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From the BU BTS UniverseSeven boys Best friends Their fates intertwined thro. crying

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Save Me BTS Webtoon

Save them but can heFifteen Episodes as of AprilGoing By Avg Webtoon Pages.. How can it end like that

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Ugh the good times together but also the tough times One will do anything to. What The HellBighit My darling BighitIt cannot end like that Is there another series I m Fine maybe Please Come on Bighit you can t finish it like that I need to know what happens Does Jin break the time line Does he save everyone WHAT HAPPENS TO MY BABY BOYSActual review kind ofThis was a BTS webtoon Of course I liked it It had time travel a broken BTS plot twists cliffhangers and the 7 most important guys in my life except for family How could I not like it Kim Seokjin our precious worldwide handsome Jin finds himself waking up on the 11th of April at 10am everyday and finds out that his mission is to bring back together his brothers BTS and save all the members from terrible fates However something always goes wrong and he finds the day constantly repeating Can he save everyoneWell actually we don t know if he can Because Bighit ENDS THE WEBTOON BEFORE WE FIND OUT CLIFFHANGER MUCH Anyway this was interesting and captivating and my only issue was that the names of the characters were switched around eg Seokjin Kim I mean I know this was made for English audiences but if you re ARMY or stan anything Korean then you ll know that the last name goes first in Korean culture It s Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin eg Other than that this was perfect

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    “No matter how many times I tried I could never save all of them on my own” Save Me The Most Beautiful Moment in Life 0 is a graphic work story all about BTS’s BU Bangtan Universe which is an alternative universe in which BTS was never fo

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    daily reminder that i love bts with all of my heart and they wreck me one day after another and i am here for it❀ read the webtoon here

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    Taehyung kills his father Yoongi commits suicide Namjoon ends up in prison Jungkook dies Hoseok and Jimin are hospitalized These are the fates o

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    Okay so if you're a BTS fan and you didn't know they created this webcomic that explains what a lot of the storylines behind their music videos are It's ongoing so I'm saying I've completed it even though not all the episodes are out yet but I'm officially up to date and it's SO GOOD Here's the link if you wanna check it out

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    What The HellBighit My darling BighitIt cannot end like that Is there another series? 'I'm Fine' maybe? Please Come on Bighit you can't finish it like that I need to know what happens Does Jin break the time line? Does he s

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    With the help of BTS and their music I managed to slowly overcome the worst time in my life I will be forever grateful ♡

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    How can it end like that?

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    “If you could turn back time do you believe you can straighten out the errors and mistakes and save everyone?” Save Me is a serialized graphic novel available to read for free on Webtoon that chronicles the events of the Bangtan Universe Those of you who aren’t BTS trash like myself may be unfamiliar with the BU but it’s b

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    i'm emo

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