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The Secret Life of Callie McGuire

What if you could have those difficult and painful conversations with a loved one who had passed away? What if you could say the things you'd never had the courage to say learn the things you didn't want to know?When K

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Even McGuire find his dead wife's journal his whole world and everything he knows is thrown into chaos When she appears to him while he's reading they say the things the important things they never could while she was Asphodel (The Underworld Trilogy, knows is thrown into chaos When she appears to him while he's reading they say the things the important things they never could while she was

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Alive Journey with Kevin through grief depression betrayal rage acceptance and finally forgiveness and self realization Please leave a review so we can share this story with othersPreviously published as Callie's Journ

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    I liked the premise of this novel and the fact that its protagonists were middle aged I'm not spoiling anything here by relating that it centres around Kevin's attempts to come to terms with his grief over the loss of his wife Callie and his discovery of her secret life It makes for uite a claustrophobic book We have two competing points of view Kevin's and Callie's and only incidental glimpses of other characters such as Callie's mother and the children Flashbacks aside the action all takes place in the house But it's exactly this mundane exacting dissection of a marriage that makes this book so appealing It is bound to strike a chord with anyone who has been married or in a long relationship or been a parent It's a very easy read; the plot kept me wanting to turn the page and the mix of flashback and present events was very well handled The protagonists felt three dimensional and their relationship convincing I'd be interested to know what a male reader makes of Kevin; to me he seemed very real and I couldn't help sympathising with him no mean feat for a novel about a woman's re discovery of her identityThere were a couple of points where the writing felt repetitive A hundred pages in I wondered how the author was going to sustain this format but she succeeded This is understandable because there is a limit to the situations Kevin can find himself in and Callie's thought processes meander realistically I think editing out say 10000 words would have made the book even stronger Another very small criticism the character of Matt seemed too perfect But then he is seen through Callie's eyes so perhaps that was the pointOverall though this is a really accomplished book which you'll enjoy if you like intelligent chick lit

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    325kb contemporary he reads his dead wife's journal but it's not the life as he remembered it

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