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Tigress for Two Alaskan Tigers #3

M in means she must remove the guards keeping her safe since her escapeA debt that is owedTaber owes the Alaskan Tigers than he could ever repay They supported him and his Kodiak bear sleuth when they needed backing the most He has joined their fight against the rogue tigers in order to repay his debt Finding his mate among the Alaskan Tigers was unexpected He always wanted Tigress for TwoI jumped in this series here with the third book but it still made sense There is an overall story arch but enough back story is provided so you're not lost That being said this story was so well you'd I want to go back and find out and also read on and find out what happens with all other characters The author doesn't follow all the same shifter rules but creates a whole world that you want to emerse yourself in The trio that this story revolves around captures your heart The action scenes and steamy scenes balance well to keep your attention the whole way through If you're a fan of shifters and menages pick up this book

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Kallie lived her life hiding from everyone and everything except selected members of her clan fearing someone would discover who she was and what she had fled She would not be tortured again no matter if the cost was her life When Taber enters her life she isn’t sure if she should trust him or run as fast and as far as she can His presence changes everything and to let hi This is a uick read The story of the Alaskan Tigers continues with a few bears thrown in for variety Kallie who has hidden from her past and the world finds her mate and then finds she has two mates and they are bears which freaks her out a little bit but love or destined mates will find a way

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A female bear as his sow mate and to raise a few cubs of his own What he didn’t need was a tigress with trust issuesA love that could destroy themFinding his mate should be the best day of Thorben’s life but when he comes to Taber’s aid and discovers his destined tigress mate is already his brother’s mate brotherhood must overcome nature because bears mate for life Kallie has hidden herself away from the rest of the clan but when she becomes instrumental in finding Pierce and his cronies she steps outside her comfort zone and finds not one but two mates twin bearsTigress for Two is a fun romp back into the world of the Alaskan Tigers Ms Dobson's done a fabulous job creating a world and character who are each uniue but fit together to protect the tribe While I started with the first book you don't have to Each one is a full story unto itself and a wild ride

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Marissa Dobson is a USA Today Bestselling Two Alaskan eBook ✓ Author of than sixty books in different genres of romance including Alaskan Tigers seriesBeing the first daughter to an avid reader gave her the advantage of learning to read at a young age Since then she has always had her nose in a book It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she started exploring writingMarissa lives an hour from Washington D.

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