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The Fargos will find themselves embroiled with black market fossils a centuries old puzzle chest the ancient Tibetan kingdom of Mustang a balloon aircraft from a century before its time and a skeleton that could turn the history of human evolution on its head Packed with the endless imagination and breathtaking suspense that are his hallmarks The Kingdom once again proves that Clive Cussler is just about the best storyteller in the business New York Post The Fargo serie

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Sam and Remi Fargo return for the thrilling third adventure in the acclaimed new series In Spartan Gold and Lost Empire Clive Cussler brought readers into the world of husband and wife team Sam and Remi Fargo whose passion and instinct for treasure hunting has led to extraordinary discoveries and perilous journeys Their next adventure however might be their most astonishing yet The Fargos are used to hunting for treasure not people But then a Texas oil b The third insta Plague Harvest yet The Fargos are used to hunting for treasure not people But then a Texas oil b The third insta

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Aron contacts them with a personal plea an investigator friend of the Fargos' was on a mission to find the oil baron's missing father and now the investigator is missing too Would Sam and Remi be willing to look for them both? Though something about the situation doesn't uite add up the Fargos agree to go on the search What they find will be beyond anything they could have imagined On a journey that will take them to Tibet Nepal Bulgaria India and China “Place names

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    It had been a while since Sam and Remi Fargo had been in Kathmandu Nepal but with a colleague missing somewhere in this vast country they were determined to do their best to find him They had their suspicions about the person who’d recruited them and as time moved forward it seemed they were rightSearching through long tunnels in one of the deep cave systems in the area Sam and Remi found than they had bargained for But it was the mine hidden in the forests well away from Kathmandu and guarded by Chinese soldiers that turned their investigation on its head What was going on? Had they stumbled onto something far important – and dangerous than they’d imagined? The Kingdom is the 3rd in the Sam Remi Fargo Adventures by Clive Cussler and was fast paced intense and full of action The adventures that the husband and wife team get up to are way over the top – obviously adrenalin junkies Fun entertaining a little gruesome – highly readable Recommended

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    The third installment in the Fargo Adventures was a little bit of a disappointment and not because of the writing issues which I wrote about in my reviews for Spartan Gold and Lost Empire No in fact the writing style had gotten increasingly better from the first book The useless details are almost gone and we are starting to see even some mild character development It's true we still don't know what Remi and Sam think but occasionally Remi cries and Sam gets angry which if you read the first book you know it is a great gainThe broken part with The Kingdom is something that worked uite well in the first two novels namely the plot Here are a few comments regarding the story issues1 The instances of unbelievable coincidences are increasing to the point that like Sam I started exclaiming Oh come on I can take one or two coincidences but the Fargos seemed to have been born under a lucky star so easy the author makes their search Also the entire knowledge brought in by Jake is utterly too much he basically knows about the artifacts than the Sentinels themselves2 The main discovery presented in The Kingdom is very far fetched to be even remotely likely If in the previous novels the discoveries were believable this time it is a concept that uite a few people today deny in spite of the scientific proof That in 1400 some remote folks were able to understand the meaning of their discovery is hard very hard to swallow I found salutary that the author attempts to portrait them so enlightened but it is totally improbable3 Something must have hit Sam hard in the head during one of the previous books because his actions at times don't make absolutely any sense For instance after an attempted attack King the bad guy believes that they are dead Now what would a smart person do? I personally would try to keep it that way but not Sam Without any reason he calls King to let him know that they are alive He even pours gasoline over the fire and tries to stir the man's anger And no he didn't gain any intelligence from that discussion4 This could be part of the previous bullet It takes our main characters treasure hunters anthropologists a couple of days to recognize that the wood they were using for the fire is in fact part of a priceless historical artifact And let's not forget that earlier they used tens of thousand year old fossils as makeshift projectilesAdditionally there are a few minor issues that irked me a little bit and one I'll save it for the last that irked me a lot1 No matter how rich Sam's engineering invention made them years ago trashing out cars boats helicopters and planes every 40 pages must have put a serious dent in the couple's fortune 2 In every third world country I ever stepped in it is expected to tip the museum guides even if a entrance pass was paid In fact if you take any city tour in any US city or pretty much any city on this planet you are expected to tip the guide Yet not one single time our very rich and generous couple thinks fit to part ways with a few dollars And the worse of all3 The author seem to believe that grave robbery is perfectly acceptable The Fargos congratulate themselves in how great they are because in spite of the temptation they didn't steal artifacts form a museum but stress out that it was just peachy to take whatever they liked from a grave It's true that they took items from graves in Spartan Gold but in that case it was with the relatives' consent so I consider that OK I do realize that I'm in minority when it comes to considering theft from a grave nicknamed or not archeological research a crime but these characters are supposed to be role models Well at least in my opinion this helped with the character development by giving the couple some very nasty negative attributes arrogance to believe that they have any right to do that and disrespect

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    Um where to startI guess I'll get going by saying why I wanted to read this book in the first place If we disregard the major motivating factor of I got the book for free we must then examine my next motivation the cover I looked at it and thought how on Earth could I not want to read a book whose cover is a old timey looking dirigible bursting from an ice sheet? This is going to be the best ridiculous book ever Ice sheets and fantastical flying machines Could literature get any better?I'm going to answer my rhetorical uestion with a curt yes I am also going to state that my above use of literature could very well verge on blasphemy I apologize for my past selfFirst of all this book is about a very rich couple by the name of the Sam and Remi Fargo Sam and Remi are perhaps the most annoyingly perfect couple I've ever had the misfortune to readlisten about Listening to them talk was like listening to 12 hours of pithy James Bond lines For every dangerous situation in which the plucky couple somehow always found themselves Sam had a witty line and Remi had a slightly suggestive aside which would inevitably overwhelm my belief in humanity as a whole and I would have to shut off the CD and just drive in silence for a while because listening to my car run over tumbleweeds in northern Nevada was preferable to listening to Sam and Remi attempt to dry hump each other with words Point of interest If a male writer EVER uses the words 'female intuition' as a serious phrase it becomes embarrassingly apparent he has no understanding of women at allWhich brings me to my next point Sam and Remi are always in mind bogglingly outrageously dangerous situations and despite having no real skills somehow they always manage to survive Cussler writes about a lot of extreme situations and being a reader who regularly partakes in some of the activities which Cussler writes about kayaking climbing shooting etc Cussler does a poor job convincing me that he knows what he's talking about At one point he describes a 'spring loaded cam' At another point Cussler refers to a kayak paddle as a 'double sided oar' Now one doesn't have to do a lot of rock climbing or kayaking to write well about the sports but Cussler's total lack of regard to technical language makes it very hard to believe that he's writing about people who know what they're doing It's not a 'spring loaded cam' it's a cam It's not a 'double sided oar' it's a paddle A little research would have gone a long way and a lot less name dropping of really expensive gear and vehicles would have gone even further than thatIn the end I don't recommend this book There are way better outrageous adventure stories out there that don't involve poorly written characters and down right impossible scenarios This story was way too over the top for me Also while I haven't mentioned the entire ethical debate surrounding modern treasure hunting there are other reviews that touch on that topic I suggest you check Andreea Daia's review if you're interested in that aspect of The Kingdom

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    Clive Cussler covers are epic Simple clean and evocative these covers for me are the kind that inspire you to buy the print version of a book even though it's expensive than the Kindle versionAnd Cussler's new novel The Kingdom is no different With backgrounded Himalaya snow and dark skies the book puts you in comfortable read mode even before you've cracked the spineI haven't read any Cussler before Mostly aside from the cover I was drawn to this book by its interest and link into the kingdom of Lo Manthang spelled Monthang in the book but I'll stick to Manthang in NepalBy way of disclaimer and like any writer would do I was drawn to read Cussler's exploration of this mystical part of Nepal because it is also forms the backdrop for crucial scenes in my own upcoming novelWe are after all as Westerners it seems possessed with the idea of a secret Asian kingdom variously known as Shangri la or Shamballah and The Kingdom of Lo in Nepal is one of the best settings to vent this Western Shangri la fantasyThe Kingdom starts with a bang Dakhal a Sentinel protector of a magical artefact called the Golden Man is pursued by evil forces trying to lay siege to the Golden Man He skillfully throws his attackers off and presumably holes up in a cave protecting the Golden Man lost to posterityFast forward to present day Husband and wife adventure and hero team Sam and Remi Fargo are contacted by tycoon and all round baddie Charles King to find his father who has gone missing in Nepal several years The couple used to hunting for treasures and historical artifacts agree to take on the case In reality King is hoping to set them on a goose chase that he hopes will yield the Golden Man for his own purposesTheir search leads them to Kathmandu having discovered a secret Devanagari an ancient script of India and Nepal parchment which they have translated by a local professionalThe Fargos will follow a set of clues that lead them to Tibet Nepal China Venice and Siberia to uncover the secrets behind not only the ancient Golden Man legend but also Charles King's nefarious business dealingsThe race leads to Shangri la an ancient complex overgrown with jungle where they must battle King's wife and two diehard twin children to ensure that King doesn't lay hands on the mysterious artefactAlong the way Sam and Remi's characteristic humour and domesticity to approaching life threatening situations is lighthearted and colourfulI enjoyed this novel overall not least because of its Lo Manthang setting but also for the racy plot and diverse characters evil where they need to be but not overly stereotypical or flat and good characters who aren't too saintly offset by uirkinessAll round a light easy and enjoyable well researched read soaked in adventure Four out of five stars

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    “Place names are trivial It’s the meaning we attach to them that counts”At some point successful authors conclude they can sell books based on their name rather than the content Apparently Clive Cussler reached that point when writing this book It is the kind of fast paced Indiana Jones type action adventure readers expect from Cussler with all the technobabble and product placement appropriate to the genre I’m sure Grant Blackwood is a capable person but someone should have proofread the text It is rife with howling non seuiturs of which a few are offered “razed to the ground” “cantering slowly” “a sheaf of blueprints” and “a scientist by nature and training” both in 1677 My favorite paragraph included “The single engine Piper Cub Sitting on opposite sides of the aisle The engines began to wind down” And that doesn’t touch the logical and plot contradictions “We won’t stumble into the hands of redacted I can assure you” We know what will happen next

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    Of all the cussler books I have read this is by far the worst Of course it was not written by Clive Cussler His name is just the largest on the cover The actual author was Grant Blackwood and it is a spinoff of a character Cussler introduced in one of his novelsI found it very difficult to 'suspend disbelief' while reading this novel Some of the actions seemed contrary to laws of physics and there were large 'black holes' in the story where the protagonists were in the middle of a rather suspenseful situation and thenthey were back home with little explanation of how they got away with the exploit I doubt that I will follow any further exploits of the Fargo characters

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    The Fargo series is the weakest of Cussler's franchises but still entertaining This particular one moves faster than most breezing through the reuisite historical prologues and jumping in to the action The Antagonist is a bit two dimensional although with a few interesting familial uirks; and the denouement when it finally comes is rushed and a bit unsatisfactory Still a pleasant beach read but not a classic

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    Another solid effort by this writing team History action enemies treasure hunters murder an mayhem Its all happening here Love this genre its like reading an action movie

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    I listened to this audiobook Sam and Remi Fargo are professional treasure hunters They are like Indiana Jones The book begins by setting a stage in ancient China with a sentinel traveling with a mysterious box and guarding it with his life The book also describes a giant dirigible being built many centuries ago In the present time Sam and Remi are told by an eccentric very wealthy oil tycoon that a friend of theirs had been hired to find a treasure by him and has disappeared Sam and Remi travel to Tibet to find their friend They encounter the rich man’s creepy offspring twins who leave the Fargos suspicious about the plan It turns out they are being used to find the ancient box said to hold the bones of the “Golden Man” Once the Fargos figure out that they are helping a mad man they must find the treasure without alerting the rich man of their movements Globetrotting from one perilous situation to another Sam and Remi dodge death while exchanging light banter They are uncovering clues about the artifact and where it might be hidden while trying to stay a step ahead of the murderous twins and their ruthless mother

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    Well the dynamic duo strikes againthis time thwarting the obscure machinations of a Texas billionaire in Nepal of all places The plot is thin but the action moves things along uite nicely thank you very much Sam and Remi get around with seemingly super human abilities including not suffering from jet lag or sleep but manage to maintain some of their hedonistic pleasureswhen they can I'm still not sure what the point of their uest wasor the meaning of the 'Theurang' really was evolutionary dead end clade or just an important relic? but I'm sure it's important to the future of the worldThe '3' rating says that I liked ityou might as well

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