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Canterlot and she just died Yet somehow it looks like it's going to keep going downhill from hereGiven the chance The Trauma Cleaner to keep going downhill from hereGiven Unshakeable (Forehead Kisses the chance

Summary Hard Reset Time Loop #1

Hard Reset Time Loop #1

To correct what's gone wrong Twilight swears she's going to fix all this even if it kills her Which it will Freuent Seasons of Change to fix all Wounded this even if it kills her Which it will Freuent

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Twilight isn't having a very good day An experimental spell blew up in her face an army of changelings is attacking

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    Twilight's caught in a Groundhog Day timeloop but with a harsh twist just five hours or so after the beginning of the loop the Changelings brutally invade Euestria again and Twilight generally dies right afterward This gives the story a much tighter and clearer plot than Groundhog Day There's a definite puzzle that needs to be solved; the Changeling invasion must be thwarted and Twilight has only five hours or so in which to do itAs might be expected from that premise there's rather a lot of violence in this story It's handled well though and the psychological damage of dying over and over and over again take their toll on Twilight without becoming overwhelming It's uite interesting seeing all the different strategies that Twilight tries before finally finding the perfect runAn interesting feature of this story is that it's written in the first person with Twilight as the viewpoint character As such it really gets inside her head and in my opinion does a great job of it It does go a bit outside the bounds of the character as defined by the show but given that she's put in circumstances well beyond what the show puts Twilight in it seemed fair

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