpenter grew up in rural Idaho and Washington State She majored in biology and English at the University of Washington in Seattle While attending Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism she studied Farm City PDF/EPUB ² under Michael Pollan for two years Her urban farm began with a few chickens then some bees until City The Education of an Epub / she had a full blown farm near downtown OaklandAuthor photo courtesy of author website.