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Ideal for Introduction to American Cinema courses American Film History courses and Introductory Film A Gave many good recommendations for movies

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American CinemaAmerican Culture

Ppreciation courses focused on American Film this text offers a cultural examination of the American mo Really don't like Belton's approach here Basically no time is

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Vie making industry with particular attention paid to the economic and aesthetic institution of Hollywo I read this book for a class on Hollywood Style The book argu

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    Gave many good recommendations for movies

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    Really don't like Belton's approach here Basically no time is spent on important moments in cinematic history eg the transition to synchronized sound in film and the entire middle section of the book is organized as genre studies

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    I read this book for a class on Hollywood Style The book argues that American films developed as part of an assembly line mentality toward the medium partially because of the sheer numbers of people needed to make any one film and partially because of the way American markets responded to film as a commodity at the turn of the century 1900 Yeah it's that exciting to read too However there are a lot of interesting sections in this book and the central thesis is not too far off the mark While a lot of the information on modern aspects of the film industry are very boring a career study of Tom Hanks and a critical analysis of Mulholland Drive come to mind there is a lot of well researched info on the early days of American Cinema and this book manages to summarize thoughts ideas and theories in a way that is direct and to the point without leaving anything huge out Obviously fans of film the history of film will probably want to read other books and I can't blame them But for someone who wants an overview or just wants to get a taste for what their film nerd friends are talking about this book will answer all the initial uestions and will even start pointing you in some of the right directions when it comes to further reading I would never have read this book if it hadn't been assigned for a class but having read it I can say that it's got some stuff in it that is probably worth reading if you can't find it in any other textBut chances are with a little help you probably won't need this

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    For my film studies class

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    This is a textbook for my Intro to Film class at school Hopefully it is interesting

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    Good stuff little gems of out there interpretation

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