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Nd his own dazzlingly brilliant mind Can uaint pull off his con or will he and Butter find themselves strung up by their gizzards before the night is through A good introduction into the world of Cornelius uaint I di

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A superbly festive short story Part of the thrilling Cornelius uaint ChroniclesIt is Christmas Eve and Cornelius uaint arrives at a tavern in a most contempt Review of The uaint Christmas CORNELIUS UAINT CHRONICLES B

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Ible part of Victorian London His mission – to procure a Christmas feast for his travelling circus armed with nothing but a penny his Eskimo valet Butter a Although perfectly readable this short story was really di

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    Review of The uaint Christmas CORNELIUS UAINT CHRONICLES BOOK 5 Author Darren Craske Entry is on Kobo booksThis is a great little short story It’s not a whodunnit of a how did I do that? Here we goTHE UAINT CHRISTMAS ReviewTis the day before Christmas and Christmas dinner has yet to be found for the employees of Doctor Marvello’s Travelling CircusThe sole proprietor and master conjuror is on the case to blag geese and ale for his troupe’s Christmas table And where does he look for prized beauty but at the tables of The Ragged Ram hostelry Mischief and cunning will win the day or there will be a price to payCharactersCornelius uaint master conjuror and magician; Butter Inuit assistant; Pete Suire;Bartender;Zig zagged scarred customerErnie Spudge farmer;OrientalStoryCornelius uaint master conjuror and magician has used his last shilling on the Hansom cab taking him to The Ragged Ram With less than a shilling to his name he sets about blagging the bartender betting him that he can leave the establishment with a goose uentin he was confident he couldn’t lose The bartender also confident bet Cornelius a fiver and two kegs of ale that he would failPeter Suire is arranging the bartering stall and setting the markers Using little but deduction and observation Cornelius puts enough doubt in the mind of the zig zagged customer to force him to leave Similar tactics are employed with Ernie Spudge a farmer from Steadmouth Spudge boasted he could fleece Peter Suire but Suire overhears and ejects him from the saleHowever the oriental gentleman is another proposition The contest looks over before it starts but it is Cornelius who leave the hostelry with two geese two kegs of ale and a fiver in his pocketConclusionIt’s a story of blags and one upmanshipSo is it a good read? Yes it is It is another well thought out piece of craftsmanship from Darren Craske 4 out of 5 stars

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    Although perfectly readable this short story was really disappointing uaint is described as a witty and cunning man and he sets out to con his way to some birds for Christmas dinner but no detail is given as to how his plan is meant to unfold and then the ending was rather sudden and unsatisfactory

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    A good introduction into the world of Cornelius uaint I discovered that this short story falls chronologically before The Euivoue Principal so I read it first The style of writing is playful and easy going The world uaint inhabits is easily painted I can picture the adventures of Cornelius uaint on the small screen I look forward to the full length novels

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    This was great I always love when a series has little short story snippets like this They enhance the story and let me keep reading about the characters I love while waiting for the next book to come out

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    I thought this book was super fun Part con artist part Sherlock Holmes I bought the first book of the series on the back of this

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    nice short romp into the world of cornelian uaint looking forwards to seeing the adventures he has

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