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Corated eggs for Easter• Jack o’ Lanterns for Halloween• Snowmen for Christmas Crazy for Cake Pops teaches you the secrets for creating these mouthwatering mini desserts with professional results The author leaves nothing to chance as she guides you step by step through baking crumbling shaping frosting and decoratin

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O make as it is to eat With a wide range of exciting shapes and delightful flavors Crazy for Cake Pops has the perfect pop for any occasion including• Animals for a kid’s party• Gift wrapped boxes for a birthday bash• Teddy bears for a baby shower• Poker chips for game night• Kettles and cups for tea time• De

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GORGEOUS CREATIVE CAKE ON A STICKPacked with 50 designs and 70 color photos this book shows how to make cake pops that are incredibly cute and amazingly delicious Everyone loves a beautifully decorated cake And there’s nothing fun than food on a stick Combine the two and you have the perfect sweet treat that’s as fun t

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    Molly Bakes if you haven't heard of her yet is a London cake artist who specializes in bespoke cakes made with wonderful ingredients and wonderful designs If you're lucky enough to live in that area she even teaches classes every so oftenIt's a full color step by step paper book that explains the tools and methods you'll need to make cake pops and has instructions for lots of decorated popsThe first part of the book is the introduction and the euipment you'll need as well as a brief overview of the method used to make cake pops The list of tools is very complete She also includes a conversion table for measurementsThen the cake recipes The recipes have some metric measurements with the US volume euivalents in parentheses Since Molly specializes in bespoke cakes using very good ingredients and made from scratch the recipes are just wonderful She suggests frosting pairings for making the cake balls for the pops and includes recipes for the frosting A lemon cake with yogurt for extra moistness and tartness a toffee frosting made with dulce de leche for flavor traditional vanilla and chocolate cakes and frostingsShe follows that with photographed instructions for making the cake balls and putting the sticks in them as well as how to melt the candy coating for the cake popsIf you just wanted to make simple and very good cake pops you could add some sprinkles or crushed nuts and be done there But then she has a bunch of designs as well This is the part that made my daughter very excitedSweethearts Tricolor and Marbled pops all start with a basic round pop and use simple decorating techniues Then you get into the shaped pops Lightning bolts adorable miniature donuts mustache pops skulls animals lovely white decorated wedding pops there are pops for every occasion She explains her decorating and shaping methods in a way that's easy to follow The colors and shapes are great they remind me a lot of very colorful toysThe end of the book has instructions for the techniues she uses to decorate in easy to follow language She also includes a supplier listI received a complimentary copy of the book to review on my craft blog Don't Eat the Paste My reviews are always my honest opinion

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    Cake on a stick is now a trendy epidemic You see them everywhere from Starbucks to upscale bakeries Perhaps this reflects our desire for continued indulgence that won’t break the bank or our waistlines Regardless the reasoning “Crazy for Cake Pops” may be just the book to get you started making your own If you have no idea how to begin I recommend starting here My curiosity prompted a few purchases to see if I could figure out how they were made You’ll find some are made using the methods described in this book Other pops come together in a demanding method spare time and personal skill will determine which is best for you This cookbook is also a treasure trove of creative ideas on what to do with your cake pop potential Perhaps you are confident in your skills as a home baker but need some encouragement to branch out and be creative No problem Molly Bakes offers great instruction and the photographs done by Noel Murphy are truly inspiring Seeing all the potential I realized if I had small children at home and needed birthday ideas this book provided years of options Some of the ideas are nice for adults as well One of my personal favorites is the Mustache Pop on page 67 Lots of appeal results from combining them with bright red lip pops Overall you’ll find gorgeous illustrations and directions that are accessible to even beginning bakers I have to admit turning cakes into crumbs was an odd kind of fun Once you’ve mastered these techniues you can begin to branch out into your own combinations of flavor and excitement Those beyond the beginning stages may actually want to jump right to that level and use “Crazy for Cake Pops” as your inspirational starting point for your own cake pop adventures EnjoyHeidi

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    Great ideas clear directions and very cute designs Although I got this from the library l may invest in my own copy because this would be a great book to have on hand for reference

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