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Ay ahead To convince sensual skeptical Captain Nick Trask to give it a chance without getting burned herselfAs for Nick he could walk into a burning building no problem But the inferno that Sloane.

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Where There's Smoke

ONCE BURNEDIf Sloane Hillyard’s invention saved the life of one firefighter it would be worth everything even if it was too late to save her own brother Where There's EpubBut her biggest hurdle l.

Free download Where There's Smoke

Ignited presented a different type of challenge Still he was up for it Now all he had to do was convince Sloane it was possible to enjoy the warmth of the firewithout getting consumed by the flames.

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    I've had this book for years and finally got to read it I liked the fact that the happy ending was a work in progress

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    4 12 Stars Nick is a Captain in a Boston firehouse Sloan has invented a device that will help prevent firefighters from getting lost or dead ended in burning buildings Nick's none to pleased when he's ordered to help Sloan in the final testing of her euipment Nothing is going to stand in Sloan's way to getting this euipme

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