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    SERIOUSLY?? I am so freakin' angry hurt disappointed annoyed irritated upset name it and I'm that with this book This book uite frankly was horrible The 3 Stars I'm giving this book are ONLY FOR ALL THE GUY CHARACTERS especially COLE and also for how the POVs were written It was brilliant hot one pov lead to the other AMAZINGI mean after such brilliant first two books of the series; Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing we get such a shitty third novel Out of Breath Its pretty darn disappointing because you just bloody expect A LOT after RoB and BB and after waiting since months |THIS BOOK HAD NOTHING It was dragged and stuck at the same time The story wasn't moving It had no plot Wtv they were 'keeping' from each other was so fucking stupid I wanted to hit someone I am just to angry and irritated at the moment because this book was so bad AND OMFG what the hell was with the ending? I was like 'are you fucking kidding me?' One of the worst endings I've read I hope we freakin' get a novella or something after that shitty ending YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY ITS HURTING ME TO WRITE AND POST THIS REVIEW

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    9th May 2012I want this NOW Seriously It's not fair I want to throw a tantrum like my 3yr old does when he doesn't get what he wants 9th September 2012What? Still no release date or blurb???? Ohhh hellllll no 17th September 2012 We have a cover but still no blurb or release date 1st October 2012It has now been advised that the release date will be announced on the 5th October Ohhh yeaaaaaahhhhh buddy 6th October 2012So because I live in Australia Friday the 5th October rolls around for us before anyone else I waited till after midnight and still no release date I went to bed excited and happy because I knew once I woke up this morning I would have a release date JUNE 2013 AND we don't even have an exact date in June So it's not like I can give you a exact estimate of how many sleeps until we get to read this#%#%%^%^###%%%###7th January 20138 freakin months since I added this book8 MONTHSAnd still no blurbJust appease me already and give me what I want

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    35 starsI am devastatingly disappointed with this book since I had such high expectations the first two books ‘Reason to Breathe' and ‘Barely Breathing’ were brilliantly written and both of them left us with huge cliffy’s and what makes this even worse is that we had to wait such a long time for this book to be released Normally I would agree that Rebecca Donovan is an exceptional writer who basically holds all your emotions in the palm of her hands while you are reading her books Perhaps too much expectation went into this book because of the high standard we are accustomed to from her No doubt this series is very emotional somewhat disturbing and very upsetting to think they some people have this in their livesI was infested with blackness scorching and marring my insides feeding on the guilt and hate that had taken root so long ago It intertwined with every cell and there was no hiding from it any longer I couldn’t feel I couldn’t think I couldn’t move without triggering an unfathomable pain that would leave me begging to end the suffering just as my mother intended Anyone reading this book a little advice Getting down to the storySo Emma left Evan and went off to college at the end of book two with not even a Goodbye or anything “I love him than he will ever know And because of that I choose his happiness” Two years later Emma is still struggling with her broken heart the voices in her head and is struggling just to surviveEmma isn’t living she is just Breathing an empty shell of the girl she used to beShe’s just been existing since she left Weslyn There’s no light in her eyes No purpose No driveWith the help of her roommates Emma is forced into doing things and trying to bring some excitement into her life This is when Emma meets Cole I have nothing but love for this boy and I truly feel sorry for him because of what Emma did to him emotionallyHURTING someone no matter what the circumstances are IS NOT COOL EMMA Yes Cole was a ‘filler’ but he accepted the fact that Emma had been through something he never pushed he cared and at the end of the day he accepted any bullshit that Emma did or said because he just wanted her It was just sex nothing to Emma They were not dating even though they spent so much time togetherI gripped the tense muscles along his back as he moved into me exploring me deeper The charge intensified possessing my senses It became all that I could feel all that I needed as it streamed through every inch of my body The emptiness was swept away and I would give anything not to be devoured by it again When Emma gets the call that her mother killed herself she is forced to go to her home town that she ran away from which eventually leads to breaking her down even Memories of what happened eat at Emma alive and she wants to numb the pain with alcohol?So Emma never drank and now shes always drunk? She hated her mother and her drinking and now is doing EXACTLY what she did? I REALLY DON’T GET HOW THIS EVEN MAKES ANY SENSE?? Who is this IMPOSTER and what have they done with the EMMA we knew??? Sara bless this girls soul she is amazing and I would love to have a friend like her by my sideShe takes care of Emma until Emma is so out of it but there is only one person that will save her that always saves her Evan “Every breath I breathe is because of you Even when your weren't there to save me you were my reason to breathe And for that I will always love you Always I love Evan I’ve loved him from the first time I met him and I have great respect for this boy For someone to still be this way after he was hurt wronged and also broken is astounding He comes back to California for the summer where Emma and Cole are and YES this is such a big FCUK UP Emma’s actions here cannot and I will not allow her to blame this on her broken past and fcuked up family This is ALL EMMA Evan and Emma have been through so much in their journey together and as much as Emma wants Evan to hate her for what she did to him he cantEvan Mathews you can tell yourself and everyone else that you’re here to get answers for closure But the truth is you love her You have always loved her You will always love her You’re here because you can’t walk away You saw how broken and empty she was back in Weslyn and you had to follow her You’ll never be able to let her go You’re here because it’s where you belong with her’ Emma was frustrating at times so much that I wanted to scream at her or shake her out of itI do understand what she’s been to and that she’s DROWNING in her hurt and pain and is STRUGGLING to see the LIGHT to Find her BreathBreathe Emma Take a deep breath’Let it all out Emma Find your way back to us’ I know and understand Emma has been dealt a shitty hand in life but she was really extreme The running and depressions and crying was a bit much and really dragged out So many emotions which ended up being repetitions to fill the pages just left us irritatedOn the one hand Emma is running and running and not eating etc the picture in my head was that she was lifeless looking and anorexic?The next thing people are talking about how stunning Emma looks and her great legs? It just didn’t make senseI’m afraid to kiss you’ he confessed his words floating through the air in the hush ‘I’m afraid that if I kiss you I won’t want to stop I can feel you tense every time we touch and I don’t want to do anything that will make you walk away from me To me it seemed that EVERYONE in this book was constantly babying Emma ALL THE TIME It was exhaustingYet another girl that could do literally ANY shit but everyone still forgave her and loved her?The overall plot felt a bit empty to me I wish I could edit this book and take out all the shit which actually did not need to be there I think that would have made this a 5star read because it really has 5 star potentialRebecca definitely should have listened to the ‘Less is More’ concept In order for Emma and Evan to get anywhere is for them both to let each other 'in'The writing was utterly confusing with the different POV’s and Evan’s side in italics but then Emma had a thought and it was also in Italic? “I couldn't catch my breath I buried my face in his shirt He was my reason for existing It was his words that pulled me to the surface His breath that saved me And now his arms that held me within this life unable to give up He was my strength and the love I didn't have for myself And I couldn't live without him than he could let me go” During one conversation the writing is switched to different POV’s which really doesn’t make sense and im like? WHAAAAAT? Ohhhh this is Evan talking etcThis was completely stupid and unnecessary and not WELL done I finished this book because I felt like I owed it to MYSELF for the time invested in this series however I am utterly PISSED off right nowSo we get PAGES AND PAGES of ‘FILLERS’ but Rebecca could not write a decent Epilogue?The story felt UnfinishedI literally blinked literally and it was over???? I just had to remember there was always a choice And I chose to live I chose to love I chose to breathe view spoiler “I don't understand You stilllove me?Yeah I do And I know you're not the same girl But I'm in love with you Emma I fell in love with you all over again this summer People change I know this And we'll continue to change That just means I'll get to fall in love with you again Because no matter what happens in our lives what I feel for you will survive anything” Look no matter what I thought about this book I’m REALLY REALLY glad that Emma and Evan have found their way back to each other because God knows they both deserve it hide spoiler

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    You just know that I will be the one sitting at the computer screen repeatedly clicking refresh in the hopes that there will at least be like a book summary or something I will not for a second waver I will sit here religiously and click refresh because this is how much I am addicted to this series I realize that this is not healthy and I seriously do not give a damn I am and will forever be addicted to Emma and Evan When the release date is posted I will bite my fingernails in anticipation A day before the release I will stay up read the first two books and on the last page of the second book I will immediately leave my house got to the nearest book store and stay there until I finish the third book Then the day after the third book comes out I will read all the books in order I will then be satisfied because the book will have ended the way that I want With Emma and Evan HAPPY If anyone deserves happiness then it's them Okay Now post a release date already because my fingers are starting to tire from pressing refresh and people probably think I'm a little weird Too bad I don't care POST THE DAMN DATE AND SUMMARYThank the good lord that I have characters left because this is going to be a whole new level of difficult Most of you on this page right now Reading this review have been with Emma and Evan since the beginning I have held on to Emma and Evan for dear life They are pretty much at the top of my list of favourite characters The first book was captivated because Emma's story is one that breaks the heart into a million pieces I'm book two Emma's heart shatters even though you don't expect that it could In book three Emma attempts to rebuild her heart all on her own but she just can'tview spoiler She never could built it back on her own She needed Evan She has always needed Evan I've never hurt so much for a character than I did for Emma Talk about the world being against you She was the evidence She made it though She made it out of her tunnel and at the end she found Evan waiting with open arms They both definitely had things to work out but it came together It wasn't a forced happily ever after They didn't fake anything They just lived their lives each day with love hide spoiler

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    45starsThere are moments in life you'll never forget Moments that brand your heart Moments that shatter your soul Moments that are infinite New emotions are created in these momentsTime stops in these momentsWe lose ourselves in these momentsWe all shared this moment at the end of Reason to Breathe Our happily ever after was ripped away only to be replaced by emotions we didn't even know existed Emotions created by a moment that caused us to stop breathing A fearless ending that shocked the world After that we grieved We grieved for the unknownThat grief however was replaced by anger After being physically assaulted by emotions and a cliffhanger heard round the world Rebecca Donovan turned right around and emotionally raped us with Barely Breathing However we insanely and greedily kept coming back for I also wanted to judo chop her right in the f faginarepeatedlyRegardless we just wanted In Out Of Breath Rebecca Donovan gives us At first I was selfishly disappointed I wanted instant resolution I wanted to open the book and fall right into Emma and Evan It's been so long too long I didn't want to know the new characters I didn't want to know Cole This is Emma and Evan's story dammit Give me what I wantRebecca Donovan changed what I wantedWithout me even being aware of it she gave me something I didn't even know I wanted Instead of constantly looking ahead for my resolution She made it okay for me to be in the present I stopped looking for something else and found something new being able to focus on the now Enjoying the now Enjoying Cole Give yourself some time you'll get there You'll be completely happy in the present and realize that this detour is just part of the journey I listen to silence And youyou have a lot to say I knew it was only matter of time before Evan and Emma's worlds collided again and once it did I was lost Lost in a way that you know exactly where you are but searching to find that place the place Resolution Closure What I found so amazingly powerful was the alternating POVs It was done in such a uniue way I was surprise by its fluency It was uniue and flawless We experience the same moment in alternating POVs at the same time WAITwhat?? Yes the chapters weren't split into alternating POVs but the story happened while instantaneously allowing the reader to see the moment from both Emma and Evan's eyes You'd think that would cause some serious reader whiplash but Rebecca Donovan's writing talent knows no limits Emma and Evan have the exact same moment at the exact same time okay maybe not exactly at the same time that would just be cray cray but you get the picture This uniue element brought the story aliveI was hoping for a little out of the epilogue but maybe I'm just being greedy Maybe I just wasn't ready to let go Maybe I just wanted None of which are bad things Either way I was hoping to see just a little bit of their future Rebecca Donovan tore my world apart two years ago but the best part was letting her put it back together again and in this momentI am wholeREAD ONMore reviews a at

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    And the winner of the biggest book disappointment of the year goes toOut of Breath by Rebecca DonovanAnd to think this was probably my most anticipated book release of 2013Yeahinstead here I am I feel like this book also suffered from the series syndrome The author made us wait a year for the final installment in the series And let's face itthe time that goes by the less and less I am going to care So as an author you better BRING IT Not to mention I don't necessarily want to have to go back and re read the other books in the series But after a year and 200 books later the odds that I am going to remember anything are going to be slim to none Soon to the book itself It really seemed like I was reading two different books The part before Evan comes back Where were meet the new and improved Emma The Emma almost two years after SHE left EvanListen Emmacut the shitAll the drinking it's NOT ATTRACTIVE Pull it together You're not doing a very good job of making me like you At All Which brings us to the part after Evan comes back This was really just a bunch of filler No plot Nothing happenedmaybe a little running here a swim in the ocean there a conversation here a little okay a LOT of blushing there Who am I kidding I was bored before too At this pointNow I just need to rant about a few things1 Coincidencesand the fact that there were WAY too many What are the odds that Evan's BFFs live 3 houses down from Cole and that Emma will just happen to go to a party there? And all of his friends recognized her?? What are the odds that people that know Jonathan will be camping right next to Emma and she'll hear them talking about him? Evan and Cole knew each other???NOT GOOD SLIM TO NONE NOT LIKELY ARE YOU KIDDING ME?2 Colepoor sweet innocent Cole Emma fucked you over And honestly I am really not sure what purpose you served in this twisted story Plus your character was TOO similar to Evan's 3 Emma and her gold plated pussy Once again we have another heroine that EVERY guy is in love with4 The whole drinking thing This just didn't make sense She didn't drink at all the first year and half after she left Evan but now she's constantly drunk??? And why are all of her friends acting like it's their fault that Emma's drinking?? 4a And speaking of the friendsI honestly didn't find any of them very likable but all they did was coddle Emma Like she was this fragile suicidal girl that had to be babysat 24 hours a day 5 The use of the word jeering Does anyone use this word in every day conversations?? Emma sure seemed to jeer a lot BTW I had to look up what the hell jeering was 6 Why was everyone so mad at Evan?? All of her friends with the exception of Serena were mean to Evanyet Evan's friends were nice and welcoming to Emma?? And I repeatSHE'S THE ONE THAT LEFT HIM7 The alternating POVs While yes alternating POVs are nicejust not in the SAME conversation It was confusingthe use of the italics to change POVs mid thought Especially when there were times she italicized is that even a word lol the wrong conversation And that brings us to the EPILOGUEor the lack there of After all that we were put through during Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing all we got was some shit about view spoilerthe cousins hide spoiler

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    Minor Spoilers mature content reader discretion is advised3 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult RomanceI don’t even know what to write I have a love hate relationship with this book I love Evan Cole and Jared I disliked Emma and hated her actions It was rare that she was in a scene and I enjoyed reading it enough to be content Nope her character kept me in an emotionally edgy state at all times In fact I spent most of the book like thisUtterly Frustrated Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being pissed off by a character However to be in a consistent somebody please put ME in a padded cell state of mind due to her actionsNot coolUnfortunately compared to books 1 and 2 in this series Out of Breath just fell short For me Personally It just It just completely failed to captivate me or move me in the same way its predecessors did But hey that’s my opinion One I rested and actually thought on before rating and typing this review up to post At the end of Barely Breathing Emma makes the decision to leave Evan behind by taking off across the country to attend Stanford alone Book 3 Out of Breath picks up two years later with Emma still struggling to move on from her choice Sadly Emma is pretty much a shell of her former self She is alive going day to day without truly living She is still in close contact with her best friend Sara And she also has roommates who by the way help boost some scenes with their wit and colorful personalities Tragedy strikes and Emma and Evan cross paths What Evan finds is not the girl he once knew 'She was still breathtakingly beautiful Except for the vacancy in her eyes' EvanIf you thought reading through the abuse Emma suffered was badWell reading while she lives in thisthis constant state of depression was just as badBoth Sara and Evan fight to free Emma from the firm grip she holds on to death and uite frankly it is very sadOut of Breath will leave some fans mad others sadly disappointed few satisfied and most just a plain old wreck Like mepoints thumb at chest On a side note Readers do get a bonus in Out of Breath; Evan's pov which I thought was nice My Casting My Thoughts First things first though I need to know if Cole will be getting his own book seriously I fell hard for his character and I would love to see him happy Yes happy in a nice stand alone book with over 300 pages of romance Just though I would throw that out in to the universe Second I knew it I freaking knew it in my gut that Emma and Evan would spend a good deal of the book separated What shocked me was Emma’s recklessness at life with her life and about life in general Shit does that even make sense what I just said? Whatever like I said this book wrecked me Third I did not need 300 pages of sad depressingly drunk and might I add suicidal Emma They really should stuck her ass in rehab for alcoholism and depression Not sure how partying the summer away was suppose to help her out No Rehab that chick was in need of some serious therapy and self meditation or whatever the hell it is they do in rehab Fourth the epilogue Are you effing kidding me? That’s all we get? WHAT THE FRICK Overall I decided to go with 3 stars because I felt caught in the middle on how to rate it And even though I loved Cole’s character I felt that he and Emma had romance scenes then her and Evan Or maybe they just had sexShrugs I guess I just would have loved of her and Evan together as a coupleMy RatingsCharacters Most are lovableWriting Style FairPlotStoryline Infuriatingly frustrating intense and darkSteam Factor MediumModerately steamyOverall Failed to hit the sweet spot Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to

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    4 Still Breathing Stars It’s been two years since Emma left Weslyn and went to Stanford for school Two years since she’s left the past behind her cutting off essentially everyone and everything except Sara and her roommates She has been existing but not living Ever since she left her old life ever since she left Evan she’s been barley hanging on Emma is on a seriously self destructive path Emma is out of control Doing things she swore she would never do acting out in ways I never expected She doesn’t let anyone in and pushes away everyone who tries to break through her barriers For the first time in two years she meets someone who is persistent and won't give up on her He understands as much as he can about Emma and takes things at her speed gives her the space and distance she needs His name is Cole you heard that right not Evan but Cole I wanted to hate Cole I did But I couldn’t I really felt for the guy Sara is out of the country and Emma is spiraling further out of control A necessary trip back to Weslyn makes things even worse for her she has to confront the man from her past the man she left behind “The only way to save you was to leave” 
This is were the book started to get even intense We have Emma who is acting out Cole trying to be there for her and Evan back into the picture Talk about a mess Emma doesn’t know what to do with herself so she does what she does best She tries to escape it she runs One thing I loved about this story is that we got dual pov’s the last half or so As much as Emma drove me crazy at times it was wonderful to get inside of Evan’s head Evan is just amazing He always has been and he always will be My heart broke for that boy over and over again He finally finds out what was in that letter and why Emma really left him view spoiler “I love him than he will ever know And because of that I choose his happiness” hide spoiler

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    Disappointed 3 Stars for the writing not the story lineIt feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this final installment of Rebecca Donovan’s Breathing Series Like all fans I wanted Emma and Evan to have their hea The minute this book was released – the husband and kids were put on strict “do not disturb” warning They have heard all about the books because I get all emotional when I talk about these characters Out of Breath brings a reader two years after Emma left Weslyn for Stanford Emma is surrounded by a group of GREAT roommates and is in her sopho year of college Her relationship with Sara is still strong They talk regularly while she is away in France and they see each over school breaks Emma has perfected being NUMB never letting thoughts of Carol her cousins Jonathan her mother and of course Evan ever enter into her mind On the outside she is excelling at school and sport butthe GUILT and SELF LOATHING become overpowering and Emma searches to find adrenaline highs that can combat her pain Feelings just keep piling up on Emma ”The black hole of emptiness that had protected me all of this time refused to shroud me in its shadows like I needed it to I couldn’t shut everything off any ” Let’s be honest here without Sara and her roommates I don’t think Emma would be functioning or even breathing She’s like a fragile creature that everyone handles protects and coddles It's an around the clock Emma Watch Emma meets a great guy named Cole although she pushes him away he does get under her skin I needed him I needed him in a way that probably wasn’t healthy for either of us He was my fix Even if he could never fix me” The story delivers one tragic blow after another on Emma If you think that you are out of the woods on tragedythink again I felt like I was stuck in a constant cycle of terrible news Emma running till her feet fall off Emma catatonic and depressed Emma functioningonly to do it all over againI NEVER imagined that the author would have gone this route with this book It was frustrating to read and absolutely heartbreaking to bear after all that a reader endured in the first two booksEvents bring Emma back in Weslyn where Evan and her paths meet up again The reader will be ecstatic to learn that the book from this point on is in DUAL pov ”You’re supposed to hate me” I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing or my body from shaking “Why don’t you hate Evan?” My lip uivered” ’Emma I could never hate you I’ve told you that before and it’s still true’ Her expectation that I could made me feel like she’d just punched a hole through my chest ‘But I need closure so I can move on” The cast of characters spend the majority of this book on the beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara for summer vacation You see Cole’s beach house happens to be down the road from Evan’s school chums Emma agrees to give Evan two weeks to convince him to hate her and tell him the truth Slowly Emma lets Evan in and gives him the truths that he has so desperately needed Please note that Jonathan does play a part in this story so readers beware ”I left Evan instead of letting him in And I drove Jonathan away fearful he’d gotten too close Neither of them had a reason to trust me No I was convinced I’d lost them both” Overall the story was not what I expected or dreamed of but there is a conclusion and there is a hea The writing is very well done I have tons of uotes highlighted throughout the book Although I didn’t care for the story line of tragedy and pain for the majority of the book I think the emotional journey between the two characters was brilliantly done Now onto the epilogueit was way too short I believe readers DESERVE of an epilogue for our pain and suffering I’ll continue to hold my breath hoping that Rebecca Donovan gives readers She can think of it as our severance packages

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    25 stars Warning rant with some minor spoilers What the hell was that? Seriously? Can somebody tell me how that was supposed to make be feel because I'm pretty sure that it wasn't supposed to make me frustrated annoyed bored and then frustrated again I didn't like Emma in this book at all I get that she has been through a crap ton of horrible shit I was very sympathetic to her in the previous two books but in this one I just wanted to scream at her to get the fuck over it The book starts off a year and a half after Emma ran away from Evan and went to California She has apparently been in emotional cold storage for all that time and one party and a ton of booze brings her back to life So then we proceed with the excessive drinking portion of the book where all of Emma's friends coddle her and make excusestake the blame for her irresponsible behavior It's not so much that I didn't get why she was self medicating but it just seemed bizarre that she was ok for almost two years and then bam alchiadrenaline junkie Emma comes to life It's during this period that we introduction our place holder Cole Honestly I don't get what Cole's role in the book was supposed to be view spoiler He never really gets close to Emma He provides some mild angst when Evan comes back on the scene but not too much And then he crawls off with nary a whisper when Emma is ready to try again with Evan So what was the point? What did he bring to the story? Was he just arm candy to keep us interested during Emma's self destruct phase? That's the best I can come up with That said I really liked Cole I have no idea why he liked Emma and I felt sincerely bad for the dude He got the shaft big time and he didn't deserve it Also the whole vibe of how they got together was SO similar to how she got together with Evan it was creepy She's bitchy to him he doesn't seem to care hangs around even when she says she doesn't date willing to take whatever she will give him etc It just left me wondering what the heck was so special about Emma hide spoiler

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