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Jade is usually a confident young lesbian very aware of what she wants and what she doesn't Unfortunately her taste for being bullied can very easily get out of.

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Uniform Doll Nexus

Hand and when she decides to compete with her filthy uncle Rupert in collecting the uniforms of sex partners they uickly do What starts out as a playful if pro.

Summary Uniform Doll Nexus

Vocative hobby leads to her finding herself obliged to accomodate men as well as women and ending up in a seriously sticky Uniform Doll eBook #223 mess literall.

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    This book started out really good It opened with a lovely submissive lesbian named Jade and her pervert uncle Rupert as they

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    Not sure where 'play' ends and nonconsensual acts occur in this volume There should be some kind of advance warning on the book's cover as I don't think the average reader of erotica is willing to go undergo the damage Jade's usually wearing camo pants She only 'collects' two uniforms btw The story is about her being bullied by females and then getting her revenge back

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