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Are was six and Henry was thirty six and were married when Clare was twenty three and Henry thirty one Impossible but true because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono Displacement Disorder periodically his genetic clock resets and he finds himself misplaced in time pulled to moments of emotional gravity in his life past and future His disappearances are spontaneous his experiences unpredictable alternately harrowing and. Warning Spoilery review Short version Hurry up and read this Holy crap Someone should have warned me about reading this book at work I have been sitting here bawling my eyes out tears streaming madly down my cheeks flooding my eyes until the words swim into fields of glistening black lines This book is so beautiful and anguishing to read I can t even be objective about it because it was one of those stories that just burrowed a lot closer to home than you could ever feel comfortable with Really though even objectively I have little to offer in the way of criticism What was probably a nightmare of a book to write was woven together seamlessly so beautifully constructed it seems like a living organic thing than an idea born inside someone s head I liked the foreshadowing I liked the intricacy I liked that we never really know what Alba chooses in the future whether she embraces the time travel or tries to stop it I loved the poignant pain that begins to trickle across the pages as the pieces begin falling into place I am curious to see how Clare and Alba s relationship developed once Henry was gone but I was happy it was not in the story That there are plenty of things for my imagination to fill in makes me happy I also really liked the approach the author took to the paradox of time travel It seemed the most plausible unarguable position I ve ever heard and I have taken a class on it though I have not allowed myself to think about it too hard as I have no wish at least within the context of this book to unravel how much sense it makes What really hit me in the gut seriously I did not even cry this hard when I read Where the Red Fern Grows for the first time and I got red faced puffy eyed and ugly over that one was the horrible feeling that I could see myself as Clare and know exactly how she felt about Henry and could fill the unwritten pages of her future with grief that I would know and understand I cannot imagine losing my husband I cannot imagine ever having to face a day knowing that he was not there and never would be again No matter how much I would want to think that for his sake I would be strong go on live out my life with joy and accomplishment as he would have wanted the truth is I would probably wind up just like Henry s father a wasted suandered creature who does not know how to exist alone without the sound of his laughter the warmth of his arms around my body the feel of his head resting against my chest the drowsy murmur of I love you against my ear as we drift off to sleep the domestic intimacy and companionship that accompanies the hiss of bacon frying in the skillet as he and I stand side by side fixing breakfast on Sunday mornings I do not know who I would be without those things but I would be someone unrecognizable from who I am now This book is also listed on IMDB which really excites me as I think it could be a beautiful movie Everything it needs to be good is right here in the book and because of the manner of Henry s death it even lacks the melodramatic twist that most dramas rely on such as a car accident an act of God or something else outside of the character s control No there is culpability here and that is an incredibly powerful thing While it was not the purpose of this book to examine how Claire dealt with her father and brother after Henry s death or how they dealt with themselves it would have been so interesting to see There s too much to like about this book and something so real and raw and powerful about the sadness and grief it portrays Incredible

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Amusing The Time Traveler’s Wife depicts the effects of time travel on Henry and Clare’s marriage and their passionate love for each other as the story unfolds from both points of view Clare and Henry attempt to live normal lives pursuing familiar goals steady jobs good friends children of their own All of this is threatened by something they can neither prevent nor control making their story intensely moving and entirely unforgettable. I am conflicted about this book Do not let my 4 stars fool you they are an emotional ratingI ll start with the things I really liked about itLoved all the foreshadowing The knowing something was going to happen and maybe even a little bit of what it was but never knowing or understanding fully until both characters had experienced the moment And then all the foreshadowing of the tragic end Once I started putting the puzzle together I really couldn t put it down And I had several moments where I couldn t control the tears even long before the tragedy happens because the foreshadowing was that emotionally chargedI felt that the way the author set it up was ingenious While you are reading along in a fairly chronological timeline it is interspersed with moments of past and future as Henry travels through time At first it felt very disjunct but by the end I really loved the way it mirrored how Henry and Clare must feel as they lived their life in such a non chronological manner Especially HenryThe love story was indeed epic I bawled like a baby at the end it was so tragic to me And sweet at the same time The way that the author addressed themes of love fate destiny personal choice and of course time was mind blowing at times as all time travel issues are to me but very cool to see how it all intertwined I liked how she dealt with the whole time travel issue in that Henry could never actually change anything in the future Everything already happened whether in the past or the future because for Henry his future is his past and his past is his future I told you it was a bit mind blowing But yeah the love story was rivetingThings I didn t like so muchThe absolutely uneccesary detail of the mundane I felt the author spent too much time describing grocery lists literally of things and music and whatever when she could have been examining the thoughts and feelings of the characters It took me 3 weeks to read this book and not because it was long I didn t have any problem ignoring it for days at a time because of the tedious reading at times Nothing in the writing made me want to keep reading until the last half of the book which I did read much uicklyThe language F word on nearly every page Two sitings of the C word Totally unnecessary The love scenes were often a bit graphic and there were so many of them Because of this I started feeling that the love was based in sex than anything and I would have like the author to explore some of the deep feelings that did show up when Henry and Clare weren t in bed Again unnecessary reallySometimes I got confused and experienced deja vu Knowing it was because one of the characters had already mentioned a certain event and I would often have to go through the book and find the previous mention so I could have full understandingMostly though it was a very cool book And very emotionalat least for me It really spoke to something in me about relationships and choices and destiny not that I totally believe in destiny but you knowp

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A funny often poignant tale of boy meets girl with a twist what if one of them couldn't stop slipping in and out of time Highly original and imaginative this debut novel raises uestions about life love and the effects of time on relationshipsAudrey Niffenegger’s innovative debut The Time Traveler’s Wife is the story of Clare a beautiful art student and Henry an adventuresome librarian The Time PDF or who have known each other since Cl. Why can t there be a negative star rating I hated hated this book And yes I did finish it All way too many pages of it But in my defense it was foolishly the only book I brought with me when I was hospitalized for 24 hours after wisdom tooth surgery and when your options are daytime soaps or this wretched bookwell at least I got to read the ending and conclude definitively that it wasn t worth it Okay now that I ve gotten a bit of a rant out let me be a little organized about my dislikes1 The sex More accurately the sex after sex after sex in graphic detail not pornographic detail granted but WAY than I wanted to picture at all sorts of different ages Wow Yeah I just hated that If it serves a purpose to the plot fine include it but don t give me every single move I just don t need to know that2 The plot was convoluted I can say this fairly because I read it in practically one sitting and while I was able to keep things straight it would have served the book better to not attempt to take in so many sub plots and minutia 3 Okay I will admit that for having a sci fi premise the concept of time travel as outlined here was at least moderately believable What I didn t like was that it wasn t especially original anyone seen Journeyman yet had the pretension that it was4 The whole crux of the novel was the great love story between Henry and Claire Yet as a reader I m much interested and moved by two NICE people ending up together and staying together than two people I just don t like that much Let s face it Henry is not a great guy And there s that whole poor rich girl thing going on with Claire I just wasn t feeling itOkay all of that said I really don t recommend this book to anyone I realize there are a lot of people that like it I know I checked the reviews expecting to be completely vindicated but alas it seems I m in the minority but those people who like it apparently enjoy a different class of book than I do There are so many great works out there why waste your time with this

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    I'm only adding this book because it annoys me that it popped up on the most popular reads People this book is terrible Do yourself a favor and pretend you'd never heard of it My short answer is that it's just no good the long version is in the following list which I call The Problems I Have With The Time Traveler's Wife1 The author is indecisive Rather than accepting that this is a science fiction novel she tries to write a soci

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    I recently read The Time Traveler's Wife and was pretty disappointed the author somehow manages to turn such an awesome premise the dude actually time travels into something pretty flat and dull The first hundred pages really hooked me but after a while I started to get irritated by1 All the name checking of hipster approved bands

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    Why can't there be a negative star rating? I hated hated this book And yes I did finish it All way too many pages of it But in my defense it was foolishly the only book I brought with me when I was hospitalized for 24 hour

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    Warning Spoilery review Short version Hurry up and read this Holy crap Someone should have warned me about reading this book at work I have been sitting here bawling my eyes out tears streaming madly down my cheeks flooding my eyes until the words swim into fields of glistening black lines This book is so beauti

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    Let me start this by saying I was very excited to read this book I thought it was going to be good It is not in

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    I've been putting off writing this review for days because I knew that this would be a struggle for me There aren't enough words in the English language that could accurately convey my feelings for The Time Traveler's Wife If you haven't read this book I urge you to do so You can expect a literary experience unl

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    i hate reading books that everyone keeps bothering me to read first there are the gushing reviews from the media complete with intelli

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    This is my 400th book review for Goodreads Wow I am either one sick or one inspired woman or both Apparently when I reach my 500th rev

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    I am conflicted about this book Do not let my 4 stars fool you they are an emotional ratingI'll start with the things I really liked about itLov

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    Very unusual for me but DNF so I did not give it a rating It's the story of a couple in love where the man comes back at v