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Vixen By Rosie Garland

Trange mute Maid is discovered washed up in the marshes and taken in Anne is grateful for the company Their friendship is to give Anne the chance of a happiness she thought she’d never knowBut soon the plague strikes Brauntone spreading panic And as the villagers’ fear turns to anger Thomas must sacrifice anything to restore their faith in hi This has got to be one of the strangest books that I have

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Rosie Garland’s extraordinary tale is a story of superstition and devotion in the time of the Black Death and will bewitch both new readers and fans of her much loved debut The Palace of CuriositiesDevon 1349 In Brauntone where seagulls screech across the fields and the wind has a mind to change Father Thomas arrives as the new priest Determine I'll be honest in saying it was the gorgeous cover envelo

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D to impress his congregation he uells fears of the coming pestilence with promises of protectionFor Anne the priest’s arrival is an opportunity that at sixteen she feels all too ready for Convinced a grand fate awaits she moves in as Thomas’s housekeeper though hopeful of something But his home is a place without love or kindness So when a s First off if you spotten this gorgeous book on the shelf

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About the Author: Rosie Garland

Born in London to a runaway teenager Rosie has always been a cuckoo in the nest She's an eclectic writer and performer ranging from singing in post punk gothic band The March Violets through touring with the Subversive Stitch exhibition in the s to her alter ego Rosie Lugosi the Vampire ueen cabaret chanteuse and mistress of ceremoniesShe has published five solo collections of poetry and.

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    I'll be honest in saying it was the gorgeous cover enveloping this story that grabbed my attention I read the synopsis before purchasing it and though it didn't jump out at me I still thought I would give it a go As a writer it's important to read any and all kinds of stories But I'm afraid Vixen just wasn't for me• WritingGarland has a very flowery writing style words that make you suint instead of nod with understanding I appreciate poetic writing and it is fitting for a story like this However I did find it to be difficult to read and become invested in at times But there were also some pretty pairings of words that made me stop and reread the sentenceI need no one I want no one and no one wants me That is the finest way to pass through this world running so swiftly even the air cannot stick I shake off everything as a fox sheds its tail when the hounds take hold I'll skip through this world tailless rather than not at allYeah it definitely wasn't an uplifting kind of book But I could relate to words such as these Garland created emotional turmoil that was relatable and understandable Some of it wasn't but I could appreciate the words threaded together throughout this novelIf I can choose to be miserable I can also choose to be happy Perhaps I am not chained to my feelings I can slip freeThere were a few fantastic pairings of words but there were also many words that made the novel feel awkward and strange Please note I don't even like typing these words out but this is the life of a book reviewer ANYWAYS I lost track of how many times Garland dropped the words turd cunny and fartThis was a brash blunt book and I wasn't expecting that I've read A Game of Thrones I've read blunt books I've read dirty words and I don't have an issue with them if they're used in moderation It got to a point where it felt like the author was dropping these words for shock value Maybe I adapted that improperly but that's how it began to feel and it only continued to make me uncomfortable• PlotThe novel begins with Thomas arriving as the new priest in Brauntone I think they mean Braunton? in Devon England Anne who's in desperate need of a change in her life cough a man cough she offers to be Thomas's housekeeper Then Vixen becomes entangled in all of their livesThis is a tale of love and death and superstition It's a depressing book that takes place during the time of the Black Death and focuses on the importance of love and strength what it means to persevere The idea for the plot was a great though I only wish it didn't drag on so long• CharactersEach character in this novel went through a significant development and had a strong arc but I'm afraid I wasn't fond of most of them I enjoyed Anne's development the most Watching her grow from a lonely maiden into a strong woman was empowering I do really like the direction the author took her in especially with her love interest and how it was delivered I think that was done wellBut when it comes to Thomas I wasn't a fan Thomas's chapters were the least interesting for me He was meant to be unlikable and he certainly was Although I felt like his chapters didn't heighten or bring anything to the overall story Again I do appreciate Vixen's development and the direction the author took her in but her first few chapters left me baffled and therefore unable to connect with her for a long while Overall I just wasn't able to gain a deep interest with Vixen but her growth was amazing• OverallIt had some memorable sentences and scenes with a rich atmosphere but once it was all put together it was uite overwhelming I think this is a good book and did enjoy parts of it but overall it wasn't for me

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    25 Stars This was okay but I lost interest towards the end

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    Beautiful very feminine story about the feeling of otherness within a small village community in the Middle Ages A girl can be a miracle can be a witch can be a curse or salvation In the darkness there can be also some place for love and light

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    45 stars What a gorgeous moving and atmospheric story to start the year with Highly recommended for those who love lush prose and medieval settings

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    The old adage goes that you should never judge a book by its cover It's true that I adore the cover of this book and it's also true that I decided to read this book because of the cover which I guess in part means that my friend the cover designer did a really good job It wasn't until I had this book in front of me that I realised that it's author Rosie Garland was also the singer in Goth Band the March Violets who featured on the soundtrack to one of my favourite 80's movies Some Kind Of Wonderful I know completely unrelated fascinatingly uninteresting fact for you This is an interesting clever read in alluringly poetic and lyrical prose that follows the arrival of the great plague to a village in Devon It is told from the perspective of three protagonists a Priest a girl and their maid the Vixen or fox of the title Where is starts off gentle and beautiful we are plunged int disalusionament and delirium as our protagonists surcumb to the symptons and fate of the Black Death

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    First off if you spotten this gorgeous book on the shelf you will probably be instantly attracted to the cover It's uietly beautiful in a sea of brightly colored books; somehow the splash of orange attracted my eye like none around it Plus well it's a fox I love foxes and the title 'Vixen' helped as wellThis wasn't really like any other book I've ever read At times crude and others beautiful I initially couldn't even read it I had no idea what was happening with any of the story line and even once over fifty pages had passed I was none the wiser What the heck was I reading?But then somehow it settled down into an actual story and it wasn't half bad I did not see the romance angle coming at all until all of a sudden it was there and it was beautiful too No spoilersCompletely contrary to the book I expected but nonetheless delightful three stars Try it for yourself

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    This is the second book by Rosie Garland that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed both They would be best described as dark fairy tales Vixen is set in South West England in the time of the plague Frightened people are looking for miracles and their priest Thomas is determined to provide them It looks with an unflinching and critical gaze at the corruption of Catholicism and the rampant misogyny that accompanies the religious doctrine When a child is found close to death the priest declares she is sent by God to save them In his vanity he believes he owns this miracle and his housekeeper Anne and it his right to use and ill use them as he wishes The child known as Vixen and The Maid is pagan than Christian and woman than child but both escape the priest’s noticeIt is a wonderful tale full of heartache death violence and tenderness Rosie Garland’s prose is poetic and evocative

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    35 stars might be closer but then historical fiction isn't really my thing so I feel like it should get bonus points for keeping my interest until the end As it happens I got my hands on an Advance Copy and might as well be honest read it as much for the wonderful cover as anything else I haven't read The Palace of Curiosities so I don't know how they compare I can say this about Garland she uses language with an almost reckless calculation sometimes or maybe I mean a calculated recklessness Maybe both? Either way she's got style It's not always comfortable or easy to read and I have no idea how accurate it is to the times or subject matter but it is compellingIt'll be interesting to see how well it picks up interest among the literary andor book club crowds Can see it going either way really

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    This has got to be one of the strangest books that I have ever read But it kept me captivated until the endIf you decide to read it hang in there through the first few vixen chapters It gets better

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    Really liked this book The blend of superstitionreligion with the power of the church is evocative then with the horror of the plague results in a powerful tale Beautiful writing and worth your time

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