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summary É E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Martin Elsant

Acts of Faith

Tonished spectators The only point of contention was that the Christians believed he was so evil that he was dragged body and soul directly to hell while the Jews believed he was so righteous that he was t Faith Hope and LoveActs of Faith Part One of the Inuisition Trilogy by Martin Elsant is a beautifully written love story about faith commitment and loveThe year is 1569It is a time of simplicity new discoveries cocoa was a new commodity the power of the Catholic Church was in full display and there were marked lines between the haves and have notsIt was also during the height of the Portuguese Inuisition where the Catholic Church was endeavoring to root out those who lived contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church The main actions of those being investigated were the possible religious crimes of Judaizing bigamy and witchcraftIn front of this backdrop a tender love story unfolds between a promising seminarian student Ari and a beautiful aristocratic young lady by the name of Maria Their relationship blossoms but unfortunately the brother of Diego Lopes Maria's father has died at the hands of the inuisitorsHer uncle's death places a significant theological strain upon the beliefs between Maria and Ari which results in their separation and journey on separate paths leading to a miracleActs of Faith Part One of the Inuisition Trilogy by Martin Elsant is an engaging novel that is sure to stimulate the heart mind and faith of the reader The narrative involving the developing relationship between Ari and Maria is light sensitive flirty and humorous However in stark contrast the methods motives and description of the inuisition process are disturbingCombined together the author has shared a story that is sure to inspire the reader through the narrative of love joy pain suffering and commitment to one's belief

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Aken body and soul up to heaven What really happened? And can love strong enough to cross a religious divide survive the fires of the Inuisition? The answers to these uestions are the story of Acts of Fait Martin Elsant shows a real stroke of genius in the creation of The Inuisition Trilogy Acts of Faith is a brilliant start and I’m excited to see where Elsant takes it from hereActs of Faith humanises some of the most horrendous aspects of the Inuisition honing in on a romance between Ari a student of theology and loyal to the Vatican and Maria an aristocrat whose uncle has been killed The resulting tale of love loss and the struggle of these characters to reconcile their beliefs to their attachment to one another is truly beautiful It adds a great depth to what is otherwise an informed and immersive work of historical fiction I would recommend Acts of Faith to just about any reader It’s a thoughtful consideration of human nature in the midst of a truly horrific period of inhumanity and raises many insights that are still applicable to today’s culture and how we relate to one another as fellow human beings I can’t wait to read the seuel

summary É E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Martin Elsant

At an auto da fe in 16th century Portugal Diego Lopes was chained to a stake and a pyre was lit Then according to both Christian and Jewish witnesses he mysteriously disappeared in front of thousands of as This is a story about possibilitiesElsant takes us into the period of the Inuisition There are historical accounts and uestions raised by the author that make this book worth delving into Diego’s disappearance is surreal in some aspects but it’s made authentic by the author’s approach I was swept up by Ari and Maria’s story which ultimately is the result of the Spanish Inuisition This is a story that focuses on historical details and those who people the story This interesting novel is not for everyone but it’s certainly a 5 star story for those who appreciate historical research into the period of the Inuisition and for those who enjoy a tale of intrigue melded with history and literature It is a book though not for everyone that a certain readership will appreciate This author’s skillful structuring results in a piece of work worth discussing after it’s been read

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