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    SO goodLove Bernard O'Mahoney as a writer and person He never pussyfoots around anything Always 5 stars Read almost all his books an watched his docs

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    Great read genuinely written B O'Mahoney is true to himself I've read true crime for years but this author always tells the truth in his books no gimmicks no bravado just the dark truths of what the underworld entails no sla

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Kray gang boss Tony Lambrianou who served a life sentence for the brutal murder Wannabe in PDFEPUB or of Jack the Hat McVitie has threatened to kill Bernard O'Mahoney by smashing a hammer through his head Dodgy Dave Courtney who claims to have murdered two gangland rivals tried to put him out of his misery and the most dangerous man in the country John Gaffer Rollinson has vowed to kill him when he finds him But O'Mahoney one time friend of the notorious Kray Brothers and former key member of the Essex Boys gang isn't concerned about any of these threats because he knows the truth.

review Wannabe in my Gang?

Wannabe in my Gang?

About the wannabe gangsters who have built their 'reputations' on fantasy gleaned from Hollywood movies and true crime books written by their heroes Wannabe in my Gang is a story that spans two decades and involves some of the most infamous names and crimes in British history It gives a uniue insight into the Kray brothers' firm revealing that its public image is far from the truth Also uncovered is what happened to the remaining members of the Essex Boys firm following the death of Esctasy victim Leah Betts and the murder of three of its leaders who were found dead in their blood.

download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Á Bernard OMahoney

Spattered Range Rover one winter's evening For the first time ever O'Mahoney will expose the gangland myths that have made legends of those who claim to be responsible for mayhem and murder He reveals the sordid secret of one of Britain's most infamous gangsters and tells the truth about the imposters who make a living selling stories and writing books about events that have never even happened Wannabe in my Gang is the book that many in the underworld never wanted the public to read A crime exposé of the highest order it is shocking revelatory and gripping from beginning to end..