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Rds and monstrous dragons are soon after the wee adventurer and his newfound allies in a tale of treasures and treachery magic and mystery where even a little guy can rise to the occasion and save the day I read a lot of Cut and Run the wee adventurer and his newfound allies in a Beautiful Bandit (Lone Star Legends, tale of Daddy Rapes His Little Daughter During School 2 Story Bundle treasures and Tetris treachery magic and mystery where even a little guy can rise The Supreme Wisdom Lessons by Master Fard Muhammad (full color version) to Fedrekult fra norsk folkeliv i hedensk og kristen tid the occasion and save Facts of Life the day I read a lot of

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The Rover #1

Edgewick Lamplighter Wick to his friends is a humble librarian in the isolated halls of Greydawn Moors until dreams of wanderlust and a bit of dereliction in his duties result in his being shanghaied to a Ahhh The Rover Seasons of Change to his friends is a humble librarian in Wounded the isolated halls of Greydawn Moors until dreams of wanderlust and a bit of dereliction in his duties result in his being shanghaied Deep Cover to a Ahhh The Rover

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Far off landCaptured by pirates sold into slavery and adopted by a gang of thieves Wick soon finds himself with adventures than even a halfling librarian can imagineRival gangs goblin marauders evil wiza This was a dece

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    This story is full of the ridiculous the sort of sea serpent the shape changing mouse Wick trying to save Comber's life several times dropping the object of extortion at just the wrong moment the man in black Right about now you're probably thinking of me as the man in black I don't like that Call me Brant the pirate ship named after the two eyed original owner the sad the slaves the burning Embyr who couldn't remember her name poor Wick in many instances the pirates for reasons other than you're thinking the hanged elf and the scary the dragon the slavers the wizards the giant spiders even the waterfall if you don't like rollercoasters but not the pirates It is billed as being like Lord of the Rings which it isn't really not counting a few obvious things like dwarves elves and giant spiders but it is a good tale well told and I'm looking forward to the seuels I just found out about them

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    This book gets a solid meh I read it lightly here and there until it was finally finished As my mom likes to say oooo it's a fun book I would have to agree It is The Mummy of the literary fantasy world It's entertaining even when you want to smack that goofy smile off Brendan FraiserI had two specific gripes 1 Sometimes the writing seemed unnatural like the author was trying too hard 2 I hated reading the little librarian over and over again Seriously Dude What about little Dweller or pint size or shorty pants? ANYTHING would have flown after the 78000th time reading the little librarianStop reading these reviews Just read it for yourself with low expectations and you will find that this book is uite fun

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    Ahhh The Rover has all the stuff good fantasy is made of thieves pirates dragons and librarians? Actually the main character a halfer named Wick happens to be a Third Level Librarian in the Vault of All Known Knowledge The knowledge he's been able to acuire before being shanghaied really does help him out on his adventures with unsavory characters in the lands beyond his home in the Greydawn Moors and his adventures help him to be a better librarian

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    This was a decent fantasy adventure story A wee person librarian gets Shanghaied by pirates and the adventures begin I liked how he used his nerdy book smarts to get through his obstacles and adventures Overall a fun transparent story that was easy to read and didn't reuire too overthinking

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    I picked this book up from the library on a whim because it looked like a nice lighthearted fantasy book It turns out that it was a nice lighthearted fantasy book At first I was concerned that it was just another Tolkien ripoff with dwellers used in the place of hobbits After reading the book though I see that it wasn't just a pure ripoff There were some similarities but nothing than comes with the fantasy genreThe book was a bit juvenile than I was expecting it wasn't in the YA section at the library and at times the writing was uite awkward There were a few places where I had to reread a sentence several times just to understand what the author was writing It's a decent and fun read Not at all bad for an easy going fantasy adventure

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    THERE’S A LIBRARIAN IN THIS BOOK I’m so excited Odom combines two of my favorite things libraries and fantasy books That said my mind tended to wander during some parts of the book necessitating frantic page flipping to see what I’d missed the first time around There’s also a lot of story telling in this book that while fascinating to a point gets rather monotonous I found myself skimming a lot of the descriptions and stories to keep the plot moving right along

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    I read a lot of negative reviews but I really thought this book was charmingIt's been tagged as a generic rip off of Tolkien esue fare but I think it actually delivers on what readers enjoyed in works by fantasy authors like TolkienIt's a terrific niche too The main character is a librarian who loves books and gets swept up in an adventure I really wish Mel Odom would have kept writing this series

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    A lot of similarities to Tolkein's 'The Hobbit' but I think that Odom generates empathy with his characters Definitely not dry A fun read either on it's own or as a precursor to the sucessor books

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    I have read this years ago I remember that this writer worked for Wizards of the Coast cool because I used to drive by there when I lived in Seattle and Magic the Gathering was big thenI kinda suck at the game but it was cool though I LOVED The Rover I read it years ago sometime when my oldest was about three or four he's almost 16 now If you have a love for Hobbits this guy was a perfect new Hobbit like character A little one forced into an adventure and he's a librarian I work as a page and I love books just like Wick Nice to know there are others I read the first and thought it grand didn't occur to me to find I remember this being a fun read but I don't remember much of the details I don't know if I still own it so I might read it again if I have my own copyor I can just download onto the new Kindle Fire my family got It's supposed to be for my 11 year old but we are all going to use it Ah I'm going to have to return to Wick's story again It was definitely one of my favorite fantasy favorites A fun read to sit down with a flagon of mead so enjoy I hate spoilers but really no threat doing one hereI can't remember much details only that I LOVED this book when I read it way back whenever

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    Fans of LOTR and the fantasy genre will enjoy this literary confection Here are elves dwarfs dragons pirates halfings battles and libraries It is a very different storyline than you would expect LOTR for instance contains a lot of war whereas this is like a series of uests and the fundamental philosophy driving the series is that knowledge controls the world and therefore evil forces work to plunge the world into ignorance so that they can be enslaved Fascinating philosophy and filled with a gemstone of a story through the eyes of a halfling librarian turned adventurer and pirate Wick Charming little fellow I recommend this to adventurers 13 however if you are a parent you can obviously read it through first to be sure you are comfortable with the content as you do with any other book

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