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Account of Owen's life from his childhood spent in the back streets of Birkenhead and Shrewsbury to Excellent biogra

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Wilfred Owen

This biography marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 1 and Wilfred Owen's death It is an I read this biog Classics Devotional Bible read this biog

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The appalling months in the trenches but it is also a poet's enuiry into the workings of a poet's min I hate to say th

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    I read this biography several years ago and was profoundly moved and inspired by the growth of such a young man from classically educated school boy finding his own voice to the raw and brutally honest poet we are so familiar with now When I finished this biography we were living near Birkenhead library Owen's father had been the local station master and two of the family homes were nearby I realised I could walk to both addresses from the library One house is a simple Victorian terrace the other a larger semi I was amazed there was nothing to indicate Owen had lived in either house considering his fame and reputation By a beautiful coincidence on returning to the library I noticed a stack of leaflets by English Heritage asking for suggestions for properties worthy of blue plaues and of course I filled the form in straight away Several months later I received a letter saying my application had been approved and they had chosen the larger of the two houses for a blue plaue I was invited to the unveiling ceremony About thirty of us climbed aboard an old red double decker bus cheesy I know including Owen's surviving family members a few people from English Heritage and Lloyd Grossman even cheesier No one introduced themselves to me I was only twenty four at the time I am sure they thought I was a stowaway It was so moving to watch the unveiling and to know he would be properly remembered It made me glow inside to be a small part of preserving his legacy and very strange to be anonymous until now In conclusion a very memorable book

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    Excellent biography Gave a good insight into the poems and into the author but with none of the tedious reams of detail that sometimes goes with such an account It was really well written and held my attention throughout I loved the reliance on lengthy uotes from his letters and from his brother's rememberances of him Also the facscimiles of many of his poems and in some cases being able to see how the poesm grew through copies of a number of draft versions Every biography of an author should carry the appendix Stallworthy had in this a list of all the books on Owen's own bookshelves I can't resist looking through bookshelves wherever I visit and this gave a new edge to this in looking through a favourite poet's bookshelves

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    I hate to say this but the earlier part of Wilfred's life is actually kind of dull I don't know if it was Stallworthy's writing or the fact that all he was basically doing was discovering his poetic identity This is interesting of course but his childhood was of no real interest to me for some reason I did however really like the parts about when he went to London and found the Poetry Bookshop This was wonderful to read I guess my enjoyment of this was based on the fact that for me Owen is most interesting when it comes to his own writingThis biography really picked up for me during the last three chapters detailing his time at Craiglockhart Scarborough Ripon and eventually his death It was at this point in his life where he met Sassoon probably the most important meeting he had and this was probably the most enjoyable It was lovely to see Owen's transition from hero worshipper so standing on his own two feet The last two chapters completely broke meOverall not the best biography I've read and only select parts were enjoyable If you have interest in Owen as a person then read it but if like me you are only there for the parts when Owen really starts to be concerned with the pity you'd be best just reading the last three chapters

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    I have read Owen's poems and been dazzled by them but now I have read about the man himself I feel they shall stroke a deeper blow going forward Stallworthy has managed to create a comprehensive account of who he was and how others saw him and I am so glad I read this book

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    A book I hold as the standard for well written biography Wilfred Owen was fortunate to have had Jon Stallworthy as a narrator of his life and work Thinking on the epilogue always gives me chills

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    A beautiful tender biography yet each page took me to dark water