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Draft a resume in just 12 minutes Yes really  Designed with college students in mind but used at all career sta

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The Resume Design Book

Ges Illustrated reading experience Formatted for easy navigation High re read value Provides depth and reference

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Reuires only 1 2 hours of easy reading to pick up on key concepts  Kindle Version is featured in vivid color  A Little Dinner Before the Play pick up on key concepts  Kindle Version is featured in vivid color 

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    A resume is what your giving a future employer in order for them to get an idea about who you are in a nutshell It's a way for you to convince someone that you're the best fit for the job This is a book best bought in physical book formInside there is a Twelve Minute Resume There are fun fill in the blank type forms with cute animations You'll need a handful of post it notes to use for your answers After you combine all your post it notes to create a rough draft a fun basic resume that took you less time than most commercial breaks during your favorite tv showEach section of your typical resume is broken down and again the suggest the use of post it notes to organize your personal information with even detail Adding to the first rough draft you plug in all your pertinent information creating a large organized collage of post it notes They give you specific instructions to the collection of post it notesThe include common do's and don'ts of resume writing and prepare you to turn your post it's into something professional that you can hand in to any potential jobWhen it comes down to typing something up many people find themselves confused This breaks it down for anyone to understand It goes into detail on what your resume should look like with; font spacing structure layout and even how long it should be After all you don't want a resume so long it bores the readerOverall I think this is a super useful book that anyone can understand Super simple and specific The target audience for this book is literally anyone I give it a 55