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Ey have to We need your help to save the worldThus begins an unbearably tense gripping tale of paranoia sacrifice apocalypse and survival that escalates to a shattering conclusion one in which the fate of a loving family and uite possibly all of humanity are entwined The Cabin at the End of the World is a masterpiece of terror and suspense from the fantastically fertile imagination of Paul Tremblay“Read Paul Tremblay's new novel The Cabin at the End of the World and you might not sleep for a week Longer It will shape your nightmares for months – that's pretty much guaranteed” NPR “Gripping horrifying and mesmerizing” G “A tour de force of psychological and religious horror” BNcom“A blinding tale of survival and sacrifice” Kirkus Reviews“Tremblay has a real winner here” Torco 45 starsWhe La ciutat secreta del Toubkal (Gran angular) in which the fate of a loving family and uite possibly all of humanity are entwined The Cabin at the End of the World is a masterpiece of terror and suspense from the fantastically fertile ERP Demystified imagination of Paul Tremblay“Read Paul Tremblay's new novel The Cabin at the End of the World and you might not sleep for a week Longer It will shape your nightmares for months – that's pretty much guaranteed” NPR “Gripping horrifying and mesmerizing” G “A tour de force of psychological and religious horror” BNcom“A blinding tale of survival and sacrifice” Kirkus Reviews“Tremblay has a real winner here” Torco 45 starsWhe

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Ruth Ware’s In a Dark Dark Wood and Jack Ketchum’s cult hit The Girl Next DoorSeven year old Wen and her parents Eric and Andrew are vacationing at a remote cabin on a uiet New Hampshire lake Their closest neighbors are than two miles in either direction along a rutted dirt roadOne afternoon as Wen catches grasshoppers in the front yard a stranger unexpectedly appears in the driveway Leonard is the largest man Wen has ever seen but he is young friendly and he wins her over almost instantly Leonard and Wen talk and play until Leonard abruptly apologizes and tells Wen None of what’s going to happen is your fault Three strangers then arrive at the cabin carrying unidentifiable menacing objects As Wen sprints inside to warn her parents Leonard calls out Your dads won’t want to let us in Wen But th The Cabin

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NATIONAL BESTSELLERBEST BOOK OF 2018 Library Journal NPR BuzzfeedLOCUS RECOMMENDED READING LIST 2018JULY 2018 INDIE NEXT PICKSUMMER 2018 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY PICK“A tremendous book―thought provoking and terrifying with tension that winds up like a chain  The Cabin at the End of the World  is Tremblay’s personal best It’s that good”  Stephen King“A clinic in suspense a story that opens with high wire tension and never lets up from there”    Michael KorytaI tore through it in record time I just couldn’t wait to see where Tremblay was going to take me next”    Victor LaValleThe Bram Stoker Award winning author of A Head Full of Ghosts adds an inventive twist to the home invasion horror story in a heart palpitating novel of psychological suspense that recalls Stephen King’s Misery When the en

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    oooh goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best horror 2018 what will happen?what the fuck was that?here’s the thing ever since paul tremblay wrote A Head Full of Ghosts and slipped in a character named “karen brissette” whose voice sounded an awful lot like the inside of my own ghostless head i’ve been pestering him with “am i gonna be in the next book huh?? huh?? huh?? am i?? but i am so glad to not be in this one because YEESHi don’t even know how to review it it’s pretty telling that the synopsis on here and the back cover copy of the ARC is basically “here are many specific details about what happens in the very very beginning including pull uotes which is never done followed by a vague mini paragraph about the rest of the book enjoy”because going any further into trying to describe the plot will a make the reviewer sound insane and b ruin the thrill of discovery for the reader i think the whole point of this book is to make the reader suirm not with excess gore or violence or anything like that but with anticipation it’s a held breath kind of book where you need to know how it’s going to resolve than anything but you must resist flipping ahead cheater it's page after page of stubborn standoff and escalating tension and raising of stakes and uestioning what's real and what's not and how does something like this end for anyone involved?? it will get under your skin i promise you thatthe plot isn’t the draw because it’s less traditional plot than it is setting a scenario in motion and letting the characters bounce off its walls the characters are part of the draw the happily vacationing family at the center of the situation are eric and andrew and their seven year old daughter wen whom they adopted from china as a baby and they are as loving and enviable a family as you could possibly want if you were looking to illustrate the “terrible things happening to good people” angle which is precisely the goal herein the calm before the storm when andrew and eric are just being a goofy couple on the back porch i remember reading that scene and thinking how well and naturally they were written; that their banter read like actual long term couple banter with years of relationship history bubbling through subtextually so it was even effective once things started happening because relatable characters being put in extraordinary circumstances naturally makes the reader uestion themselves what would they do in eric and andrew’s place me i would freak the fuck out period like sothis one plays it smart by never straying far from the realistic in terms of character's responses it sticks pretty close to the realm of ordinary parental bravery not liam neeson badassery which although wonderfully entertaining is only an option for people with a very particular set of skills eric and andrew do not have these skills but they do their best wen is also a great character i don’t usually love kid characters but she’s written to be appealing and smart and occasionally bossy as seven year old girls are and seeing her struggle to process what is even going on and how to react contributes some excellent dramaMaybe she should run like Daddy Andrew said sprint through the room dodge the turned over furniture like a mouse through high grass then onto the deck and outside and away She can run fast Her dads tell her that she is fast so fast all the time And they tell her she is shifty She knows their races are fixed for her to win but Wen outlasting the catchers in their catch me if you can games until Eric andor Andrew are bent over hands on knees gasping for air is legitimate She is shifty Wen loves this word It means hard to catch It means even better than fast; it’s a smart fastShe knows she’d make it out of the cabin without getting caught if she was to run but where would she run to? She doesn’t want to accidentally get lost on the dirt roads that fork and branch away leading to nowhere or to worse places than here and what if she has to ditch the road for the thick woods surrounding the cabin for miles and miles? Her dads were explicit in saying she could not go into these woods by herself under any circumstances because they might never find her againand that right there is the draw so than plot or characters is mood the tension and the shivery feeling that never goes away the whole time you're reading this what is the right choice when every choice is horrible? you can prepare for a lot of eventualities as a parent from commonplace to very unlikely but this one no one's ever written a pamphlet to get you through this situation the comparison to In a Dark Dark Wood is a bit of a stretch i mean i guess they’re both kind of “bottle episodes” so there’s a claustrophobic facet at play except there’s little to no tension in ddw and i couldn’t even locate a whiff of the horror or suspense it advertised and i’m not trying to be a jerk about that book just because she’s never written me into one of her novels it was okay it was just a bit predictable and forgettable while this one is nothing but unpredictable horror and suspenseit's actually much much like 10 Cloverfield Lane which is not a book at all but it definitely explores the same general themes and conflict where a stranger has a story too outrageous to be true but oh man what if it is? and trust doubt and self preservation shift and rattle and sustain an intense ambiguity for both characters and readerviewer for the whole damn ride can't say but this one's a nailbiteri got lost on my way to instagramthis was in my pagehabit horror box for june which is sad since i have already read and reviewed it but at least i got some fun notes from paul tremblay's brain and some adorable booky stickers and a gimble for when my arms need to be amputatedcome to my blog

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    When the end is near will you know it? Will signs appear to show it? And what sort of end will it be? Ice or fire? Conflagration? Land consumed by an angry sea? And what if there’s uncertainty? What if this is not the result of that but just the way things are under no one’s control to cause or prevent? And if there is no control what is the role of those who speak on behalf of an unseen power? Do they suffer from confusion perhaps delusion? Can we take them at their word? What if they insist we go along with their intrusion even though we’ve reached a very different conclusion? Lines are drawn when the mad demand our subjugation What sort of god could allow such things and still insist on adoration?Paul Tremblay image from Litreactorcom Wenling Wen will be eight years old in a few days She and her two daddies Eric and Andrew are away from it all up from Cambridge at a cabin in northern New Hampshire near the Canadian border Her dads chose this place because there would be no Wi fi or cell reception so they could unplug and it would be just the three of them hanging out swimming talking playing cards or board games without any digital distractions Peace and uiet no nearby neighbors plenty of grasshoppers Wen is outside collecting some in a jar to study She is even giving them names and making sure to pick smaller ones that will not damage themselves on the jagged edges of the air holes she’s poked in the metal lid Out of nowhere a very large man appears Leonard He might be taller than anyone she has ever met and he’s as wide as a couple of tree trunks pushed together He is soft spoken and seems kind even helps her collect some specimens But Leonard is like the Blues Brothers on a mission from god He has three other people with him Your dads won’t want to let us in Wen but they have to Tell them they have to We are not here to hurt you We need your help to save the world Please Well in that case sure come on inor not Wen alarmed runs to tell her dads The four insist on entering The dads are determined to keep them out and the siege is onImage from ZD NetAn apocalypse is coming and these four are both heralds and potentially agents of prevention Were the voices they all heard some common mental illness an alien intrusion or truly a sign from you know who? That the world seems to be going to hell uickly in a dramatically large handbasket lends them some credence but what they are asking is unthinkable Tremblay has written detective novels scores of short stories and a few horror books all while keeping his day job schoolteacher Perhaps because of having to deal with adolescents at work and at home he is fond of horror story tropes In A Head Full of Ghosts he became one with the demonic possession tale For a later work Disappearance at Devil’s Rock he considered what sort of things would most terrify him personally And the winner was missing child every parent’s nightmare This time he took on another favorite source of terror ‘How would I do a home invasion novel I’d like to read?’ I guarantee you have not read one like this one beforeImage from JoeCruzMMfileswordpresscomThe intent doesn’t matter much if you do not care about those in the home being invaded No problem Wen is edible and her daddies are a very human couple with affection and edges reasonably distributed Details of their lives make you care for them and And you will have cause for concern as they are facing very real very existential immediate peril There are plenty of elements in common with the usual home invasion horrors Wondering if your invaders are nuts fearing for your life and the lives of your loved ones trying to figure out ways to get the better of the baddies What is different is that the home invaders do not seem to be evil people despite the most definitely evil looking scythe like weaponry they tote When the going gets seriously tough the seriously tough get going to FourHorsemenOutfitterscom your goto provider for your end times needs Tribulation free ordering guaranteed Leonard the leader seems particularly reasonable a gentle giant nice even They might be insane but what if they are not? There are reasons offered to consider the latter possibility The other three are definitely euipped with good sides too but a bit less manifestly than their leader Study for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 19th century by John Martinimage from the Indiana University Art Museum Provenance ProjectAny fine meal is composed of a range of ingredients Here we have the terror of the invaded the unexpected facets of the invaders and a big overarching scare Is it real or not? But there are other items spicing up this read There is consideration of faith religion and how far one will go in service of one’s beliefs It is tough not to see the four horsemen imagery in the four invaders but there are other subtle spices at play A motif of sevens permeates There are sundry references to other novels that offer some food for thought Tim O’Brien’s Lake of the Woods is one There are others Do we believe what we see or see what we believe?Image from SleepyhollowwikiacomThis book will keep you guessing Is this the end of the world? Or maybe just a potential end for some Tremblay offers an explanation but can we accept it? The ambiguity provides a constant tension from the first encounter to the last page There may not be a mysterious voice telling you to get your hands on this one as soon as you can and read it as uickly as possible But whether you hear one or not this will be one of the best reads of the summer and you do not really know how much time you have left Review posted – 31618Publication date – 62618EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pagesHe has a story collection coming out in 2019 and his next novel in 2020An excerpt from Entertainment WeeklyI sure hope Tremblay doesn’t take a shovel to my review But if he does I hope he tapes it Interviews In this video interview put out by his publisher Morrow Tremblay talks mostly about two earlier novels but gets into how this one came about offering insight into his approach – 2750 Providence College – an audio interview at his alma mater From Fractions to Fiction 4215 Excerpts from a Locus Magazine interview – print Paul Tremblay Aftermath Audio interview – Friday Morning Coffee – June 16 2017 – with Daniel Ford – 2101 Print interview at LitReactorcom 10 uestions with Paul Tremblay 6215 – by Keith RawsonOther Book Studio 16 is a Harper department that produces a video series in which someone whose opinion I value above all speaks about a handful of usually upcoming books At 2419 to 1818 the ueen of the show talks about The Cabin at the End of the World but I suggest you watch the entire vid about 34 minutes You might find even books to add to your ever growing TBRThe Harper Book ueen included a bit on this book in her TBR Tuesdays FB live broadcast from 73118 at 950

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    25 The book started great but it uickly fell flat It probably would have made a better short storyDon't recommend the audiobook as some characters sounded uite robotic and it took me out of the storyOverall it left me wanting to find books with a similar premise since it didn't give me what I wantAny recommendation of books where you don't know who's crazytelling the truth?

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    The Cabin at the End of the World has a fantastic premise at its core and if this story had been a novella or a 90 minute movie I likely would have enjoyed it a whole lot Instead Tremblay stuffs and stretches a simple yet awesome idea into a full length novel that's both padded and repetitive to a frustrating degreeWithout spoiling things The Cabin at the End of the World is a home invasion novel with apocalyptic overtones Andrew and Eric and their adopted Chinese daughter Wen are trapped inside their cabin surrounded by four individuals who may or may not be totally insaneTo kick things off we're first introduced to Wen in a much too long opening chapter that sees her collecting grasshoppers before meeting the strange and large Leonard the leader of the group of intruders The second chapter involves a very protracted round of Let us in No we won't let you in round robin between the intruders and Andrew and Eric You discover pretty uickly that Tremblay only has a couple ideas with which to prop up The Cabin at the End of the World and a whole lot of pages are spent with repetitive dialogue as the characters go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth some arguing the same freaking points over and over and over and over and over in laborious fashion These back and forths exhausting not for the characters oh no not at all but for the readers These characters spend nearly three hundred pages arguing endlessly around a You must do this No we will never do that premise It's fucking tiring That it's further padded with excruciating details about every freaking bit of furniture and blanket in the house helps not a whitThankfully these pointless circular exchanges are punctuated with some truly well drawn moments of violence and seuences of events that call into uestion the nature of this book's scenario as a whole Unfortunately Tremblay refuses to take a stand in regards to how much of his scenario is legitimate versus some of these characters simply being bugfuck crazy You never know if the demands being placed upon Andrew and Eric have any sort of real meaning or not and Tremblay argues both sides effectively but ultimately waffles on the credibility of the premise in order to be uber mysterioso He wants his story to be both incredible and incredulous simultaneously refusing to pick a side Ultimately this book comes off like a Choose Your Own Adventure as told by a high school debate club albeit one armed with some wicked home made weaponry In terms of home invasion horrors The Cabin at the End of the World has an excellent killer premise In terms of execution home invasion horror has been done far better in books like Jack Ketchum's Off Season and Brett McBean's The Invasion Or you could just save a few days entirely read something else and pop in a Blu ray copy of The StrangersNote I received an advance copy of this title from the publisher William Morrow via Edelweiss

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    35 WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ stars Rounded upLiterally what in hell?? Did I just read?Good grief Existential crisis anyone?☆ What is life? ☆ What is love? ☆ What are words? ☆ Did I just read this? ☆ What did I just read? ☆ Is there anybody out there? ☆ Are you there God it's me Meg?Wen and her Daddies Andrew and Eric head off on a cozy family vacation to a little cabin in the woods of New Hampshire The goal is to unplug from the world for a while and focus on family The cutest little family ever to family I fell in love with them from the very first chapter and knew immediately that this book would crush my soul SPOILER ALERT It didAs Wen is outside catching grasshoppers cataloging and naming them as you do a stranger appears Wen knows she is not supposed to talk to strangers but this man seems nice and eventually gets her to let her guard down It's not until his friends appear that Wen realizes something is horribly wrongWhat happens next is too messed up to even summarize for a review I was so invested in this I loved the format and really enjoyed how my mind was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty much the entire time I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a tense slightly brutal read If you are someone who likes everything to be tied up with a nice little bow at the end however this may not be the book for you Tremblay likes to make us think Well played

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    35 STARS Your dads won't let us in Wen But they have to Tell them they have to We are not here to hurt you We need your help to save the world PleaseI love that when you pick up a Paul Tremblay novel you never know exactly what you're getting yourself into until you finish the book Each one of his novels are widely different in plot but also wholly similar in their unsettling and deliciously compulsive nature Each of his fans have their own personal favorite; for me that's A Head Full Of Ghosts Regardless of which book you've taken to mostly I think all who enjoy his books can agree that no one writes about the dark and gritty unseen moments of domestic life like he can That said I enjoyed The Cabin At The End Of The World but it wasn't my favorite Come inside now Please come in You have to Hurry There are people here and they want to come in and they want to talk to you and some of them scare meThe tension and building of suspense here is brilliant I felt like a brittle bone; I was so rigid and engrossed while reading that if someone had come along and poked me with their pinky I may have shattered What is this book about you ask? I'd rather not say partially because I'm still trying to process what exactly I just read It's very hard to talk about any specifics here because this is a very different book with a very different vibe and to spoil it would just be cruel So instead of talking about the plot I wanted to mention what caused me to connect with the characters and a majority of it was the portrayal of Wen's two dads Eric and Andrew The author has done such a fantastic job of taking a homosexual couple and making them real and normal as they should be EDIT as pointed out by a reader below I was not intending to imply that gay couples are neither real or normal My intention was to state how grateful I am that the author included them as they should be here real and normal There is still a shortage of LGBT characters in the mystery thriller suspense genre and I was pleased to see them included here in the manner that they should be Many apologies if that came across the wrong way They bicker and have emotional moments and have to work through the terror of protecting their child just like all the rest of us which was both beautiful and heart warming I found this part to be necessary to offset all the dark spookie wookies going on here I did enjoy the plot but I think I'm middle of the fence on how the ending worked for me It'll just be up to personal preference of the reader which you'll understand once you reach the end of this one yourself and have a chance to decide This was a gripping read that was entertaining and perfect to pick up when you have a chance to read it all in one sitting Recommended to Tremblay fans and also to those looking for something new to spice up their reading rut I'll be anxiously awaiting his next work and can't wait to see where he takes us I received a copy for review from the publisher All opinions are my own

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    45 starsWhen I first started reading this book I thought if the horror films The Strangers and The Cabin in the woods had a baby it would be this book Of course there are major differences and plots but stillA getaway to a cabin sounds like a perfect time away for Wen and her two dads They are going to relax she wants to catch some grasshoppers and they plan to enjoy the lake But one day a man approaches Wen while she is busy catching her grasshoppers and tells her None of what’s going to happen is your fault and Your dads won’t want to let us in Wen But they must We need your help to save the worldSo what would you do? Four strangers show up on your doorstep telling you to let them inside They won’t hurt you but you must let them in Do you? Do you believe their stories about the apocalypse? Sounds crazy right? Who are these people? Why should you believe them? Would you let them in? To say that I thought this book was fantastic is an understatement I loved the family Wen is adorable and inuisitive She wants to study grasshoppers so she can save them if they get sick She loves her Dads and has a wonderful home life with them Andrew and Eric love Wen They are affectionate and extremely likable Tremblay has the reader caring so much for their characters that of course we don't want those four people coming into their lives and into their cabin Our feelings for them make this book powerful I was invested in what happened to them individually and as a family Tremblay sets the perfect mood for a home invasion book The reader will care about this family But wait What about Leonard and his companions message? What is this save the world business? Why should the reader care about what the four people invading this home have to say?I would have given this book 5 stars had it not been for the ending That is not to say that the ending is bad or goes off the rails I just wanted I felt as if I was left hanging but then again I feel as if that is how the characters in the book felt They were faced with uncertainty so the reader was left with the same emotionI loved the tension in this book I read most of it in one day I had to keep turning the pages as I wanted to know what was going to happen to the characters I cared about I also wanted to know if what the home invaders said was going to occur would occur Were they telling the truth? Is this all real? So many uestionsWhat does one call this book? Horror with a heart is what I will go with I thought this book was very well written It evokes emotion and has a sense of dread and tension throughout Highly recommend I received a copy of this book from Edelweiss and William Morrow books in exchange for an honest reviewSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom

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    um whAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??WTF I’m just— what the actually Glares intensifies at book sitting on the table“GAH YOU’RE SO POINTLESS” I scream OK Great premise I can understand the obscurity and redundancy of it— the ‘Unknown’ Writing was decent Very engaging But the pacing THE PACING Oh god THE FUCKING PACING I’m doneD O N E How—What in the world was this mess Too much repetition that tried hard to give these characters back stories but instead fucking backfired in a way that made me exhausted just reading about it So bad I can forgive the ending as well but I felt that one particular death was SO FUCKING POINTLESS IM SO ANGRY BBYYEE fuCKKThank god i finished this after Christmas otherwise I would have been so stupidly annoyed my god This book had such promise and a great build up going through but I justcan’t Overall disappointed AFCould not relate to anyone who gave this five stars 2 GENEROUS STARSTwitter | Bookstagram | Youtube |

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    Too many people have smiles that don't mean what a smile is supposed to meanEric and Andrew are staying in a remote cabin on a New Hampshire lake with their seven year old child Wen who is catching grasshoppers in the garden when a large man appears He is friendly at first and is starting to win Wen over when he abruptly says None of what is going to happen is your fault Three strangers then appear in the driveway holding deadly weaponsThis has probably been my most disappointing read of the year my rage is fuelled further by the fact that I wasted a precious October read on it Writing a review like this is difficult when the author is uite active on bookstagram etc especially when they are a pretty cool guy as Tremblay is but I do believe it's of the utmost importance to always be honest in your reviews This book was majorly hyped on bookstagram but unfortunately it really fell flat for meThe first 50 pages or so were incredibly promising I was HOOKED and needed to know what happened next But then nothing really did for the next 250 pages I mean sure perhaps events did occur but I felt like the story itself didn't really move forward It was basically 250 pages of a group of characters arguing with each other and no one really taking a minute to calm down and ask the intruders to explain everything from the very beginning to the present moment OR if they did ask I honestly can't remember it's all a blur the intruders couldn't answer such uestions yet Can you imagine how infuriating that was And then the ending itself explodes I really hated it It just emphasised that this book felt like a waste of time to meOn the plus side it was refreshing that the main family unit was made up of two dads and their adopted child Wen Maybe it's just the books I've been reading recently but I don't often come across gay couples with children in my fiction and I really did appreciate that Representation is important It's just a shame I didn't give a flying toot about the actual characters There was a huge scene that I know was meant to be really emotional and I didn't even bat an eyelid And I'm a crier Oh and some of the violence scenes were pretty brutal which was good But that's all I gotThe idea and concept is really uite interesting but I feel like it just fell apart after the first 50 pages Maybe this would have worked better as a novella or short story Who knows Just not for me unfortunately 2 stars

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    And I'm done This book felt like it took forever to get through but that was mostly due to all the goddamn padding of story that went nowhereAnd speaking of stories that go nowhere at no point did any of the four just stop take five minutes and explain what it was specifically that not only initially convinced them to risk their lives to come to this spot but also why they believe what they believe At no point did Tremblay provide any motivation beyond I believe it LameThe narrative voice was absolutely horrible You were never given intimacy with any of the characters each was held out at arm's length from the reader And the dialogue was flat out deplorable Stupendously long uninterrupted monologues Repetition galoreAnd the ending was exactly what I predicted when the four of them finally got down to actually discussing what they were here forI still say Tremblay's Head Full of Ghosts was one of the best horror reads of last year but this one is so goddamn bad I'm honestly uestioning if I missed some badness there or Tremblay actually got someone else to write this particular stinkerHonestly had I known it was this awful I wouldn't have read this novel if it was the last one in the last cabin at the end of the worldAnd for those keeping score of the five hotly anticipated books of this year King disappointed me Kepnes let me down but Tremblay cratered It's up to Marisha Pessl and King's second release of the year but honestly this is turning out to be a crap year for my go to authorsUPDATE Of course this piece of crap won the Stoker Award Apparently there was not one single horror novel that was better written had a better plot and actually took the time to say somethingI've been told that I just didn't get the novelI am officially inviting anyone who actually enjoyed this trainwreck to explain to me why you enjoyed it and what I'm not getting

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