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Es and the mysterious riddles left behind lead Batman to suspect an old foe is back at work But the Riddler is safely locked up and not too happy that someone has stolen his MO Also featuring classic stories guest starringScalphunter Hawkman and The Joker Great visuals T

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Batman King Tut's Tomb

Spotlighting the breath taking Batman centric seuential artwork of one of DC's most popular and timeless artists Jose Luis Garcia Lopez ACTION COMICS whose work has been used as the basis of the DC Comics style guide since the late 1970s and remains possi Batman Confide

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Bly the most recognizable among the general public This collection features three stories In the first from the late '60s Batman TV show comes King Tut making his first comic book appearance in Gotham City ever A trail of murders involving museum executiv A surprisingly

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    Another solid entry in the 'Confidential' series this time the Dark Knight reluctantly teams with the Riddler for his expertise Notable for showing 'the master detective' actually conducting investigatory work I don't just hit people you know growls Batman after demonstrating his knowledge of Egyptology to a surprised Riddler in his pursuit of King Tut Riddler acuits himself fairly well amidst the action and has a trick or two up his sleeve Also of interest was the comics using that villain who although much revamped here strictly handsome angry and deadly this time around was created specifically for the 60's TV series Lastly femme fatale Leigh Carson the only woman of note in the story and who seems inspired by a 40's film noir dame has a nice 'gotcha' moment at the finale However The main story is rather short and the book is padded with two old issues of The Brave and the Bold featuring Hawkman and Scalphunter who? and an average Joker story from the early 80's

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    Batman Confidential King Tut's Tomb picks up where the previous trade paperback left off collecting three issues Batman Confidential #26–28 of the 2006 on going series with The Brave and the Bold #164 and 171 and Batman #353 and covers four storylines A New Dawn The Mystery of the Mobile Museum A Cannon For Batman and Last Laugh A New Dawn is a three issue storyline Batman Confidential #26–28 has Bruce Wayne as Batman investigating a string of murders involving museum executives Since mysterious riddles are being left behind as clues suspicion naturally falls upon Edward Nigma as the Riddler However the perpetrator this time is not the Riddler but William McElory as King Tut The Mystery of the Mobile Museum is a one issue storyline The Brave and the Bold #164 has Bruce Wayne as Batman teaming up with Katar Hol as Hawkman overlooking the transport of ancient artifacts from a museum in Gotham City to one in Midway City Things go awry when the whole museum suddenly starts floating in the air and it is up to Batman and Hawkman to solve the mystery A Cannon For Batman is a one issue storyline The Brave and the Bold #171 has Bruce Wayne as Batman being sent to the past and teaming up with Brain Savage as Scalphunter to fight the Confederate Army to solve a mystery of how an ancient artifact that Bruce Wayne bought had a secret chamber with his bat signal in it Last Laugh is a one issue storyline Batman #353 has Bruce Wayne as Batman taking on the Joker who has designs to kill him and Batman has to once again outwit himNunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir Batman Confidential #26–28 Gerry Conway The Brave and the Bold #171 and Batman #353 and JM DeMatteis The Brave and the Bold #164 penned the trade paperback Individually each story is written rather well but together it is a giant mess without a single focus – except that ancient artifacts run through it Regardless at the end of the day the trade paperback feels like a jumble messSurprisingly José Luis García López penciled the entire trade paperback Since he was the main penciler the artistic flow of the trade paperback flowed exceptionally well For the most part I enjoyed his penciling style and it is uite the joy to see his evolution as an artist throughout the trade paperback as the stories were penned during different erasAll in all Batman Confidential King Tut's Tomb is mediocre continuation to what would hopefully be a wonderful series

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    The Riddler is my favorite male Batman villain and I really enjoy Egyptian mythology I didn't know this even existed until seeing it at my library and I was so excited to read itI loved seeing The Riddler work together with Batman to solve what was going on and seeing the detective side of Batman come out Unfortunately I felt like this just wasn't enough The story ended on a cliffhanger that from a brief Google search I don't believe was resolved It was only three collected issues which I thought would be longer based on the size of the book I didn't realize until getting to the end that it's because there were three issues of 80s Batman at the backThe first one was based around a museum so it made sense to include that I suppose HOWEVER The second involved Batman being hypnotized to 1862 to investigate a bat patch he found in a civil war relic he bought don't ask just go with it featuring the very problematic character of Scalphunter The third is Joker being salty that a Broadway star is getting a statue and not him So like very weird to put alongside everything else

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    This book is really underrated I'm giving it 5 stars simply because of the Batman A New Dawn storyline my favorite story that it involves the Riddler I know it's difficult to use the Riddler as a character because it reuires the writer to incorporate riddles in the story which can be really daunting Prior to reading this book I actually haven't read a Riddler story that I liked I really like the riddles that Nunzio DeFilippis used in this story and for me he was able to capture how the Riddler should think and talk I really despise how he was portrayed in The Long Halloween and When in Rome Also the art of Jose Luis Garcia Lopez is really good

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    A surprisingly good BatmanRiddler teamup story combined with four older one issue stories all illustrated by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez and generally featuring some kind of museum or historical theme I just wish it was clearly advertised that way as with many of these little collections they make it look like one shortish graphic novel when actually it's a compilation

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    The King Tut storyline is pretty decent but the other 3 issues are old and irrelevant making it an odd collection overall Read the whole review here

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    Great visuals The King Tut insanity complex is interesting Makes for a good campy romp reminiscent of the Bat of yesteryear Bonus is the classic material post script penciled by Garcia Lopez Always a solid artist

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    The Riddler is THE BEST I could go on and on and onPage 41 bottom right corner panel is PRICELESSAlso a Batmakeout with a naked man Only at first glance though he's just trying to resuscitate

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    35 starsThe first half of this book was fantastic I loved the whole Egyptian themed crime mystery storyline and all the characters involved It felt very old Skool but with new up to date artwork which was great too The riddler was great as usual he’s so underrated and I loved how this is a proper batman story where he actually does detective work I’m a huge batman fan so it was very refreshing to come across a detective batman story as they seem to be hard to come by these daysSo I have zero complaints about the first half but for the second half I can’t say the same for I can see what they were trying to do and I think it’s rather nice to honour a legendary artist involved in the book but for me the stories were very boring minus the last issue which involves the joker I mean you can’t go wrong there can you I could have just read the King Tut storyline and would have been happy as Larry giving it 5stars but the last few issues disappointed me and definitely overstayed it’s welcome

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    A host of talent teams up for this Batman Confidential storyline bringing a classic villain from the 1960s TV series to the comic page A series of assaults on Gotham socialites by a masked pharaoh draws Batman into the investigation As the assailant seems to be dropping cryptic riddles during each attack the Dark Knight immediately suspects the Riddler Offering his assistance to help capture the mystery man who is stealing his shtick Riddler teams with Batman to solve the puzzles and unmask King Tut Fans of the old television show will instantly discern the hidden secret of Victor Goodman but should still enjoy the ride Two issue of The Brave and the Bold are included to flesh out the volume; one features an alien conspiracy involving Hawkman while the other uses hypnotism and time travel to team Batman with Scalphunter during the civil war Sadly the stories detract from the overall enjoyment of the volume DC missed a golden opportunity to include the modern BatmanRiddler detective cases which would have truly made this book a great read

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