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S Weekly starred reviewThis humorous and heartwarming tale will inspire children to seek out their own grandparents' treasure trove of stories Shelf Awareness starred reviewPore over the funny details soak in the humor the things were a lot tougher in my day spread had me in stitches appreciate the very specific mood Mackintosh so successfully creates in this story and delight in the illustration lettering and overall design all handled by the talented and overachieving Mackintosh Kirkus Reviews blog Mackintosh writes with irreverence and his illustrations are packed with prickly humor But Mackintosh also draws with emotional sensitivity and empathy The New York Times online Old timey gripes gain zest from Mr Mackintosh's exuberant and colorful collage illustrations The Wall Street JournalComplete with lively pen and ink illustrations this offbeat picture book is sure to become a family favorite Along the way it may prompt children to wonder what excitin. Summary In The Frank Show author David Mackintosh introduces readers to a boy who is embarrassed to talk about his grandpa for show and tell at school Grandpa Frank doesn t like noise or today s music or gadgets and gizmos and his grandson has no idea how to talk about him to his classmates The boy is disappointed that Grandpa Frank is not as exciting as Kristian s dad who is a comedian or Donny s dad who works in a potato chip factory But even though Grandpa Frank might be old and cranky it does not mean that he was never young and exciting It turns out that grandpa Frank has much to say at school than his grandson thought Did you know that Grandpa Frank led an army in a charge across a muddy battlefield Audience This book is great for children who are in the lower elementary level grades Appeal This story teaches readers to never underestimate people based on their appearances like age and to be sure to spend time with people in order to learn about them It is never appropriate to assume that you know someone unless you talk to them about their experiences It is also a good way to encourage children to be respectful and aware of the differences between themselves and their elders It is important for children to realize that older people grew up in different time periods and may not be as accepting of all the new trends It is also good to point out to children that even though your grandpa or grandma may seem cranky there might be to them then you thinkImplementation I would read this book and then encourage children to bring someone from their family to show and tell to talk to the class This would be a great method to learn about the student s personal life like their family s beliefs values and culture It would also be a great way to get parents and family members involved in the classroomBibliography Mackintosh D 2012 The Frank Show New York Abrams Books for Young Readers


The Frank Show

G details their grandparents have yet to reveal about their own life stories BookPageThe cartoon illustrations are very funny Frank’s oversize glasses with a missing right temple enhance the mood A sweet story that proves that elderly relatives can be cool after all School Library JournalAs a lover of vintage and vintage inspired children’s books I was instantly enad with The Frank Show by British illustrator and designer David Mackintosh a charming homage to grandparents and the art of seeing beneath the grumpy exterior Brain PickingsThe art is appealing as well digitally created scenes pulls together planes of vivid color a multitude of small elements outlined in black scrawls and elements of collage The Bulletin of the Center for Children's BooksReminding readers that everyone has a story to tell this picture book is fun to read while providing insight into human character Reading Today Online Awards GOLD Parents' Choice Award Winner Picture Book. There is nothing exciting about this little boy s grandpa Frank And this is an issue for the boy because on Friday he has to give a show and tell presentation in class about someone in his family He has to talk for a whole minute He rules out his baby sister and his mother and father say no That leaves Frank All week other students give amazing show and tell talks about fascinating family members The boy is distraught and although he gives his presentation he thinks it s pretty lame Frank doesn t like modern technology or fancy food or today s music or anything but vanilla or doctors The boy thinks all is lost but then Frank begins to tell the class stories Stories the boy has never heard before Thrilling stories of battles and bravery And everybody cheered for my grandpa Frank and me Like Mackintosh s first book Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School this book features a main character who comes to the realization that unconventional does not mean something is uninteresting or boring I couldn t find anything on Mackintosh s website or on the copyright page but it seems to me the illustrations are a combination of digital and hand drawn elements with loose charcoal lines and many collage elements The result is a vintage y stylistic world both detailed and impressionistic The text and illustrations are from the boy s point of view As you read the book watch as Frank changes from being rendered in mostly grays to vibrant full color The text is conversational in tone and utilizes italics bold and changes in font size to give certain words or phrases emphasisFull Review at Picture Book a Day

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This hilarious offbeat picture book from the creator of Marshall The Frank ePUB #10003 Armstrong Is New to Our School reveals that there is to the older generation than meets the eye Grandpa Frank doesn’t have any interesting hobbies unless you count complaining about how everything was better in the old days He doesn’t speak Italian like Paolo’s mom or play the drums like Tom’s uncle He’s just a grandpa So when the young narrator of this story is forced to bring Frank to school for show and tell he’s sure it’s going to be a disaster But Frank has a trick make that a tattoo up his sleeve And a story to go with it After all the longer you’ve been around the time you’ve had for wild adventures Praise for The Frank Show STARRED REVIEWS“Mackintosh’s busy helter skelter images contribute mightily to the story’s humor and emotional honesty but it’s the willful personalities of both of these protagonists that make it stand out” Publisher. Picture books about grandparents are hard to pull off there is a fine line between heartwarming and way too sentimental This one successfully avoids the latter it s fresh and funny

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    Picture books about grandparents are hard to pull off — there is a fine line between heartwarming and way too sentimenta

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    What's a boy to do when you have to show and tell a member of your family at school and the only person availabl

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    The Frank Show is a fabulously illustrated book that is bold uirky colourful and attractive to look at The storyline is brilliant and I'm pret

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    There's a lot you don't know about your grandparents youngsters That's the gist of this uirky picture book The i

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    Summary In The Frank Show author David Mackintosh introduces readers to a boy who is embarrassed to talk about his grandpa for show and tell at school Grandpa Frank doesn't like noise or today's music or gadgets and gizmos and his grandson h

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    The Frank Show by David Mackintosh tells the story of a young boy who is SO bored with his Grandpa Frank Frank does not like the same music that the young boy likes and he will not even pay to get a haircut Frank has not even bought a pair of new pants in 10 years In fact Frank even told the young boy that These days there are too

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    Ever have to bring a family member in for a Friday show and tell? Ever have your family abdicate and all you have left to take is grumpy old grandpa who seems to complain about everything there is to complain about? He doesn't like

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    There is nothing exciting about this little boy’s grandpa Frank And this is an issue for the boy because on Friday he has to give a show and tell presentation in class about someone in his family He has to talk for a whole

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    Grandpa Frank is just a grandpa and he doesn’t seem to like anything except pickled onions so how could his grandson possibly talk for a whole minute about him in front of his entire class?In The Frank Show by David Mackintosh Frank

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    This is a really lovely book that has an important message to share but does so in a fun light hearted manner Much of the book is spent with the narrator talking about all the reasons Grandpa Frank is not a good subject for the upcoming Show and Tell – he’s old he doesn’t like new things and everyone else’s relative is just a better choice The inevitable reveal that Grandpa Frank is not as boring as the narrator believes