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Free read The King of Spades

The King of Spades

Did she love enough to forget the past Sara Everette was stunned by the suicidal death of her best friend Maura Penhurst and she knew who to blame.

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A holiday in Monte Carlo she was determined to seek revenge But fate turned the tables and somehow she found herself in love with a man she hated.

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For it Maura's last letter had told of the heartbreak she had suffered when she was jilted by Armand Romond de Poulain So when Sara met Armand on.

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    This is a re read First read this than 20 years ago Sara is on vacation but she's uite sad Her best friend had just committed suicide over a love affair gone wrong Sara's only brother who was secretly in love with the friend is devastated so leaves the country Now Sara is all alone While at the pool she notices

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    This is the first ever Harleuin Romance I ever read when I was 13

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    This was the Harleuin book cover edition Mum's copy was the UK Mills and Boon book cover which I much prefer More glamorous in my view for the backdrop to the story I loved this story and it has been a keeper in my collection since the 1970s this was the first Katrina Britt I ever read It remains a keeperSYNOPSISSara Everette was st

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