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Lose this baby too and can't stand the thought of putting him through that pain againAs the weeks pass Frankie is amazed to realize that she just might carry this baby to term But now she knows she has to face Luke..

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Lone Star Diary

She longed for a babyFollowing years of heartbreaking miscarriages Frankie McBride has left an unhappy marriage and returned home to Texas where an unexpected attraction to Texas Ranger Luke Driscoll turns into an u.

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Nexpected pregnancyLuke's wife and child died six years ago and while he has a reputation Lone Star eBook #9734 as a tough cop he's wary of heartbreak Frankie keeps her secret from Luke because she's certain she'll.

3 thoughts on “Lone Star Diary

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    Not bad but that summary is unbelievably misleading

  2. says:

    I love this book I thoroughly enjoyed it

  3. says:

    Not the best book I've read this week but it was pretty good I liked the story though there were boring parts and at least now we have the ending with the evil guy so it was overall a good read

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