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    This is a middle book in a series so I felt like I had parachuted into unknown territory at times The central romance is a second chance between a supermodel heroine and an outback station owner hero They were high school sweethearts had an intense sexual relationship and it all came to an end when the heroine left at 19 to get away from her toxic family Hero wanted to marry but the heroine knew she wasn't readyNow ten years later the heroine is back for the funeral of her evil grandmother Evil mom is still around but beta dad is committing adultery and has asked for a divorce This was not handled well at all Just because your wife is evil it still doesn't justify adultery Get a divorce first Beta Dad who never stood up for your daughterHero is at the funeral eating his heart out and vowing to never be involved with the heroine again The hero's mother invites the heroine to his home as her guest Heroine agrees because she is done being a supermodel and she wants the hero backHero sulks and agonizes and says hurtful things to the heroine but heroine just stays calm and predicts they will be together again This was such a strange dynamic to be honest The hero played the part of Penny Jordan heroine who will never love another The heroine played the part of the Penny Jordan hero who had to leave to self actualize I really didn't like either one of them The hero whined too much The heroine was smugly complacent They both had sexual partners in the ten years apart sighBesides the side story of the beta dad and evil mom the heroine's brother's story was brought up again Secret baby was presumed dead due to the evil grandma's machinations but was found after 15 years He's finally marrying his baby mama There was also an unresolved thread about a buried treasure There was an attempted rape of the heroine by one of the ranch hands but after the hero saved her the heroine declared she had it all under control double sighOutback checklistParty with all the prominent families in attendanceExpedition to trap wild horses for tamingRescue of stranded motorists by planeHero's skill with piloting horses managing a stationYe old history of the white settlersFlora and Fauna descriptions

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Red Mitch is filled with anger whenever he thinks about Christine He'd loved her—had even offered marriage—but she'd chosen to pursue a life far awa The Pallisers even offered marriage—but she'd chosen to pursue a life far awa

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Outback Bridegroom

Christine is on her way back—to a town full of bittersweet memories but home to the only man she has ever truly loved Mitch ClaydonOutback born and b The Rebellion ever truly loved Mitch ClaydonOutback born and b

Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ð Margaret Way

Y from Koomera Crossing Now she's returned and despite his strong resolve Mitch finds he can't keep away Christine is as beautiful and desirable as ev